August 4th, 2012 | 220 Entries

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220 Entries for “key”

  1. Lily peeped into the keyhole, calling out softly. “Alice, are you there?” There was a silent response. With a loud sigh, Lily slumped to the floor. “If only Alice were here,” she muttered. “She would save me.”

    By Lisa on 08.05.2012

  2. map keys have funny little symbols. I wish car keys were super obnoxiously huge. like made of iron and weighs like 50 pounds. that would be nuts. Most of the time keys are small though. like pocket sized. which I guess is convenient.

    By morgan URL on 08.05.2012

  3. Do you have it? She said, exasperated. “Yeah I’ve got it!” he retaliated. He was just about beginning to tire of her underestimations. He would of course rule the world one day, for now they would scale the fences of Mrs Brice’s garden and contest domination of the treehouse.

    By Joey Nguyen-Thomas URL on 08.05.2012

  4. i just wrote about this and now im getting frustrated because i dont want to be wrtiting about this anymore. I have a key to my house and soon i will have a key to a car. When i first get that key, i know i will be free.

    By Kristi on 08.05.2012

  5. I have a set of keys I keep around my neck, each with its corresponding padlock safely secured to a bridge in some distant city. It’s a great reminder, of where I’ve been. Even greater, though, is the lone padlock sitting in my wallet, ready to be attached to a bridge somewhere I’ve yet to go.

    By Joey Nguyen-Thomas URL on 08.05.2012

  6. A key helps you find a way somewhere be it real or not. It is useful as protection and is kind of pretty to look at. It is also a major thing ie. A key event. A common key manufacturer is Yale.

    By Helen on 08.05.2012

  7. It’s nice that one key corresponds to only one lock. As I write that obviously I’m disappointed in the realisation that there are ‘spare keys’, but the idea of it, that only one person can access a certain space. I suppose an anarchist would say otherwise, but it’s nice that we can all have our own little space, if even just an empty box. it’s ours.

    By Joey Nguyen-Thomas URL on 08.05.2012

  8. Keyed the car, he did. Wrapped his fingers around the thing and pulled it screaching along the side of the door. I didn’t really know whether to follow him or run away, but I figured the more exciting thing to do would be the latter, which wasn’t in itself convincing enough, it was more the presence of the police car in the other direction which propelled me to him.

    By Joey Nguyen-Thomas URL on 08.05.2012

  9. a key is with what without we cannot open various essential doors which may determine us to question its value as higher or lower than that of the door

    By kobe on 08.05.2012

  10. key is something you will never have. is something you’re aiming at, but never get. we all want the key to something, but only few ever get it. so keep trying harder and harder. and maybe

    By Daniela VĂTĂMANU on 08.05.2012

  11. I turned the key into the lock. That’s it. I’m not writing more. To bad.

    By fam on 08.05.2012

  12. key to my heart. i dont know what a load of bollocks hey, i mean as if you would have an actual key to a heart. as a matter of fact that would be really rather sick and twisted. rather like saw style. in fact, i think that actually happens in a scene to one of the saw films? although i’m not so sure because i tried to forget them mainly because they were so rank! anyway, keys to hearts suck. stupid idea.

    By sophie beech on 08.05.2012

  13. The key was stuck in the lock.

    He turned back at me and grinned a sheepish grin that illuminated the redness of his cheeks. He then proceeded to grab the key with both hands and tug, grunting. “Just… just a moment!” he choked out, his voice ending on a high pitch. “I… almost… have it!” And then, the door handle, and key, came off with one last tug.

    By Katie on 08.05.2012

  14. the key to happiness is to never say something like:” i will be happy when…”. you have to be happy with what you have right now and be grateful for all the good things in your life. also, stop being sad or angry for what you don t have and try to make the best of what you have.

    By Diana on 08.05.2012

  15. A key. The gateway to so many doors, literately and not. A key is a pass to places. Keys are meant to be used to open up doors and opportunities. So pick your key now.

    By Chux on 08.05.2012

  16. las teclas q me transportan
    blancas y negras
    se intercalan
    y se juntan
    para crear texturas
    en intervalos q crean caos y armonia
    los dedos se hunden
    como en arena humeda
    la mente fluye

    By Jose on 08.05.2012

  17. it opens locks
    answers to many questions n problems
    house key, car key keychain.

    By Pranayitha on 08.05.2012

  18. I had a key. It was really, really big. It was used for opening my heart. When I found the person I truly loved, I had to give it to them, so they could unlock me. It was kinda sad, really. In the old days, you just loved without complications. Now, you have to exchange keys. If you don’t get the key back, it’s bad. Really bad.

    By Georgie URL on 08.05.2012

  19. Key is needed for a lock! It can also be used to highlight the important point of a topic or a conversation. it draws focus! lock is useless without key! So basically a topic without focused attention is just as useless!

    By Ankita on 08.05.2012

  20. You hold it, like nobody else could. You went away with it, now there’s no way in. I thought you’d stay because you promised. I made myself believe that just because you could, doesn’t mean you will. That was my one mistake, because that was the only promise you did break.

    By Inna URL on 08.05.2012