July 29th, 2009 | 347 Entries

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347 Entries for “shallow”

  1. Is how I feel when I worry about how I look, what I am wearing. It is what forces me to spend 300 bucks on teeth trays to whiten my teeth.

    By G on 07.29.2009

  2. Despite my fear of deep water, I was ecstatic that for once, the water was not shallow.

    By Elizabeth on 07.29.2009

  3. Some people just are. And maybe sometimes it’s just that people can’t connect with each other properly, and so cannot see one another otherwise. But our assumption creates the illusion of safety.

    By Jordan Blakey on 07.29.2009

  4. His eyes are too big
    Nose is too small
    He’s not taller than me
    Hair’s too long
    Too straight
    Too black

    By Amanda on 07.30.2009

  5. her hair is short, her skin is fair, her body is soft, her smile is awkward.

    your gaze slides over her without meeting her eyes, then flicks away.

    what you see doesn’t interest you at all. but if you’d met her eyes, maybe you’d have seen more of her.

    maybe you’d have seen startling intelligence, and quirky humor, and quiet kindness, and strange creativity.

    but you’re too shallow to even notice what color her eyes are, let alone what lies behind them.

    By eli on 07.30.2009

  6. the puddles along the sideways after a light shower.. but is it not relative? perspective makes a lot of difference..

    By lei on 07.30.2009

  7. my heart is shallow
    its filled with so much of love that i cannot express
    the sea here in the world are shallow
    and u people know

    By devanshi on 07.30.2009

  8. The emptiness of people who don’t seem to think about the internal workings of people are always weakminded. I don’t understand the ability to look at someone and make a snap judgement about them. You may be right, who knows? But why chance missing out on something amazing just because you’re afraid you’ll have to keep looking at them. People can be unpleasent.

    By Brush on 07.30.2009

  9. the shallow waters lured me in… I really wasn’t sure if I could step back so quickly into the acquatic surface. But the voices of those around me, urging me to combat my fears pushed me onwards.

    By abdullahR on 07.30.2009

  10. Someone who is shallow is often considered a bitch like sam. Sometimes shallow people will go out of their way just to suck a guys dick for no reason. Why? Because he is a shallow bitch who thinks that he can just go around being a gay whore, who by the way just loves to blow dick.

    By Roger on 07.30.2009

  11. The world has become quite shallow. We think of nothing, act without thought, follow without question.

    By Ben on 07.30.2009

  12. She sat there, clicking her plastic, cherry heels against the slab of concrete that some architect enamoured with modern architecture passed off as a floor. Her grossly oversized glasses sat perched above her head as she chewed spearmint gum and carelessly flipped the pages in some sordid tabloid reporting on sordid lives of sorry celebrities. She sat there with half a heart until the day she died. But she’d become nothing more than a vacuum long before that day.

    By Lee Jasperse on 07.30.2009

  13. girls, douchbags, water, river, pool, people, preppy, rich, pretty, looks, exgirlfriend,

    By Miguel on 07.30.2009

  14. the woman

    she cut me the opposite of this.

    her eyes were like water

    shallow water

    By Kurt on 07.30.2009

  15. the shallow brook ran quietlt past the beautifull old weeping willow tree as a young boy sat

    By Matthew Robinson on 07.30.2009

  16. Is it shallow to worry that people who meet me will look at my precious little spectacles and my sparse goatee and think, “What a self-important cutout that fool is”? Sometimes I shave myself plain and then wander through the optometrist’s looking for eyeglasses with lenses like owls’ nests.

    By Brian Slusher on 07.30.2009

  17. People are shallow. They base their entire opinion of people off of looks. Pools are also sometimes shallow. I wish people weren’t so shallow, so that they’d look past the person’s shell, into the person’s heart, and see who they are inside. Their personality and such. I wish I could go in a pool right now, it’s so freaking hot out. 96 percent humidity.

    By Maxine on 07.30.2009

  18. Thin and porous. And it’s a lake, and it’s inside me, and I don’t know exactly how to control it. She’s there, and she splashes herself, wallowing in my thin and lack.

    I love her, and she needs me, but I can’t. It’s too hard. It’s always too hard.

    Please, God. I need this. I need you to stop this. God. Please. This is all I have. god. god. hlep

    By eriot on 07.30.2009

  19. shaloow is tall order of the day. shallow is the relection. shallow is the new depth by which people are measured these days.

    By omar on 07.30.2009

  20. i want to swim in the shallow end of your love
    because i don’t think i can tread slow in the depth
    i’m afraid
    that i’ll drown in you and never resurface
    i want to love… but slow
    and shallow
    with life preservers on
    so i can learn how to love you right

    By luminoUS on 07.30.2009

  21. the pool is too shallow for me and my girlfriend to swim and dive.

    By fr on 07.30.2009

  22. Shallow is the water closest to us, yet we long for the depth to feel the profundity of the vast ocean.

    Yet shallow is the person whose depths we do not want to discover.

    By CheekyyMonkey on 07.30.2009

  23. shallow water is nice… shallow people are not

    By Courtney Partee on 07.30.2009

  24. I am tired of wading in
    the shallows of your mind.
    If you are going to keep me here,
    let me in. Show me something that
    means something more. Show
    me who you are.

    By Liz on 07.30.2009

  25. The first thing that comes to mind is people, not depth of water or anything. The second thing that comes to mind is how come I spend my life playing computer games and not getting anything done? I’m supposed to try to help people and study math and go to law school and all that; how come all I can do is play freaking Dragon Cave?

    By 109 on 07.30.2009

  26. shallow is what we are. its a state of mind and being. unfortunately that word describes humanity . one word. shallow. its not even scary reading it. that is even more scarier how we continue to accept and live with our shallow lives.

    By Judas on 07.30.2009

  27. ilanjanthe depth. its never eneding. it never begins. its at times the complexity of the mind. it is a river.

    By nilanjan on 07.30.2009

  28. the depth. its never eneding. it never begins. its at times the complexity of the mind. it is a river.

    By nilanjan on 07.30.2009

  29. just under the surface, just behind our faces, so much tingles and twists in our minds. There are so many resonances, our skin is so shallow and frail, yet it hides so much.

    By M Ainsley on 07.30.2009

  30. I never knew what it would be like/ to be within the inner circle in high school/ I watched them primp, crimp and pose/ staring through the reflective glass all i wanted was to be one of those/ who were they to judge me/ i wanted to see the truth/ now i am nothing more than a chick in a check out booth.

    By Deborah Lee-Talbot on 07.30.2009

  31. well,its hard for me to describe the word . its brilliant.its mystery.

    By mi on 07.30.2009

  32. Deep can also mean vain… i think? i always thought some people in my class were shallow but then i realised … there just too pretty!

    By samo on 07.30.2009

  33. only sees the outside of people, beauty is only skin deep

    By trent iuli on 07.30.2009

  34. Wegman walked back to the bar, a sly smile on his face, the reddish outline of a delicate hand scorching his face. He tipped his beer back shook out his long, perfect hair and laughed after the gulp. The guys all wanted to know what happened. He said something about asking her if he could hire her by the hour and if she offered group rates.
    We made eye contact, she and I, and felt Wegman’s shallowness wash over me like the tide.

    By ThomG on 07.30.2009

  35. shallow water shallow thinking it can be dangerous most of the time. can lead to fights. breakdown of a relationship. loss of a relationship. shallow will attack you in the most subtle way

    By Nowie Maulawin on 07.30.2009

  36. Shallow is what a puddle might be. How are you can stick your foot in the puddle, the more shallow it is. Kind of like people. The less you can put yourself into a person, the more shallow they are. Shallow. It can define a puddle or a human.

    By Joey B on 07.30.2009

  37. The water in the street began to grew. It was still not deep in comparison to oceans, or rivers, or streams, but it was enough to soak through my sneakers are I ran toward the car. The shallow waters in the roadway were enough to leave their mark.

    By Kim on 07.30.2009

  38. I’ve never liked the ocean. Sure it was beautiful, and full of so much life and wonder. But it scared me beyond what anyone would believe.
    Ever since I was very young, I have only ever stuck to the shallow parts of the sea at the beach.

    By Sammeyy on 07.30.2009

  39. i think happy people are shallow. most of them don’t think about the ending. i would like to be one of them, but it’s too late now. i sit wide awake at night and think about it all. all the time.

    By jude on 07.30.2009

  40. Not deep water, little crustaceans, Oceans, boats, People that are shallow, blue, light blue, double ll,

    By steph0nay on 07.30.2009