May 30th, 2013 | 171 Entries

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171 Entries for “secluded”

  1. Seclusion is the worst thing in the world. Being purposely separated from the crowd, your friends, your peers and really left with no explanation. Closing yourself off from the world with no inkling as to why/

    By Kate on 05.30.2013

  2. The woods were secluded enough for us to be alone.

    By A False Terl on 05.30.2013

  3. I couldn’t breath.Everywhere I looked I felt the pain.Didn’t anyone care?

    By A False Terl on 05.30.2013

  4. Often there is a feeling that takes place that reminds you of being on an island alone. This can be good and this can be bad. Many people feel that this isolationist type of feeling is not healthy, however, I prefer to feel otherwise. I prefer to feel fortunate and lucky. Being alone often brings out the best in me.

    By alex URL on 05.30.2013

  5. In a dark and empty space. Locked away from everything. Free from everything.

    By Michelle on 05.30.2013

  6. I a secluded from the world. a fragile piece hidden from view, unreachable, untouchable, kept behind glass for the good of the world. I wish I was one of you, laughing, dancing

    By Mayah on 05.30.2013

  7. Ever feel lonely, “As a child i was alone…I was isolated from the surrounding children my age by traditional barriers of class and education”- Alec Moore How many miles to baby

    By Aoife on 05.30.2013

  8. Secluded.
    An interesting word
    Nor do I know it’s meaning
    The Amazing
    Of Course
    It has to be

    By Mustacheese on 05.30.2013

  9. Lonely all alone with no one around you kind of like on a desert island or in a creepy basement like a spider… but he has friends or food or enemies to catch so hes not really that lonely. More like a freakin desert snake or something. trapped geographically all by yourself. peaceful if it’s temporary or if it wasnt forced or something. Bored. boring. cut off from the rest of the world. not around anything or anyone or whatever. no technology no people no things no nothing. just no. no no no no no. I wish i had a freezing cold icey iced tea. That is all

    By Melissa on 05.30.2013

  10. I felt like I had personally been secluded by the people around me on purpose. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to know. It wasn’t that they didn’t trust me. It was only for the one reason that I didn’t have anything in return. It was the fact that they kept it from me for reasons of blackmail. That was what really hurt me. Many times I’d felt alone, but until that day I’d never felt completely lonely.

    By Lil' Miss 24601 on 05.30.2013

  11. It wasn’t the type of place that just anyone could find. Granted. It wasn’t Edward’s little flower glen or anything. Still, it was mine. I enjoyed it, not because it was dark. Not because it smelled like rain and metal. Not even fore the trees that I’d have to run past as I got there… I loved my secluded little hole, because it was secluded…and mine.

    By MsMoon URL on 05.30.2013

  12. The garden was an area of bushes, and it was set up behind a maze. The maze was one like those in real life, and it has many complicated traps. To get through the maze you had to be clever. It was intriguing and amazing. and only patient people got through it. At the end of the maze was a beautiful secluded area with a bench, and pretty vines and leaves and flowers brightening up the botanical garden. There was shade and a breeze, and it was simply relaxing and peaceful.

    By Kayla on 05.30.2013

  13. Many people stay secluded not because they want to be alone, but because they feel like they deserve to be alone. The corner, with all of its slants and constricting edges, seems like a place of safety because it is the farthest one can back away from the conflict of the real world and the social cues within it. Certain critics like to downplay introversion as being picky, or misunderstanding of others, and they downplay something as crucial as human caution.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.30.2013

  14. he was secluded into the corner. no one wanted to take the time to come over and talk to him, and that was just fine with him.

    By Misty on 05.30.2013

  15. I have made a home
    out of being alone
    and i havent
    got an address
    so dont ask to visit

    By Claire URL on 05.30.2013

  16. The grove behind the house was secluded from the road by a cluster of tall lilac bushes. As I pushed my way through the sweet smelling flowers I saw what was making the sound that had woken me. In the middle of the grove there was a fawn with her leg caught in a trap.

    By Rita on 05.30.2013

  17. Seclusion, this is what i wanted. To be away from humans, those foul monstrous beasts! I will be accompanied by the insects and snakes, live in this cave and sleep upon the moss.

    By Ben on 05.30.2013

  18. seclusion, they gave him blue cotton pants and a heavy door with one window and told him no to the snickers bar he asked for
    no to the caffeine
    the shoe laces
    the extra blanket
    no to anything that could be tied or hung or sharp or uplifting

    By Ariane Elizabeth on 05.30.2013

  19. I wish I could be.

    By Calico URL on 05.30.2013

  20. Secluded. Doesn’t that mean to be alone. Well here it goes. How do I feel about being alone well… To be alone. To be by myself. It’s hard to be alone but at the same time it is hard to have company by your side. Alone time is when i can think to myself and let my mind go wild. Like in movies when every thing goes away and all you can hear is what the main character is thinking. If only that happened in real life. Those times in class when you want the teacher to stop talking and you want all the stress to go away. Those times when your annoyed and you just want to run off. Those times when you are getting bullied and you just want to throw your fist towards their face. Sometime I just want to go to another world. Yes I’m a dreamer, people think that I’m weird, but thats me and I want to be me. Nothing can keep me back. I’m writing this write now, while I’m alone and letting my mind have a party. These are the times that I love to have. Thinking about the impossible and the possible, well thats just what I love to do. It expands my mind, just lets my brain explode with creativity. I am the queen of my own world, where I can sit in my own thrown with no one or nothing getting in my way.

    By Emma Sackheim on 05.30.2013

  21. I am alone. Always. Never had a family, always an intruder, never welcomed in to a home. An orphan, I grew up surrounded by children like me, but always with one major difference. Someone always came for them. I felt secluded, was secluded, hell I still am. I guess some things never change. But they will. Having no one, being no one, means one thing; I can become whoever the hell I want to be.

    By Bernadette on 05.30.2013

  22. A man. Lost. Not in reality, at least, not the reality people know, but in his own variation of it. There, he wasn’t used to being lost. Everyone knew him, save himself, and the streets and features were usually so familiar. But now, it was different. Things were changing, which didn’t matter much, because they didn’t seem to be the same in the first place. He knew where he was, he just didn’t understand it. Like an old friend, one not spoken to in years, that went through a dramatic life experience, then became severely addicted to cocaine, and went slightly insane. This world was not the same. It wasn’t right.

    By Harrison Ronald on 05.30.2013

  23. I was sitting on the damp sand watching the moonlight dance on the ocean waves with my travel companion, Brittanie, and Whathisface (a new friend of a friend who did martial arts, smoked like he was a drag queen and who told me that France was the country that God made so perfect and beautiful that he had to balance it out “by putting French people there”.)

    ” I’m going to miss the ocean… how do you say that in French?” I asked. Whathisface took a ‘drag’ of his cigarette and replied “Tu me manques. In French, the sea misses you.”

    ” So it’s mutual then.” I replied.

    By Jenn on 05.30.2013

  24. Being secluded from humanity is as harsh as hitting your little toe with any kind of furniture. Try no not. Open yourself.

    By Karla Knight on 05.30.2013

  25. apple pie apple pia apple poa apple pie apple eip apple elppa apple pie apple pie apple pie apple pie apple pie apple pie apple pie apple appe apple appple ep

    By Nina on 05.30.2013

  26. I hear the cell door slam. I’m alone, afraid. I don’t know what to do, I’m stuck here until my captors decide to let me out. I don’t want to go thought what I just went through again though. They touched me in places only my husband can touch me in and I feel like property that anyone can do whatever they want with.

    By Aka on 05.30.2013

  27. Aw man. This is a great word for me. I really like this word. For some reason, a dark forest comes to mind, large thick leaves, maybe a magnolia’s, all clustered together – a quiet eeriness, maybe haunted in its silence, a dusty sweetness!

    By Eve on 05.30.2013

  28. It was just that – hidden not really meant to be found and certainly not meant for two people in what they thought was love. It was there just past the bend in the path.

    By Allison on 05.30.2013

  29. i don’t know what secluded is. you told me about that last night but I forgot it already and I beg your pardon to say it again cause I really need to know the meaning. I am so sorry I know I wasn’t a good student to you but I love you teacher.

    By gh on 05.30.2013

  30. Secluded from the crowd. Alone but in the center of the room. Yet they pass through you as if you are mist. Can you really be alive? Frozen as time leaves you behind.

    By jehaan on 05.30.2013

  31. Trapped. Darkness. From the ancient to the unseen. Even a flower can lose its color in a secluded dream.

    By AmongtheClarity on 05.30.2013

  32. where i was just here and the little hands came up all around in the pond the water lashed up at me like it was mad but did i react no i was a zen froggie who happily clapped its hands like it was at a friend’s birthday party my golly did we all have a good time

    By reluctant on 05.30.2013

  33. Words flow and resound against the pale, white walls. Arguments are made, insults are thrown. Fingers are pointed, feelings are hurt and shattered. Minds pained in an effort to make sense of what is happening. Secluded from the truth if the matter. Secluded from understanding.

    By Evan on 05.30.2013

  34. i want to go in a secluded place, where I would be the only person there, sitting in an ampty room, having tea or mushroom soup, and then i will write entries on my diary, and have a quick sketch, what a good life

    By kikyo on 05.30.2013

  35. I hide out in the old cabin, hidden, secluded from the everyday life of society. Once told, the woods hold their secrets for they fear that they to will be devoured by the city life.

    By umbazachika on 05.30.2013

  36. She didn’t like to eat lunch here, but most of the time she had no choice.

    Secluded in the privacy of the forgotten closet, she unwrapped her sandwich and began to eat.

    “Maybe one day I can brave the lunch room but not day “

    By ~ on 05.30.2013

  37. constantly.
    keep outside influences from influencing
    remain the same, what kind of growth is in that?
    although, you find most serenity in the presence of one’s self.

    By Dinah B =] on 05.30.2013

  38. The cell around me had blood and grime on them. The walls seemed to be closing in on me. Something moved in the corner. Someone screamed behind me. Maybe in front of me. I was on way too many drugs to know. Maybe I did.

    My wrists hurt from where I was being hung. The rope dug into the flesh.

    By Victoria Whitten on 05.30.2013

  39. she stood in the exact center of the room; she was absolutely certain she was in the center. she had been in the same living room for a physics project and had to measure the width of the floor. now she was measuring the density, and the number of people it could hold. not enough, she thought, even when pressed on all sides by the party-goers.

    By Aini on 05.30.2013

  40. Secluded. Darkness, solitude, isolation. Loneliness. That is secluded. I am secluded. You are secluded. You are alone. We all are alone. We always have been, and always will be, secluded.

    By Brian on 05.30.2013