July 10th, 2010 | 189 Entries

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189 Entries for “scoop”

  1. I scooped the icecream slowly out of the tub. I watched it plop dismally into the old, cracked china bowl. I thrust a spoon into the gloop and lifted it into my mouth and swallowed. I could hardly taste the pills in it…

    By Sinead URL on 07.11.2010

  2. Alright, so when I walked into this detective agency, a small detective appeared and told me, “alright, here’s the scoop.” I was like, “scoop? You’re only like ten years old!

    (this may be my weirdest post ever)

    By rahostetler URL on 07.11.2010

  3. I reach in my mind to find what is left to pull out. My scoop of reality has been parted with through lifes unpleasant dose of peaceful interaction.

    By Linda on 07.11.2010

  4. cool metal against frozen cream.
    I twist and spin to make the perfect round ball
    simply one scoop of peppermint ice cream.

    By r on 07.11.2010

  5. I need to get the scoop on what’s going on down the street! Someone is sneaking around at night vandalizing cars and such.

    By John URL on 07.11.2010

  6. I want a scoop of ice cream. My favorite flavor is chocolate chip cookie dough maxx extreme. Okay, it’s not really max extreme, but it is something crazy like that with so much cookie dough it’ll make you sick!

    By Rachel on 07.11.2010

  7. i do this to my litterbox. It’s terrifying, because cat’s are linked with schizophrenia. I’m not afraid of schizophrenia, I’m just afraid of being boring, and that I’ll never be something special, like a prodigy.

    When people say “I’ve got a great scoop.” it sounds like they’re from a time period where newspapers were still relevant. I wish they were still relevant.

    By Mac Shine on 07.11.2010

  8. A queen-bee walks down the hallway. Stops at the lockers with her friends. They become silent. They look at her awkwardly. It’s obvious that they were talking about her. She realizes that her weekend shenanigans are now the scoop. Oh no, the tables have turned the queen has been dethroned.

    By Joc on 07.11.2010

  9. Newspapers used to get the scoop. Now it’s all blogs. I miss when newspapers were still relevant. I just love Sunday mornings, eating bagels, drinking coffee, (It’s a Sunday, so I’ll let myself use half&half) and I’ll read a tangible newspaper.

    By Loutria URL on 07.11.2010

  10. I scooped the sun in my hands
    Warm sunny rays
    Turning pale to bronze
    Bring brightness to the dark of the days
    Sing a loud song
    Vision a blurry haze

    By The Merrill Kid URL on 07.11.2010

  11. Scoop the poop. That’s really the first thing that comes to mind? It’s most certainly my least favorite chore, and I’d be much happier without ever doing it again in my life. Yet, I must do it and will do it until the day my dog dies, cause it’s totally worth it. I’ll scoop that poop.

    By Spencer URL on 07.11.2010

  12. In journalism, the scoop seems to be all the rage. Did you get the scoop? We need a scoop! Mmm. I only wish they were talking about ice cream.

    By Rachel Weaver on 07.11.2010

  13. Scooping out the sand from the bucket, I thought about our first date. I thought about our first kiss, the first time we made love. I thought about the first time she said she loved me, and then, just as I covered her head in the sand, I thought about how no one will even know she’s here once the tide rises…

    By JustinTFirefly URL on 07.11.2010

  14. I looked at that delicious scoop of ice cream. He leaned over to me and kissed me, ice cream and all. I laughed. With him, I was the happiest I could ever be. He was mine. Forever and always, starting tomorrow.

    By Tiffani on 07.11.2010

  15. What’s the scoop? I’m not sure anymore. I gave up on the news when it started telling stories that gave up on me. Who cares about the news anyways?

    By Sabrieth URL on 07.11.2010

  16. The ice cream scooper crushed the bug. ‘ew’ i thought, as i proceeded to scoop the young girls chocolate cherry ice cream into a cup. I layered the sprinkles on, ignoring the maggots within them.

    By nikolette on 07.11.2010

  17. Actually, I’ll take another one, she said at the college student behind the counter. Ice cream. Perfect on a day like this. Perfect when the sun refuses to stop and intimidates the world by its powers. Ice cream, however, is the antidote.

    By Ranisha URL on 07.11.2010

  18. ice cream dripping down my hand, vanilla; chocolate; who knows it’s just delicious. why don’t i eat it more often?

    By me on 07.11.2010

  19. this makes me think of dog poo, you have to scoop it up. sometimes you have to scoop things in life up. you might not want to, but you have to, you have to deal with situations right away or they just get smelly and attract flies.

    By Bex on 07.11.2010

  20. scoop asin icecreme, icecreme comes in many flavours you can scoop icecreme poop rymes with scoop as aswell does troop and boop. boop isnt a word i do not think but oh well i love to scoop icecreme and eat it. icecream is yummy, i can get it at the beach and from shops my favorite flavour is cookie dough, ben and jerrys. :) i like scooping icecremee!

    By Imogenn URL on 07.11.2010

  21. scoop.My best friend is an ice cream scooper. We aren’t t hat close anymore she is trying to date my ex boyfriend… I hate her, I love her. im mad at herr

    By sam on 07.11.2010

  22. i have done this one.. its icecreme to me and poop to others. D:

    By Imogenn URL on 07.11.2010

  23. When Ronald went into the ice scream store his first thought was to pick up his shovel and throw some dirt at the lady. Then he saw her scoop some cotton candy flavoured delight into a waffle cone and decided instead to be a good boy and go along with whatever his dim witted parents decided to do – just for the day though.

    By Willow Goodman URL on 07.11.2010

  24. She lay in the scoop of the earth-mover, feeling the vibrations shudder through her spine as it rolled slowly forwards down into the pit. The only thing above her was metal teeth and sky – a sky punctured with stars and dusted with post-rain clouds. Though her body was still warm, by the time they found her – if they ever unearthed her before they laid foundations over her grave – she would be cold and gone.

    By jaymg URL on 07.11.2010

  25. i remember my first scoop of icecream. it was wonderful. sherbert. cold . creamy. my brother punched me in the arm and i dropped it. the end….

    By Max on 07.11.2010

  26. She was wearing a scoop neck shirt. I only knew that because I had spent the morning flipping through a JC Penney’s catalogue. She looked incredible. And I knew right then…I had to have her.

    By lemondropskid URL on 07.11.2010

  27. The reporter bustled into the news room, certain he had the scoop on the ice-cream shop front for the Russian spies headquarters!

    By Elly Higgins URL on 07.11.2010

  28. I scooped a litter of ice cream and wondered what it would taste like. This was new for me. I have never tried anything like this. Colored pewter and so bland looking. I wonder what it would taste like?

    By Ardee on 07.11.2010

  29. “What’s the scoop?” he asked me. I ignored him. Why does he keep coming to my table? We’re not kids anymore. I humor him with a smile and wave for good measure. My boss is weird.

    By Ayie URL on 07.11.2010