July 9th, 2010 | 198 Entries

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198 Entries for “generate”

  1. generate random words
    then change the order-
    like magnetic poetry-
    fertile soil for the mind-
    a small brain storming
    awaits you-
    creativity is the key word!

    By ren winter URL on 07.10.2010

  2. generate my heart rate to sync it in tune with the beat of yours. like a beating drum in rythm with the beating rays of the sun. sunshine in the morning air and ready for whatever might find the chance to shine into your life. and maybe i’ll get my own chance to find my own romance.

    By gemiruth URL on 07.10.2010

  3. I am generating a text because I have been told to. Regeneration is massively important but generating itself is hardly ever talked about. To generate means to create which is better than to recreate because recreation is just clinging to the past. Apart from the recreation that’s about having fun. Fun can also be the future.

    By An on 07.10.2010

  4. I am generating this text because this page generated the word generate. I think that nothing is really random, and I may have been given this word for a reason, I mean seriously, how random can computers really be?

    By Alicia on 07.10.2010

  5. create something. what better place than here what better time than now.

    By thenakedblurr URL on 07.10.2010

  6. i already wrote about this stupid word generate so maybe you should generate some new on top of tired bed damn word dirty smile of this cried and tried delicate dispatch

    By tom on 07.10.2010

  7. generation lost in
    space provided by cell phone carrier pigeons
    who’s attention span is no more diverse or expansive than this
    tiny bubble I’ve been given that is begging to be popped
    just like when I was five.

    By floyd on 07.10.2010

  8. if i had all the time in the world i am sure i could make do with less, its the force of having to generate time that cuts me down. That and being a little orange peson, who knows if i was only green instead!

    By ember URL on 07.10.2010

  9. so, cheating to generate even more by going again, is that bad? is it aginst the rules or is it just arroagance? – how i wish i knew but i will never know unless there is a reply to this post will i?

    By ember URL on 07.10.2010

  10. All I can think of is generating functions, and I’m not even all that sure what they are. I believe they are recursive functions, where each term depends on some combination of the previous terms. A generating function can give you all the terms just by the term number, without finding all the terms before that point.

    By wobster109 URL on 07.10.2010

  11. Generate change. Generate something. Generate. Start. Begin. Go fwd. Move. Change direction. Just be active. Be productive. Go places. Go. Go. Go. Don’t be consumed by anything. Release, let go, and move on.

    By Milaya Mila URL on 07.10.2010

  12. “When completed, the sub-atomic particular disturber, will generate enough surplus energy to power a small city, or so it says in the instructions,” Sebastian called. “Not sure exactly why we’ll need to power a small city when after this there won’t be any cities.” “Hush up and hand me that screwdriver,” Michelle said as she tinkered with the Disturber. “Or we’ll never conquer the planet.”

    By Izolda on 07.10.2010

  13. in the winter we use the generator to have power in our house! i love to generate art and use my mind to generate ideas…

    By laurel on 07.10.2010

  14. I’m hungry and mad because tomorrow the holiday is end. wtf

    By zara URL on 07.10.2010

  15. generate a lie. anything that i want to believe. don’t tell me the truth, just make me happy. why is it so hard for you just to save face? why can’t you ever do what i ask?

    By jessica URL on 07.10.2010

  16. generate the time to fill your thoughts with clouds and eyes ears mouth and lungs with substance. where’d the years go?

    By andrea on 07.10.2010

  17. If I can choose. i wanna re-born in England, and meet Lampard. haha. Yap you got that. I really love him!!

    By zara URL on 07.10.2010

  18. create, do something useful. not useful, just something. why does it have to be useful? if it occupies you it’s useful and that’s it. everything always has to be for everyone else.

    By Amanda on 07.10.2010

  19. the generation i live in.
    the generation all about us,
    rude, arrogent, disrespectful.

    i wish i was born in a time where people cared
    not only about themselves
    but others too

    By Evie k URL on 07.10.2010

  20. the machine generated a whole new mass of molecules. Each running at 60km per seconds. It runs through a tube and into a generator which churns it out into a big mass called Air.

    By Cherie on 07.10.2010

  21. ideas generating, wishes generating, love generates, generate generates….

    By Cherie on 07.10.2010

  22. A word generated is a word written. Why would this be the word generated, in this simple generation. I have a word: Sarcasm

    By Angela Dunne on 07.10.2010

  23. this is to create, make, invent something. a way of making something come about, the beginning of it. to an extent you generate a baby, or a cake, or a machine. just make make it be there. from nowhere even. its to make something just be. bringing it into existance. alive. formed. ready. complete. whole.

    By siobhan on 07.10.2010

  24. Generating words,
    continuing into a sort of oblivion,
    never truly registering what they mean.

    By Violetta Caine URL on 07.10.2010

  25. I already generated a piece on this word. Whoops. I don’t know if this is taboo or okay? Are theirs? Can your minute be premeditated so that you generate the best piece?

    By Amiee URL on 07.10.2010

  26. The generation machine was large and shiny and menacing. I instantly felt like the bad guy; how could I be fighting for the cause against this monster of intimidation? But then I remembered what it was used for.

    By Raiya Moon URL on 07.10.2010

  27. Generate an idea never before thought of. Make it yours. Make that idea an action. Make that action a work of art. Generate an idea.

    By Sierra Coker URL on 07.10.2010

  28. To create, to make,
    Processing everything, creating all,
    Running through many starting with the first stage,
    Computers, Life, electricity, all of it,
    Was generated

    By Nihal Williams on 07.10.2010

  29. Whoa! This is fast! I need to generate a faster typing style for sure! Generate love, peace…harmony…creativity…joy…happiness…namaste!

    By Jeannie URL on 07.10.2010

  30. Generation of good and evil, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, much unlike a weevil, dweeb or weasel.

    By Spencer URL on 07.10.2010

  31. generate ideas, thoughts, hope, power, electricity, banana run cars which could save the planet, save your health, save your sanity. do i fight for sanity or the will to survive? my chain of thought is so convoluted today, i can barely stand a smile let alone a meaningful thought.

    By c. marie on 07.10.2010

  32. to make something out of nothing. to create and let it go, like the butterfly wings on a summer afternoon. simple enough.

    By grace on 07.10.2010

  33. I generate all the power within me to strike the face of the man who stole my dignity. He stole my heart and he ran with it. I’ll never be the same again.

    By Crystle Douglas on 07.10.2010

  34. the new generation of machines was here.
    we couldn’t control it.
    we tried. we failed. and so life as we knew it was ending. the world itself was ending.
    our bodies rotted from the inside out, and we were left to clean up the mess.
    we had nothing left to live for.
    and so we died.

    By lya URL on 07.10.2010

  35. When she walked into the room she would generate such an aura of calmness everyone noticed.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 07.10.2010

  36. generate a soul from the depths of yours. that’s all we can ever do in life. make more souls to walk the earth.

    By Kelsey on 07.10.2010

  37. happiness comes together at somepoint generation by generation. but unfortunately, due to websites, there was an end to happiness. like they say, money doesnt bring happiness.

    By alec benal on 07.10.2010

  38. Ok screw this we had this word yesterday i’m going to try this website again in 5 hours and if the word is still generat i’m done with it. Oh wait i tried it at 1am. So it’s still the same day. damn. I like cherry? Idk. Soup.

    By Lucas Laughlin URL on 07.10.2010