August 3rd, 2012 | 273 Entries

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273 Entries for “secret”

  1. Everyone carries a secret on this world, as a burden or as a gift of trust, with power of self destruction, but also a hope for the better.

    By krishanth on 08.04.2012

  2. James had a secret. A secret he held for so long, yet he was unsure whether it was a secret or his pathetic mind playing him; how easily he can be fooled even by the inner self, but what if it was of the utmost urgency for him to keep it laid in his soul.

    By krishanth on 08.04.2012

  3. I want to keep my secret in some issues with other people however, most of my life I think it’s better to open. Actually, secret is never have in this world. Can I type more because I submitted but it don’t work because I didn’t fill in my name and email address. so I can type more actually typed only two sentences.

    By jeed on 08.04.2012


    By MAMAI on 08.04.2012

  5. “Shh.” she said, as she led him across the banister, with that smile of hers, so enigmatic.
    He followed, half incredulous, half mesmorized- the incredulous half about the fact that she could make him so.

    By Iffah URL on 08.04.2012

  6. I don’t really have many secrets. I reveal all them on the internet. If you wanted to know something about me, you could just look me up and find it. I’m not sure how safe this is, but the world is pretty open these days anyways.

    By Lillian Fleurs on 08.04.2012

  7. “Shh!”
    “But I…”
    One look silenced the words in her mouth. She knew she could not give it up, the secret could potentially ruin her life if let out.

    By Iffah URL on 08.04.2012

  8. everyone has a secret. it’s a powerful thing, and sometimes, there’s some that are just too big to keep inside. But, it’s very dangerous. Deciding who you want to share it with. So be careful. And think. For once you let it out, it’s not a secret anymore.

    By R13 on 08.04.2012

  9. its something that you cannot tell anyone, no matter what, no matter the situation, the secret has to stay in between you and yourself, or a collective group of people (preferably not many people). I think a secret should be kept close tot he heart and soul and nobody should be able to penetrate the depths of what that secret is. It’s mine not yours. it’s all mine. mine mine mine.

    By Javier Agosto on 08.04.2012

  10. I have a secret. Everybody has secrets, some are small and some are big. My secret is that i love him, the one boy that i am forbidden to love, like in countless fairy tales my favorite always have forbidden love, but you never want to experience it first hand, i promise, its wonder fall, what wrong with that i hear you asking? Its a secret, you cant tell anybody or you may as well be dead.

    By mee123 on 08.04.2012

  11. Secrets are one of the most dangerous things in the advancement of mankind. Secrets prevent other from understanding the truth about themselves and the world around them and pose a threat to everything we know. People try and say secrets can be helpful, this is a lie.

    By Horace El Fuornio on 08.04.2012

  12. There are many secrets in the world. Many of us tend to unravel it by traveling around the world but most of us cannot do it. It is in our history that we can only find our secrets. Our history is full of secrets.

    By Rawr means I love you URL on 08.04.2012

  13. I had a secret, i did not tell anybody about it, until the day i met him. I was in his class of algebra II honors, and we were both the best of the class, so the teacher put us next to each other, like that we could do the work together, and when he saw my mark on my left arm, he knew.

    By MARIE URL on 08.04.2012

  14. George kept saying he had a secret. I knew the secret. what he meant was he would tell my secret. he held me captive with his threat. is that normal behavior for a six year old?

    By michelle a.m. on 08.04.2012

  15. We all have secrets. The darkest, dirtiest ones. Much milder ones. We all try to make our way around them. Leaving them behind. Or keeping them to only ourselves. What would happen if we hadnt secrets?

    By Melis on 08.04.2012

  16. boxes within boxes receding back in time and dust hides their scratchmarks of secrets clawing from the insides to be released.

    By drew URL on 08.04.2012

  17. Boxes within boxes, receding back in time. Dust hides all scratchmarks of secrets; a clawing from the insides to be released.

    By drew URL on 08.04.2012

  18. keep it. dont tell anyone. everyone has deep dark hidden secrets. only bestfriends should know your secrets. Take them to the grave with you. Two people cant keep a secret. Dark and hidden secrets. Children and adults have them. I have many

    By madelyn on 08.04.2012

  19. Dark mysteries that pass in the night. I hear them at the foot of my bed.

    By Selena on 08.04.2012

  20. I have a lot of secrets. But of course I will not tell anything about it. I mean. That would kinda lost the meaning od the word “secret”, right? But if I think about the secret that should be revield, than I thing a human mind is the biggest secret in the world. And the most powerfull.

    By Ann on 08.04.2012

  21. He looked about the dark room. He didn’t dare turn on the lights, in case even the buzz of electricity alerted someone else in the house to his position. He crept across the room until he reached the old desk in the corner, and reached out towards the third drawer from the bottom.

    This was it. This was the diary he’d been looking for. Now, he could uncover the secret.

    By Salem on 08.04.2012

  22. I’ll do anything to hold you inside. I’ll keep you in my ribcage, where you’ll feel my steady breath, and the slow thunder of a calm heart. You’ll know. I’ve never said a word about the things he did to you.

    By genahtastic on 08.04.2012

  23. secrets. there are many of these in the world. some are REAL secrets, some not. And THAT is the problem. Some secrets are kept, some are not. Some left, some forgot. Then is that still a secret?

    By Christiane Oriana URL on 08.04.2012

  24. Something hidden that you can’t figure out. Something mysterious that you know nothing about. Something strange and unknown to us that may be hidden forever or may be found.

    By Jacob on 08.04.2012

  25. I have a secret to tell you. All the times that I told you that I couldn’t, all the times that you thought I had given up, I really hadn’t. I’m still alive and even though you aren’t with me right now, I am happy. I have a secret to tell you: I am free.

    By Sanika on 08.04.2012

  26. You will never know what is going to happen next, your on the edge of your seat with suspense. You know it won’t get it, but will it be found, everyone surrounds and it comes out. Everyone knows now.

    By Jacob D on 08.04.2012

  27. i have some secrets. what make them secret doesnt related to privacy. i just keep them to myself because they are more precious when they are kept.

    By ca on 08.04.2012

  28. I have always kept secrets. they keep a little part of me safe. i always have something that belongs to just me.

    By ellen etzler URL on 08.04.2012

  29. I have a secret.
    Everyone will know that secret today.
    Everyone will be confused at how I could have hid this secret for so long, so carefully, and just reveal it one day.
    It will all be over.
    And I’ll finally be free.

    By MD on 08.04.2012

  30. It’s a secret when you don’t want to tell someone about it. Maybe you’re trying to hide something. But something I think is important is if you think deeply why you’re trying to hide it. Yes, it’s important to keep certain information, but do so if it’s not good for them to hear, not if it’s not good for you to share. Keeping a selfless mindset is important in any situation, and fosters more constructive moments in our lives. Thank God.

    By Mukeh on 08.04.2012

  31. Carrying its weight feels, at times, like I’m drowning.
    Well, not drowning, really. More like a slow grind, maybe like geology, where I, in time, will become bits and pieces, dust.
    I figure that’s OK by me. Penance for my sins.
    Keeping this secret.
    Holding it tight.
    Knowing we’ll never be able to come out of its inky shadow.

    By ThomG URL on 08.04.2012

  32. something you only tell a friend. Meant to be shared.

    By Aliyah on 08.04.2012

  33. She was good at hiding anything she wanted. There were certain things she wanted no one to know about. So many secrets she kept, closely guarded. She was an enigma, not to be trusted. She would do whatever she could to find the dirt on you, but no matter what you did, you could find nothing on her.

    By Tessa on 08.04.2012

  34. No one can ever know my secret. It’s one I’ll probably keep to my grave. He especially can’t know about my secret. He’d laugh, of course. I could never live my secret down, especially after what he’s done..

    By Amarie URL on 08.04.2012

  35. His eyes flash, and I take a step back.
    “What do you want from me, exactly?” I ask, my eyes searching the room. There has to be something, a secret passageway, an exit that I can take advantage of. Trent’s eyes are like black saucers, reflecting down on me. Hey, the light’s all flowing to the right. I gulp.
    “Everyone has a secret, Liam,” Trent growls. “It’s my job to figure out yours.”
    Damn, this light is bothering me. Trent’s watch ticks in the silence, and I feel nervous. I take three steps back, shifting my weight. The light seems to be coming from one central place in the wall – HEY! That’s an escape –
    I think there’s a butterfly carved into the ceiling.

    By Elsie Shu URL on 08.04.2012

  36. We all have secrets. I have mine. Something I would never want to tell anyone. Even the ones closest to me. Something that scares me. Something that I don’t want people to know just because I didn’t want them to pity me and there were a lot of times they thought of me as stupid and saying this secret, will make them hate me more, and I hate it when they do hate me because I feel like I’m worthless and useless and that I won’t be able to do great things. That’s the thing with secrets. They always lead to something when they get revealed and sometimes it changes a person and sometimes even questions his or her existence in life

    By Tara Ayento on 08.04.2012

  37. Do you want to know a secret?? It was a long time ago in the wilderness when shots enveloped the sloping plain and corpses came tumbling down.

    By Subhojit Dutta on 08.04.2012

  38. I have a secret. I was always insecure of who I was. When I was younger, I was the huge nerdy type. Then when I got into middle school, I felt so pressured to fit in. I got contacts, started straightening my hair, wearing way too much makeup. It was ridiculous. I wore uncomfortable clothes and tried to be something I wasn’t. And when people would treat me like a stuck up snob, I would get confused as to why i was seen that way. It wasn’t until recently when I realized that I was way happier as myself. I happily put the glasses back on and started wearing t-shirts again. I want people to like me for who I am, not what I look like.

    By Katherine on 08.04.2012

  39. secrets are there in life for betterment, refreshment, but it should not be unpleasant.

    By vinod URL on 08.04.2012

  40. everyone has a secret. its getting them to tell you the secret that’s the trick. knowing the secret opens up the relationship. i helps you understand the person better. guard your secret, but not too much.

    By albusd URL on 08.04.2012