March 30th, 2016 | 30 Entries

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30 Entries for “lightweight”

  1. The drinking contest raged in the main room of the bar, with both sides cheering their contestants on. Mary turned away, disgusted at the sight of the grown men cheering drunkeness. “Where are you going?” Mark, her date, asked. “They’re still downing the beers.”

    “I can’t take this. I’m going outside.”

    Mark turned away from her. “Don’t expect me to join you,” he said. “You’re such a lightweight.”

    She took a cab home. The following day, she learned that Mark and some of his friends from the drinking contest had been in a car crash. “Better lightweight than dead or injured.” She wondered if she should send flowers.

    By chanpheng URL on 03.30.2016

  2. You told me all my life that I was a lightweight. A pushover. That if I ever got the chance to throw a punch, I wouldn’t leave a mark. Well, after all that, with you sprawled out on your ass, sporting contusions like pink tattoos and bleeding out of the corner of your mouth…well, that says a lot about your assumptions about me, don’t it?

    So tell me, Baxter, before I take my fist and shove it so hard in your face that your nose bursts like a miniature supernova – am I a lightweight now? Or did I just claim the heavyweight title from you, you goddamn punk?

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.30.2016

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    By laurie cadima on 03.30.2016

  4. The box felt lightweighted, nothing was on it. It was supposed to hold something important on it but little did she forget that was in the box hold no meaning if she didn’t believe in it

    By Bramsy URL on 03.30.2016

  5. I’m a lightweight. With every harsh word you say it affects me. More than you’ll ever know. So be careful and think about what you’re saying to me. Because I’m a lightweight.

    By Melissa on 03.30.2016

  6. You always were a bit of a lightweight. Not with the alcohol; I mean in the ring. Okay, with the alcohol, too. I never knew why you did it; stepped into the ring, the combination boxing-and-drinking ring, with a four hundred pound Russian. It didn’t make any sense. What was it you were so keen on getting away from or losing, other than your life?

    By CapricAura URL on 03.30.2016

  7. The calendar said spring but the temperature still said winter. Shell pulled her lightweight jacket a little tighter to block the winds. The chilly weather wasn’t putting any kind of damper on the pollen though, she thought as she rummaged through her pockets for more tissues.

    By MsShel330 URL on 03.30.2016

  8. “You’re such a lightweight!”Yeah I have to agree with that statement. I feel like it was always a prideful thing for guys to brag about how much they can drink. I never fell into that category. I knew I got drunk easily and was pretty open about it.

    By Joseph D. URL on 03.30.2016

  9. I’ve never been a real lightweight, but in my youth I managed to lose a lot of pounds. Today, I can only think back and remember thöse good times.

    By Bluered on 03.30.2016

  10. The leaf fluttered down the curb. Dancing in the air, it looked free, like it had no care in the world. But.. was it really? When it could only fall, when it had nowhere to go but down.

    By Ihrie URL on 03.31.2016

  11. They both expected a multitude of feelings after the separation–guilt, sadness, anger even, but they are surprised they’d be this relieved. They never realized how toxic the relationship was, how unhappy they both were trying to salvage what was left. Now they seem to be floating lightweight and freely, as if they’re suddenly released from the heavy burden of the 5-year coupling.

    By Zoe Jen URL on 03.31.2016

  12. He stepped into the ring, hands sweating and clammy. He was scarred, barely 50 kilos, his first fight and he knew he would loose. His parents would shun him and his friends turn their backs. The lights dimmed, the bell sounded and he started to bounce. The punch came from nowhere, sending him reeling as his vision faded, he began to sink into the inky blackness that surrounded him.

    By Maurice on 03.31.2016

  13. “You’re such a lightweight,” he laughs, and you don’t know if you actually heard him because the room is spinning and you wonder if you’re even touching the ground. For all you know, you could be imagining the tender look on his face and the soft chuckling behind the heavy, brain-pounding bass in the bar.
    “S’not my fault,” you mumble. “No one ev’r took m’drinkin’ before.”
    And now he looks a bit sad. Good work.

    By chi URL on 03.31.2016

  14. No, honey, don’t worry, I bet they meant to say that you where improving, not that you were “a complete lightweight” at work. Don’t cry, ok? Now you better get some sleep, let me turn the lights off.

    By ed. URL on 03.31.2016

  15. She felt tipsy immediately. It wasn’t like the alcohol had even hit her stomach and she already felt giggly and feather-light. He could tell. “So… so how do you feel?”
    “Well. I feel well. I’m doing well.”
    He laughed, shaking his head in that way he always did when he didn’t have the next rung of the joke prepared.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 03.31.2016

  16. The lightweight luggage was easy for consumers to use and to handle as it was not to big and was not heavy.

    By cad on 03.31.2016

  17. The papers were so lightweight that when I have my window open they almost fly right out. So I use a paperweight.

    By cad on 03.31.2016

  18. a ten pound weight is heavy for some but if you cant lift a ten pound try a lightweight on like a three pound or something.

    By cad on 03.31.2016

  19. I am no lightweight to the powers of this universe. Every day, every one and everything becomes more a part of me as we are all part of one thing. It just keeps on getting better and better.

    By trkstr67 URL on 03.31.2016

  20. ben was a lightweight. you wouldn’t expect him to be, tough guy, i-don’t-give-a-shit-i’ll-murder-your-family, 6 foot 4 Ben. Sure, he was skinny, but he didn’t look like a lightweight. But he was. Three beers and you had him on the floor moaning, “i was just never good enough for anyone–“

    By bridget URL on 03.31.2016

  21. Your kisses like feathers fell upon me with such a lightweight touch that I scantly remember them from last night.

    By KMA URL on 03.31.2016

  22. river edges of waist
    flowing through my hands,
    nails too blunt to worship
    its impermanence

    the fire burns my stomach
    but keeps my laughter warm;
    they nurse the wounds from me in shadows

    unknown in rims, lips on the edge
    and sucking like it houses life,
    because when I had a taste of you
    I couldn’t get enough.

    addiction pasts:
    I have an ex named Daniel.

    By Pandatry URL on 03.31.2016

  23. Whenever my parents fought, you could see who the champion was, right away. The old man was a master at language; he could take anything you said and twist it into something that you actually thought you said but didn’t. He made you doubt what you were saying, whether you meant it or not; made you wonder what you’d just said. No one could touch him that way. He was Ali or Marciano or one of the great fighters; his words were his gloves and you were the punching bag he practiced on. He actually seemed to enjoy it. My mother could go a few rounds with him, sometimes maybe more, but in the end, she was whipped by it. Until one day, when she threw off whatever it was that kept her from rising to the heavyweight division, and kicked his ass pretty roundly. He didn’t know what had hit him. Mom was a lightweight no more. It wasn’t so much that she’d suddenly honed her skills. It was that the old man had hit her in a place that no man ever should have. He’d hit her in that place where the love she had for her children was.

    By rubylubh on 03.31.2016

  24. The feather was light, lightweight almost. It flowed on the air, throw the breeze and through the trees.

    By Amanda on 03.31.2016

  25. She was fragile, and when he swing her around on the dance floor he felt like he had the power to make her fly or to crush her heart. He knew in that moment, as he looked into her eyes in their first dance, he would always handle her with the utmost care.

    By lukes9713 URL on 03.31.2016

  26. Jimmy was sitting at the table with his friends. He’d drunk plenty of times before but never 3 glasses of wine. Phew, he was feeling a little different. As he poured his fourth glass Jimmy felt a weird feeling. He felt as if the world was falling away beneath him.

    “Dear god Jimmy” a friend called out as he floated past their heads and bounced off the ceiling. “What’s happened?”

    “Sorry guys” he replied as he floated out the door. “I guess I am a bit of a lightweight.”

    By TGV URL on 03.31.2016

  27. 0: I wanna get drunk!
    1: You’re my best friend.
    2: I need to call my brother and tell him I love him.
    3: I’m so wasted, guys!
    4: You wanna fight, bro?

    By asavas URL on 03.31.2016

  28. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” Naiami laughed, watching her friend try to stay on the bar stool. “I don’t even drink and this isn’t bothering me. You’re such a lightweight!”

    “Shaddup!” Sou’nela snapped, though there was no real trace of malice in her voice as she tried to punch her friend but missed.

    By Ninja URL on 03.31.2016

  29. “He’s such a lightweight,” she cried, as she circled around him, a snarl on her lips. He trembled inside with rage and impotence. She had him and she knew it. There was nothing he could do.

    By Angel URL on 03.31.2016

  30. Many modern items are meant to be lightweight. Before, computers as powerful as the ones today would fit in building.

    By Daniel D. Lucas on 03.31.2016