November 19th, 2010 | 232 Entries

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232 Entries for “science”

  1. is a pain in the heart. i want faith in something larger than me– no, not like the Eiffel Tower… I don’t want to spend my existence in spiritual limbo.

    By Ozzy Wozzy URL on 11.20.2010

  2. Science has given us so much in the way of technology, medicine, everything. So why do people scoff at it? Why are people unwilling to accept things such as evolution?

    By Cory URL on 11.20.2010

  3. Science class was great. All Allan had to do was perform a few practical experiments and write up some theory work and he would receive high marks for his science result. He received the highest marks in the class last year and he intended to do so again this year.

    By A on 11.20.2010

  4. There is something wonderful about the study of science. Specifically Chemistry. It is like taking life and understanding how it works. How it came to be. Fantastic! Where else can you get that sort of input?

    Long may it continue.

    There is something unique about the study of Chemistry. We can hopefully eventually understand what drives the human race forward and what will become of us.

    By Dave Penrose on 11.20.2010

  5. it’s the invention of venal guys trying to upturn our self-satisfied views of the world. science is disruptive, and claims to find the truth, but in fact, all it does is to muddle things up.

    By river on 11.20.2010

  6. science does a great job of pushing us to the edge, but stops us from falling, thereby leading to an unpleasant hanging on the edge sensation where neither faith or truth exists.

    By rosalind URL on 11.20.2010

  7. what is science? science is what people use to back up their arguments today. without science. we are not allowed to make arguments. its funny how we always need these solidbackup facts in science to actually convince someone. i guess this is the best evidence of how people tend to be left brained today. this is also especially true in taiwan, where i live.

    By e on 11.20.2010

  8. Life is not rocket science. So they tell me. Sometimes, my life seems awfully complicated, but, I am told, it is simple. So is science. In the beginning God created…. It’s that simple. We humans try to complicate everything, every area of our lives. Evolution is complicated, because man has made it that way. Our lives are complicated, because we make them that way. Science, on the other hand, seems complicated to the unlearned and uneducated mind, but to one who takes the time to diligently study it out, it is simple. Interesting, detailed, but simple.

    By Romeo on 11.20.2010

  9. Science is what keeps me from going insane thinking about religion. Science is religion in disguise. Some people worship science. I don’t know enough science, and I know too much science.

    Eric swears by it.

    By Jerry on 11.20.2010

  10. i was very weak in science. thats why my teacher told me that i should consider building my career in arts r commerce. but one moment changed my life forever.

    By Aditya on 11.20.2010

  11. How do yu like to have science in social Studies. Well there is one planet in another Solar System that we could live on!

    By CB on 11.20.2010

  12. Science has been a topic of lately. In clash with religion, science begs to differ on many aspects of life. However, science has solid evidence whereas religion is formed on the basis of teachings of ancient individuals, whose truth remains today.

    By Viral on 11.20.2010

  13. Science. The explanation to every magical moment, every slightest oddity. Some people seem to believe in it, to trust it with all their hearts. But I don’t, because I know that there are more important things than scientific proofs in this world.

    By ChristieLovestoWrite URL on 11.20.2010

  14. it is sometimes right and sometimes wrong. it always can be wrong. science is never too perfect.

    By Asma Darwish on 11.20.2010

  15. The broken glass sparkled in the lab. He didn’t understand how it was possible for the entire research materials to disappear, like evaporated, when the glass was still everywhere.

    By kaitoleen URL on 11.20.2010

  16. is what comes to the rescue when art fails to mesmerise. of course, the converse could be said for art. :-D

    By *P* on 11.20.2010

  17. I love science. They always say guys are better in science than girls. I want to prove them wrong. I love science and hate arts. But I still like writing. I dislike arts subjects except for language and writing. I love science too. That’s why I’m in a science course now. I might be the rare girls out there who actually love physics.

    By Judy URL on 11.20.2010

  18. They all thought I was going to study the sciences. That I would major in biology. Some of my extended family was so convinced that actually thought I was until I graduated with a degree in Literature. “But you love science,” they protested. Can I have more than one love?

    By Elizabeth Moon URL on 11.20.2010

  19. I don’t see things as I used to. The trees don’t resemble the towering forms I saw in the past, but bundles of vascular tissue able to communicate with others. I don’t see people, but a multicellur organism that consumes its surroundings. It would seem science has irreversibly altered my viewpoint of everything.

    By Phlox URL on 11.20.2010

  20. Science. What is science? Fact? All that encompasses our expansive universe; the knowledge of it ALL? Well, I say that science is merely the compounded truths and untruths that divide our perception of existence. Does this make it true? Not necessarily. Science, like magic and religion, is all perception.

    By Vincent on 11.20.2010

  21. omg, science. It tried to answer all questions of human, but failed. Maybe it succeed one day.

    By jacu on 11.20.2010

  22. Frank knew that he wanted to study science. But he was not sure what kind of science interested him. When he studied it he felt like he was understanding his world better and he was able to control it. When he got older this became his obsession.

    By Corey Anderson on 11.20.2010

  23. Science is a very complex subject. What is science. is it a subject? Is it about the universe and how things really work with nature? I do not like science. I like math. Although they both are interrelated. Science is equation.

    By Polly on 11.20.2010

  24. is the study of all things relative to being alive and in turn. Dying. God knows science is the study of everything that we can understand. Or attempt too. It makes bugs less mysterious and explains tomorrows sunshine and today’s rain. It will turn on us someday.

    By aimee.takaya URL on 11.20.2010

  25. the best science fiction book i ever read was Hunger Games. It was really good and a lot better than most science fiction books. I think that science is a waste of time because of the other subjects in school.

    By Morgan on 11.20.2010

  26. Pretty funny science is. We dig deeper and deeper and it seems like it’s supposed to be making more sense with each and every step. But let’s face it, we don’t actually understand anything. It’s just organizing things we have no idea about into formulas and lists and pretending we’ve mastered it. We just don’t understand the fundamental basics of life.

    By Eliza Herron on 11.20.2010

  27. science is a good subjects that enable persons to understand natural phenomenon and about our world. it enables us to understand our position in the solar system and universe.

    By asim khalid on 11.20.2010

  28. science is amazing. it has provided us with monsters and demons. Then it has provided us with angels that beckon us from behind transparent curtains.

    science is amazing.

    By first person on 11.20.2010

  29. He blinded me with science. Remember that song? I was going to school in England at Trinity College Oxford when it was popular. There was a basement pub in which we used to seriously get our drink on and then do some crazy punk dancing. Good times.

    By wemuma URL on 11.20.2010

  30. I love science, it gives me dreams, it gives me hope, I hate science because it doesn’t always come close to my hopes and often all goes wrong, but the main thing is to respect science and always have ethics when doing things with it

    By Matt URL on 11.20.2010

  31. it may not be anything when we get older,
    some part of technology from the past,
    things we did away with after we finished playing,
    but we always started off smart and stayed with
    the more prestigious, brilliant, handsome Mr. Science,
    who knew

    By Kay URL on 11.20.2010

  32. The real ‘God.’ Big, unbelievable phenomena, and infinitesimally small coincidences that keep the world turning on its axis.

    By McLeod on 11.20.2010