March 31st, 2016 | 73 Entries

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73 Entries for “scientific”

  1. the scientific evidence had proven that evolution doesn’t exsist.
    the told us all it was fraud.
    GOD created us all!!!!

    By Cora Martin on 04.01.2016

  2. They made a new scientific discovery finely. They found a cure for the zombies. Now we can have peace again. It took long enough but they finely did it. No more zombies now i can get Zach back.

    By Dylan Montgomery on 04.01.2016

  3. Scientific stuff sounds so stupid some say science suffers so slowly sacrificing students

    By Madalynn Todd on 04.01.2016

  4. scientific creatures are made in a lab
    with teeth and claws to tear your flesh
    they rule the night eating humans up
    making sure they never take another breath

    By Abigail Miller on 04.01.2016

  5. the scientific discovery was big for back then and was not useful until now when we have all the technology we do

    By Drew Payne on 04.01.2016

  6. Mr Pratt is very scientific
    so scientific it is terrific
    its almost magic spacific

    By mariah coleman on 04.01.2016

  7. i like to go to science
    my hipothosis is im dumb
    when im in there i like to hum
    when he teches i think tumdy tum tum

    By Cameron Payne on 04.01.2016

  8. I’m not the most Scientific person in the world
    ,but when it came to grades i achieved my goals.
    I was more of a English kind of guy ,but not because it way easy nor hard.
    The best thing about it though was my spectacular teacher!!!


    By Zerak Thomas Brown on 04.01.2016

  9. The buzzing of the machine turns to a roar as he turns on the switch.

    “I can’t believe it! We’re finally going to complete what our father never finished. Join me brother, for today we will become men of history!”

    I laugh and walk towards him, reaching out my hand. He smiles one last time and turns to his machine flicking the last switch on the mechanic board.

    “This is the beginning!” He said with hurrah.

    I smiled bigger not knowing at the time this was only beginning of the end.

    By Emilia Morton on 04.01.2016

  10. She looks at this word and it scares her. On the lab report, she sees numbers that mean nothing; all she knows is that the numbers aren’t good and the doctor is coming in to tell her why. She thinks about this word. It’s all down to labs and people looking through microscopes at slides. They see blue dots and red dots and blobs and things that look good and things that look bad. They know which ones are which. She wonders about the person who looked at her slides. Was it a man or a woman? She pretends it was a woman so she can imagine what she was wearing; a man would be boring to dress, don’t you think? So this lab person, her lab person, the one who found the thing that will make her life change forever, was wearing an orange top with a pair of brown pants. Not a good combination. Maybe she’s married; her ring is pretty, but the diamond is so small. And she’s probably wearing it because she loves the man who gave it to her. She’s a nice person, the woman in the lab coat with the orange top and the brown pants. But how can she be nice when she’s sent back your slides and they say that you have a long, hard battle ahead of you? How could she be so fucking scientific.

    By rubylubh on 04.01.2016

  11. He analyzed her with the deepest scrutiny he had ever studied someone. He stopped himself, wondering why he was so worried about her, and realized that it was because she had more ability than anyone in the entire world to hurt him, and so he had to know everything about her.

    By lukes9713 on 04.01.2016

  12. See! –
    The corrupted collective –
    Creature called man

    His image immortal-
    A concrete consecration
    Of condemnation

    Against minds
    Looking for truth…

    By Brendan Stoneham URL on 04.01.2016

  13. Oh it’s all very scientific looking. The vials and the intricate glass tubing, the petri dishes and the Bunsen burner. Even the old man in the long white coat, as he turns lead to gold.

    By Big Jim URL on 04.01.2016

  14. Scientific robots! Interactive robots with encyclopaedia knowledge on all areas of science! On sale for £9,999,999!

    By TING on 04.01.2016

  15. our life is based on many secrets; and if we have to discover them we should use scientific part of our study rather than philosophy…

    By romi maiss on 04.01.2016

  16. nothing that claims to be scientific and proven seems to prove anything now. drifting in chaotic universe, we draw lines to make sense of what we are and how we are.

    By cissim on 04.01.2016

  17. “It’s not exactly… scientific, is it?”
    “It runs on science, if that’s what you mean. I mean, every part of its operation follows established scientific—”
    “No, but, you didn’t take any notes, or measurements, or even get legal consent. Plus, we’re completely out of pipe cleaners now, and aren’t flamethrowers illegal in Nebraska?”

    By CapricAura on 04.01.2016

  18. your smile causes a pile up of chemicals in my brain, and I don’t feel complete without them. it’s something scientific behind the way you look at me, but I’m unable to find the cure. help me get away from myself when no professional or medicine can.

    By lea on 04.01.2016

  19. I was always interested in science but the draw of using chemicals and gasses to blow things up during class was too big of a draw to pay attention. Perhaps if I paid more attention I’d be blowing things up on a grander scale.

    Moral of the story – don’t teach science to kids who show a desire to create explosions.

    By TGV on 04.01.2016

  20. He tried to be scientific, measuring everything out carefully and then recording the results. HIs advisor stood at the end of the classroom, but he knew that the teacher was watching only him. He finally stood up, dumped all his chemical and left the room, saying “I quit.” He was too emotional for this kind of work and decided to change his major to Drumming.

    By chanpheng URL on 04.01.2016

  21. I’ve always been a scientific person, but that all changed when I met you.

    I hate writing letters. It never reads the way I want it to. God, this makes me sound like some hopeless romantic when I just wanted to prove that you made me realize I was a good actress. Maybe there’s a reason I went into the acting side, as opposed to the writing side.

    By Ellen on 04.01.2016

  22. The lab was clean, but in a old, unused way. The once highly active environment that held many experiments was empty, totally. Only because the sterile environment left no possible way for any creature to survive. The place just had an eerie feeling about it, like it was yearning for someone to use it again.

    By Maurice on 04.01.2016

  23. scientific names are the metaphors of love among atoms.

    By mukthi on 04.02.2016

  24. the way I asses the world around me and gauge how I should approach life. Scientific is logical, and to be logical is scientific. Even making love has a scientific approach in terms of the mind, hormones and feelings to what makes me feel good and what makes her feel good.

    By james koppert URL on 04.02.2016

  25. Is it scientific to like Zombies because they make you feel like you are beautiful and pretty alive? I don’t think so. You might be beautiful and a zombie at the same time without even knowing it. What can we do about people who’d rather watch zombie movies that listen to justin bieber songs? Well

    By K on 04.02.2016

  26. “There was never anything so scientific in my country,” said Crystal. “Everything was natural and wholesome. The ecosystem was so vibrant and alive, I never realized… I never realized that it was all computer generated.

    By kt on 04.02.2016

  27. “The scientific theory,” he abruptly said.

    “What?” I asked. “Is this your attempt to distract me?”

    I knew what game he was playing at, and it wouldn’t work. Not if I could help it.

    By nerdingreen on 04.02.2016

  28. Science is simple to me. It is or it isn’t. It’s a theory with strong backing, or it’s a theory which is yet to be tested. You can decide what’s true or not true, what’s useful or statistically significant versus what is just caused by correlation or the placebo effect.You can throw away an old proven theory, but only if you have a new one which does a much better job of explaining the phenomenon which the old theory proved.
    Science doesn’t worry much about right and wrong, good or bad. That’s in the hands of the humans that conduct it.

    By terradi on 04.02.2016

  29. “There’s a big buzz in the scientific community” is a phrase that I hear constantly, but have no idea what it actually means. Are the bigwigs excited? Qualified people? Or is it some thing that means lots of people are talking about it, albeit unqualified. So then it means nothing and is no longer important. An empty phrase

    By leaniew on 04.02.2016

  30. Everything in the known world is there because of the scientific method. Everything we know about things that are around us are known because we have made it our mission to discover the truth, whatever that truth is. This is the way of the scientific method where the truth can only be discerned though study and analysis and hypothesis.

    By Murray Ingram on 04.02.2016

  31. no, don’t bullshit me. You can call it anything but scientific, Carl! I ain’t putting up with you anymore, just pick up all this dragon genetics research you’ve been doing and get away from my eyesight. I’m done. You ain’t no Kaleesi.

    By ed. on 04.02.2016

  32. Panic on my mind, scientific down my pants
    Did you ever hear me cry for galling facts? this s not a test, this is not a rehearsal. this can never be a repeated experiment. flashing lights flashing clouds.

    By thefrenchcrayon on 04.02.2016

  33. The scientific reason for being is being challenged by the influence of modern society. And the results are not related to science. But to trying to not fit in.

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 04.02.2016