July 29th, 2009 | 347 Entries

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347 Entries for “shallow”

  1. i think most people are shellow.

    By supersnack on 07.30.2009

  2. High school girls are all supposed to be shallow. i didnt agree that i was shallow untill i discovered the world of guys. I have a HUGE list of what works and what doesnt work.

    By Caitlin on 07.30.2009

  3. “Shallow,” Jenny repeated. “As in you AREN’T DEEP.”

    “Omg, how could you say that?!” Chelsea yelped. “I’m SO deep.”

    “You cheated on your boyfriend because his best friend was WEARING A SHIRT THAT MATCHED YOUR BRA!”

    By Chuck Meacham on 07.30.2009

  4. Fake and coiny. They say I’m not supposed to think about this, but how am I to produce anything that isn’t the very word they’ve given me? Perhaps I’m supposed to emit some silver stream of consciousness that will lead me to the Pulitzer. But all I’ve got this morning is a cold cup of coffee and a cold chair in this cold airport (over air-conditioned, of course, but it’s Florida, do you actually expect your toes to be warm when you’re inside?) that I’ll be stuck in for the next three and a half hours. I must be getting close to this sixty-second limit… what and odd thought to be cut off mid-thought. As if that happens in real life other than when we spot a butterfly outside the car window and in that split second of fractured thought the car has crossed the yellow line and then all we see and hear is a big red truck. Cheery way to pass the morning.

    By Danielle on 07.30.2009

  5. the edge of the shore and the break of the wave is where the waters end and the land begins, a tribute to man is laid out in a line of shells from the eternal sea

    By Mark on 07.30.2009

  6. The water was so shallow that I could see the smooth stones laying on the bottom of the creek. I searched for one with a shape so smooth it would be pleasing to hold. A crawfish crawled out from beneath one pile.

    By kim hudson on 07.30.2009

  7. I hate shallow people but I so often worry that I myself am shallow. I can’t remember who, but some wise person or other once asked, “Do I love you because you’re beautiful, or are you beautiful because I love you?” I love that quote. I think it might go nice on my gravestone.

    By Amie Lecorchick on 07.30.2009

  8. The water is shallow. The water in the pond. It makes me think of physics. Upthrust. I hated that topic.

    By Judy on 07.30.2009

  9. I don’t know whats going on with my life
    i like to know im number one in this
    and i will forever think i am
    because if you dont think your important
    than how the fuck will you treasure you relationship with someone else? It’s just sad.

    By marissa on 07.30.2009

  10. Someone who’s thinking is restricted to their ideas without budging. Superficial, wanting just what’s on their mind and nothing else. No light or dark.

    By THAMER AZULE on 07.30.2009

  11. I find people who are shallow dont deserve the love that they are given. However the only reason they are shallow is through there lack of self confidence and self esteem. Show you care and eventually they will feel the same. Look whats on the inside or you will fall to there level

    By Verity bennett on 07.30.2009

  12. shallow like the thin film of water over a macadam road teeming with small little critters that didn’t exist before the rain poured down. A big foot smashing down onto the surface and killing all these creatures without a thought.

    By tepastore on 07.30.2009

  13. i alwasy thought my mother was shallow..its sad because i want her to see the things that I see..the compassion or love in people,,not the way they look or sound…it doesn’t matter to me..just if they are kind …i don’t understand the judgement of people all the time

    By anne on 07.30.2009

  14. don’t touch me all wet and easy with your grabbing fingers and your false sympathy. it’s easy to reach treasures at the bottom of a shallow pool.

    By si on 07.30.2009

  15. don’t touch me all wet and loose with your grabbing fingers and your empty curiosity. it’s easy to reach treasures at the bottom of a shallow pool. just bury me deeper and hold me tight.

    By si on 07.30.2009

  16. don’t touch me all wet and loose with your grabbing fingers and your empty curiosity. it’s easy to reach treasures at the bottom of a shallow pool. just bury me deeper and hold me tight.

    By si on 07.30.2009

  17. i think that a lot of people where i live are really shallow–its full of yuppie pricks and soccer moms, two types of people i hate. its like, i dont really give a fuck if youre a urologist or a dermatologist, just order your pizza and leave me the fuck alone. oh, i worked in a restaurant in a yuppie town, btw.

    By chase on 07.30.2009

  18. don’t touch me all wet and loose with your grabbing fingers and your empty curiosity. it’s easy to reach treasures at the bottom of a shallow pool. just bury me deeper and hold me tight.

    By si on 07.30.2009

  19. He was so shallow she said, knowing even as she did that she was really talking about herself.

    There was no way out of it, she thought, and somewhere outside a man screamed.

    By Matt Sinclair on 07.30.2009

  20. I don’t want to be shallow like so many other teen girls are said to be.

    By Hannah on 07.30.2009

  21. It was a shallow river going downstream when the bird landed near it.You could hear the river as it flowed and the ripples were small.

    By Lyn on 07.30.2009

  22. The hole in the ground is hastily dug. The edges are not straight. The bottom is uneven. Shoddy work. No respect for the dead.

    By Jack Swain on 07.30.2009

  23. there was a man who only knew about the depths of his soul. he wasn’t humble, he wasn’t worth anyone’s time. he sat in his own pityful sorrow day in and day out. he couldn’t obtain or maintain meaningful relationships.

    By Chelsea on 07.30.2009

  24. Shallow fellows don’t like marshmallow ladies, that’s all there is to it lately.

    By jeffrey on 07.30.2009

  25. swimming pools are often too shallow. When i was a child, i would jump into a freezing cold pool, hoping to explore its depths and find all the lost trinkets that had sunk to the bottom and had been long since forgotten.
    But as i would descend, water whisking through my ears and up my nose, I would realize that the pool was not nearly as deep as a water adventurer would like. I was at the bottom in no time. My toes touching the smooth tiles beneath and my hair spread out like an octopus floating around just above the surface.

    Nothing in between. Not much to explore and no where to hide from the splashing and yelling. Just the shallowness with no deep place to get lost. no chance of swimming through the unknown.

    By Andie on 07.30.2009

  26. quite often the cause of many conflicts in my life. I tend to consider the needs and opinions of others, perhaps to a fault of my own, while I find myself wondering if others truly consider the thoughts and feelings of those around them…perhaps not.

    By quietgrass on 07.30.2009

  27. I think people who are dumb. This is because people who are shallow are usually not nice and only think about the outer beauty of a person and not about the attributes that a person has on the inside. I know people who are shallow.. unfortunately i like someone who is shallow

    By Lover sick on 07.30.2009