July 10th, 2010 | 189 Entries

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189 Entries for “scoop”

  1. I walked into the ice cream parlor. The boy with the blue eyes stared at me, as though expecting something. I froze. His eyes pierced my soul. Suddenly he asks, “One scoop?” And with that, our lives changed forever.

    By Mara Aroshia on 07.10.2010

  2. A scoop of ice cream, in a cone,
    melting slowly, in the heat,
    while the woman sits and weeps.
    the hole was seven by four by nine.
    the coffin is cheap, and down six feet.

    By Violetta Caine URL on 07.10.2010

  3. i like scoops of icecream. like baskin robbins.
    I also like to get the inside scoop,
    me= journalism
    I don’t like to scoop poop

    By mariah on 07.10.2010

  4. ice cream hits the ceiling with a whooop i have nothing on but a bathing suit and tan taking on a whole new land of sandals and streams of far away nothings bathed in beauty bringing sandwiches.

    By Mary on 07.10.2010

  5. scoop…describes those things that a sneaky person or a reporter can dig so as to malign a particular person or disturb him mentally…..but it is actually quite entertaining for another person as we can ;laugh about it!

    By Angana on 07.10.2010

  6. scoop. a word that doesn’t really have appealing connotations, unless you adhere it with a secondary one – that being “ice-cream.”
    Ice-cream…that one is more than just a word, that one is a memory. No, more then that. a universal remnant of the past, one that every childhood has been a part of.

    By meliora URL on 07.10.2010

  7. What’s the scoop? Journalism meets ice cream. Terrible pun. Yesterday saw a show where the guys had to eat an ice cream sundae with 8 scoops of gourmet flavours. No time to enjoy, just wolf it down. Seems like a crime not to stop to taste it!

    By Jillian on 07.10.2010

  8. i like scoops. scoops like me. we have a symbiotic relationship. i like to scoop ice cream with my scoop. my scoop likes the fact that i put it to use by scooping ice cream. also things like watermelon. we are on a friendly basis

    By Allyson URL on 07.10.2010

  9. I’ve got the scoop. No I don’t. Actually, I gave up my aspirations for journalism long ago. I don’t have the heart for it, not the passion, or the desire. I didn’t want it bad enough to go after it.

    By Yelena on 07.10.2010

  10. Scoop me some ice cream on a hot summer day. Let it drip down the side of my cone and let me lick it before falling on my hand. Oh, the joys of summer.

    By Anna URL on 07.10.2010

  11. With out thinking, I took her into my arms. The baby looked up at me and smiled. I was finally a dad.

    By an on 07.10.2010

  12. I take a scoop of ice-cream. God, I love this stuff. I remember those summer days where Jenny and I used to eat it out on the porch. I miss those days. It really is too bad. Her favourite flavour had been mint chocolate. I hated that stuff, but she lapped it up like a dog to water. I preferred vanilla. She called me plain.

    By Merrill on 07.10.2010

  13. You scooped me in you arms, and held me there. How someone like you would love someone like me I don’t think I will ever know. You tell me that I should never scare you like that again. You say “I will always love you, even when you don’t love yourself”. My hate heals into scares, and here you are still. I know that I will always be loved.

    By Angelica on 07.10.2010

  14. Icecream NOM NOM NOM NOM with brains sprinkled on top. deliciouuuus.

    By corlee on 07.10.2010

  15. I scoop a handful of red dirt. I shift my weight onto my other leg and watch as the bats come out of their cave.

    By The Merrill Kid URL on 07.10.2010

  16. To get the scoop on something is to find out the whole story behind it, generally done by journalists, ect. However, getting the scoop on ice cream is getting a big chunk for a bowl. What if scoops were square. That would be wacky. Or would it? Daw

    By Lucas Laughlin URL on 07.10.2010

  17. Did you hear the scoop? Love died when ice cream became something available for everyone. It happened suddenly, and afterwards, love disappeared.

    By Christa on 07.10.2010

  18. when i went to get a scoop of ice crean i remembered that it was almost bad. the sell by date was creeping up on me and my family. i needed to get new ice cream so that my family wouldnt get sick.

    By Lizzie on 07.11.2010

  19. when thinking of scoops i think of ice cream, candy, soup things like that. i love those things. its just wonderful when you can get family around just to chill out and take in different varieties of “scoops”. heck it could even mean gossip.

    By Lizzie URL on 07.11.2010

  20. i would love a scoop of chocolate chip ice cream right now, but i haven’t found it in the store yet.. wtf? what happened to the classics? :((

    By Steph on 07.11.2010

  21. What’s the scoop? Well, word on the street is that it involves me you, and a bottle of wine, but that’s just what I’ve heard. You could always check the papers and find out, if you want.

    By Kate URL on 07.11.2010

  22. Christmas was coming. I was so excited to be able to run down the stairs and rip off the wrapping on my presents. As I ran down the stairs, heart beating really fast… my father told me to go outside and scoop up all the snow. What a bummer.

    By bob on 07.11.2010

  23. “don’t put too much ice cream in please.” I’m watching my weight. I’m always watching it. It never leaves me, this haunting. Am I too big? Can you see my bones? Will I ever be as pretty as her? The shame, the guilt, the throwing up and the starvation…

    By cottia URL on 07.11.2010

  24. a lump or spoonful lifted; can be news, icecream or dough.

    By pavalamani pragasam URL on 07.11.2010

  25. What’s the scoop, buttercup? Anything new? What’s the hot gossip, what’s up? What’s happening? What’s the word on the block, at the ice cream shop, where we share a scoop?

    By Monica on 07.11.2010

  26. you’r asking me for a scoop?
    are you kidding me?
    don’t you know that my life is a mess?
    i’m a looser and i can’t do anything about it
    so here you go, here’s you scoop: i’m a lie.
    a big glaring lie with a pretty name and petty toughts

    By ren URL on 07.11.2010

  27. A scoop of ice cream is 2.5 oz according to the rules and regulations at the Baskin Robbins. But Missy never felt like it was enough, especially not for her crush, Brian Thompson. So, whenever he came in, he got at least four oz. She felt the discrepancy was a small price to pay for getting to marry him someday.

    By Izolda on 07.11.2010

  28. Icecream. Choosing a flavour and getting as much as I want.

    By Louise on 07.11.2010

  29. tangerine ice cream, long summer nights, holding up my head to the stars. It’s all close like the sweat on my forehead, your cheek on my shoulder, your fingers on my spine. Pick me up, scoop me close, hold me tight.

    By maddison on 07.11.2010

  30. i lovbe
    my life and everything that i have it is wonderful to be with my family and i miss my freinds in egypt so much and i am happy and will never be scred again of anything and or anyone i and at peace and wish to share this with all ad be so content and in love

    By didi on 07.11.2010

  31. I had ice-cream once. It was really nice. In the middle of a hot summer day, there’s nothing better than a really cold ice-cream melting over your hand, and getting it all sticky. Pure awesome!

    By Elsi URL on 07.11.2010

  32. one scoop of ice cream is what she needs to while the time away… drown her thoughts with it’s mind numbing coldness… with it’s sweetness that she crazes over the past few years of sweet deprivation….

    By Sofia URL on 07.11.2010

  33. it wasn’t really what he wanted to say, but the words just came out. “i love you”, he told her…
    that was the first time. after that he just kept saying it to anyone near him. he just fell in love with saying i love you.

    By shai on 07.11.2010

  34. poop-a-scoops are used by dog owners to clear up their animal’s defecation. I’ve always thought if you have deal with an another being’s faeces you have become a slave to it. That just sounds like an altogether unattractive proposition to me.

    By Rod Kimble URL on 07.11.2010

  35. She scooped up a handful of dust. ‘This… can’t be…’

    ‘Of course it is,’ he said bitterly. Only she saw how bewildered and confused he was.

    By Raiya Moon URL on 07.11.2010

  36. I take a deep breath and hold on to it, and prepare myself for those scars that they told me about.

    By Ralgy Cepeda on 07.11.2010

  37. i. giant ball melting water and sugar (and lemons from the backyard tree that gives you scrapes and the king of the castle).
    ii. large pink tongue, bumpy
    iii. contact
    iv. childhood

    By mishell URL on 07.11.2010

  38. I reached into the dirt and scooped a handful of it. I wasn’t beneath throwing it into the face of my opponent. Especially if I was getting beat, which I was. I threw the dirt but he was quicker than I’d expected. The dirt missed him but he didn’t miss me.

    By Doug McIntire URL on 07.11.2010

  39. what did they say? I’m moving to another country? well, that’s a scoop, I didn’t know!

    By Daniele on 07.11.2010

  40. He scooped her small form of the ground as he ran past, not even pausing in his stride. He could hear the angry growls of his pursuers as they slowly gained ground on him, but he tried to ignore the vicious sounds and pressed on doggedly.

    By Don L URL on 07.11.2010