April 3rd, 2023 | 3 Entries

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3 Entries for “severe”

  1. Timmy was playing football, his team mate passed the ball to him. He then went to kick but just before he did a person from the opposite team then kicked but he missed. He accidentally kicked Timmy’s knee instead. They sent him to the hospital because it looked really serious, (obviously with his parents) HIS KNEE WAS INSIDE OUT!!. The nurse then checked his knee, then said it was very severe. He wasn’t even able to use crutches he had to use a wheelchair. But eventually for a super duper really really long time it then healed and he got back into football.

    by Kazaiya on 04.04.2023
  2. the sadness and pain in this world is severe everyone is hurting even if they don’t show it everyone is so depressed the pain in every persons heart is so severe that some kill themselves I wish the world was ok I wish people were happy everyone has such severe hurt in their hearts its so sad and depressing.

    by Ray on 04.04.2023
  3. She had a severe look that scared me when I was younger. She always used dark black pencil to draw her brows into a scowl, and she had craggy lines around her skin from years of sunbeds. She looked angry, even when she wasn’t. Some children were taught not to judge based on appearances, or perhaps never took her at face value. But not me.

    by Beth on 04.03.2023