April 5th, 2023 | 2 Entries

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2 Entries for “refuse”

  1. i refuse to do anything that I am meant to do, including putting out the refuse so we have a handy double meaning right the toot suite and on I go- put in a new fuse is to re fuse and a minute is not long.

    by T.W-B on 04.06.2023
  2. It all started when Ari’s mother asked her to do the trash.
    She then went outside and along came Bang si-hyuk big hit entertainment asking if she wanted to audition for a new band that was going to debut in 2024.
    How’d he know well cause she posted a video of herself singing that got big enough to reach a big music label.
    Ari had to refuse because she was thinking of her mother being alone if she did go, but then Ari’s mother came outside noticing she was gone for a long time so she went outside to see what was wrong.
    She asked who the man was then he explained who he was and what he was here for.
    Ari then told her that she refused to go because of that reason.
    Her mother then said “Oh honey, I will be fine. This has always been your dream please go pursue it”. So she did.

    This story was over a minute but i really wanted to finish it

    by Kazaiya on 04.05.2023