March 2nd, 2023 | 7 Entries

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7 Entries for “pack”

  1. The naked walls surrounded her, calling to her for decoration. The empty closets cried to be filled. Smiling she she pulled the one thing she had made sure to pack from her bag. The silver barrel glistened in the sunlight that poured through the bare window. She was home.

    by CatCat on 03.03.2023
  2. A pack of wolves is a group of wolves that are a family & stay together. They hunt together, sleep together & play together (the younger ones) This reminds me about a human family. They stay together too! And they eat, sleep & play together… We humans are basically non-fluffy wolves!

    by Mieke on 03.03.2023
  3. Packing it away like a champ, he took to the buffet. He was a fish in water. Xooming thrtouhg plate after plate like no one’s business. Wow. So much food was eaten. Yum yum. He packed it into his gullet, squeezed it down the throat, and stuffed his stomach like he’d never stuffed it before

    by Dave on 03.02.2023
  4. Her lips crimson with his blood, she glanced around the room. This was becoming an all too familiar bad habit, she had to stop, but the thirst too great. Her eyes searched for anything she could pack his lifeless body into, so that she could sneak him past security. This was not the day to be stopped for questions

    by cat on 03.02.2023
  5. The weight of the world fell upon her shoulders. She could not let anyone down. Those she loved and cared for would pack on the responsibilities without a second thought. She didn’t know how much longer she could carry on, the burdens becoming almost too much to bare, but she could not let them down, for without her they were nothing.

    by Son on 03.02.2023
  6. They could never understand, they refused to understand. Just because she was female, they chose to believe she should follow and not lead. Her tears welled up but her strength pushed them aside. She by far had the most kills, and was not about to bow to anyone. Leaving the pack was what was the only option for her Alpha heart

    by Cat Cahill on 03.02.2023
  7. Tears streamed down her cheeks, her crystal blue eyes stormy with anger. She grabbed the few items she had left to pack and threw then into the suitcase. It was the last time she would let him break her

    by CatCat on 03.02.2023