May 6th, 2008 | 529 Entries

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529 Entries for “cone”

  1. ice cream cone. cone shape. cone head. ice cream is really awesome, especially in a cone. I love ice cream. My favorite is coffee with chocolate chips. MMM deliciously awesome.

    By Melody on 05.08.2008

  2. ice cream. cold ice cream on a hot day. melting on my hand and turning my tongue different colors. i love all of the many different flavors. they taste sooooo good! My favorites are mint chocolate chip, coffee, superman, and tons more! I love icecream!

    By Autumn Cassandra Taylor on 05.08.2008

  3. pointy geometrical shape ice cream similar to a cylinder annoying weird interesting ribs blank 3-d

    By courtney on 05.08.2008

  4. I once knew a girl named Kendra. Her nickname was Kone. We mostly related it to a traffic cone rather than an ice cream cone.

    By Ted on 05.08.2008

  5. I think of the cone heads, but then I never really saw the movie because I think it was before my time. It was back when I was dead and not alive, most likely. I also think back to geometry class, and how I hated finding the depth and area of objects that weren’t simple – like triangles or squares. Why can’t more things be like that? There’s no need to get so complicated in life that you can’t find out the depth of a cone.

    By Caren on 05.08.2008

  6. Cones are two dimensional shapes. One shape being sircular, the other being a plane of a triangular nature.

    By arnie on 05.08.2008

  7. yesterday i saw a cone it was on the road, it was in the tree it was in a child’s hand. It was on the head of a dunce. It was a cone.

    By Kate on 05.08.2008

  8. ice cream cone, or what? Cone I help you? Her cones are too big for her top, i tells ya. What the heck am I supposed to do with cone? Sugar, waffle, or wafer?

    By O. B. on 05.08.2008

  9. i see them every day on the way to work. school, home. everywhere. they protect us. or so they say. more like keep us bound. bound to limits. you CANT go here. you CANT go there. not as long as youre kept from it. “protected” by this cone.

    By haley persavich on 05.08.2008