December 21st, 2012 | 196 Entries

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196 Entries for “scatter”

  1. you threw them up in the air, waiting for the rain to come back and we were parched, leaving dusty tracks every where we went. but you never stopped waiting for the cards to fall, never stopped longing for the queen of hearts, never stopped believing that i could save you, could help you, could stop you from scattering.

    By helen rosen on 12.21.2012

  2. He looked at the mess scattered on the floor. Or the mess was the floor, he couldn’t remember. Did he even have a floor? Of course he did, he just couldn’t see it. Did he have a problem? No, no, no, why would he even think that. He didn’t have a problem. He used to have a problem, but he didn’t now. Not now, not anymore.

    By Grace on 12.21.2012

  3. i am scatter brained. i am always thinking. never can i just stop to look at the sky or just people watch. because say im crazy thats why i prefer to be alone with my scatter brain i love it no one understand you only have your brain in the end

    By erica on 12.21.2012

  4. Thoughts are scattered.

    By untamedimagination on 12.21.2012

  5. The time of year typically called for a calling together of family and friends. But for us, and those around us, there was an astonishing feeling that everything that meant “family” was scattered to the four winds. Our home, traditions, each individual seemingly spread across the globe. Nothing collected but more dispersed than any other year before.

    By charmed on 12.21.2012

  6. the old man fell across the floor and the pictured broke. Pieces of glass scattered like stars across the old oak. He looked at it and started to get tears. I never understood the significance of this picture…but that day I felt his heart break along with that picture on the floor.

    By Irene Sanders on 12.21.2012

  7. scatter. photos. well I’ve got some scattered pictures lying on my bedroom floor, reminds me of the times we shared, makes me wish that you were here. pretty much that.

    By Pippa on 12.21.2012

  8. the lid popped off the salt shaker
    crystal stars showered the place mat
    i love your sense of entropy

    By smnthbll on 12.21.2012

  9. The word scatter kind of reminds me of fadder despite the lack in rhyme. It’s also makes me think scatterbrained, like that lady is quite a scatterbrained bitch. Is it sad that the first sentence I think is a vulgar one

    By Michael on 12.21.2012

  10. Scatter your ashes to the clouds, mist the fields with a fine blue smoke. Give up the broken parts of you, disintegrate them. What you’re left with is a shell, one full of anticipation and wonderment. Potential without the scars of ages left behind.

    By marengo on 12.21.2012

  11. Scatter, scatter, scatter!
    My thoughts flick across the surface of my brain, fleeting into nothingness.
    I can’t remember any of them and I can’t hold hold onto any.

    By Lizzie on 12.21.2012

  12. Scattered; my life. Broken and in pieces. I am unable to put it back together. I wish I knew how, but I don’t. People try to help me but in the end it never works. My life is like a piece of glass; once it’s shattered, it’s practically impossible to put back together. All my life people, experiences, memories, fate… it has made my life this way. A scattered, tangled mess. Pieces of me are scattered everywhere I go…

    By Annick on 12.21.2012

  13. Walking home from school was always a refreshing activity. Then one day I slipped on black ice, I broke my knee and my papers scattered everywhere.

    By shani on 12.21.2012

  14. unorganized ,madness totally and utterly crazy. out of control. ridiculous unnecessarily messy

    By kelsey bohn URL on 12.21.2012

  15. the word scatter descries how things can be misplaced or all over. For example; The rain caused the cats in the alley to scatter.

    By Meghan URL on 12.21.2012

  16. i just found out that Stanford university has a scatter band, not a marching band. Plus they don’t have a pit. Sad day for me, if I end up going there.

    By J. on 12.21.2012

  17. it’s all over the place. it’s messy, here and there. has the word cat in it. i like cats.

    By aswani on 12.21.2012

  18. let me stay here, where I can scatter my relief across the valley, where feel loved, accomplished, and simply happy.

    By t URL on 12.21.2012

  19. let me stay here, where I can scatter my relief across the valley, where I feel loved, accomplished, and simply happy.

    By t URL on 12.21.2012

  20. Scattered thoughts of yesterday and what I used to want out of life but I know that no matter what I can’t go back to the things that used to make me happy. For reasons unknown this life seems more bleak with grayness all around me. I remember when I saw color but now I see what the true world looks like beneath the surface of illusions.

    By Skim Bradsteen URL on 12.21.2012

  21. The crowd scattered as everything around them began to collapse. No one thought the world would actually end today, but it sure seemed like it was real. The sky rained fire and the lives of the mall shoppers ended horribly.

    By Carla Marx on 12.21.2012

  22. All the cards laid on the floor. We had just taken the pack from the office, and, since these cards had gone through the hands of many kids, we were not quite sure if all the cards were there. We divided up the cards into four piles, and each took one to begin sorting through to organize all the cards by suite.

    By Annalise on 12.21.2012

  23. Scatter my brains all over the floor. Give back to the poor bc they need it more than most. Free fall but dont boast. Kill time through banging the most beautiful. Scatter food on the platter to make the customers think they matter when they really dont. Not only will I not care, I wont. The world didnt end today so I have to endure mor suffering.

    By Dylan on 12.21.2012

  24. i scatter the old pictures of us on to the floor. I feel bad that I did such a thing to him. we used to be so great, now i’m sitting here listening to “our” song. all that’s over now I guess…..

    By Morgan on 12.21.2012

  25. Like leaves we scatter across the land, blown apart and brought back together by the winds.

    By Rachel on 12.21.2012

  26. Scattered little things. To describe the room as anything else would be criminal. A paltry amount of decorations, emptiness abounded. What remained, what existed, was simply the scattered little things across the marble floor. Shards of glass, of plates, of plastics and metals; streams of colored liquids stained into the tiles and grout; scraps of paper; shattered dreams and memories. Scattered little things.

    By Nick on 12.21.2012

  27. Her books fell, scattering papers all across the sidewalk. An unassuming man of meduim stature and chesnut-colored hair walked by and swept them up. After exchanging one glance and a quick smile, the two strangers headed off to work. They never met again.

    By Joe on 12.21.2012

  28. the crumbly leaves weathered from the cold scattered in the breeze. their colors swirled as they floated up into the crayon blue sky. i sat under looking up and wondering about the end of the world. is this all there is?

    By shira on 12.21.2012

  29. my thoughts are scattered everywhere, since i opened myself up. Flung across various parts of my mind, on pieces of paper, the internet, other peoples conscious, my phone, my mind is scattered, and there’s no way to piece it together.

    By Caleb URL on 12.21.2012

  30. My brain. It’s in shambles. It’s everywhere. I don’t know where to go. It’s scattered. Here. Over there. Yonder. Thither. Hither. Confused. I don’t know where to go. I don’t know what to do. Without you. Left me here. Alone. You left. You’re gone. Maybe I’m gone.

    By Breanna on 12.21.2012

  31. Scatter! The humans are coming! Scatter or they’ll catch you. Run! Hide!” the rats scatter for fear of being caught.

    By travis on 12.21.2012

  32. Everything is going around and around. its all confusing and you dont know what to do about it. you’ve become a scatter brain, like in that show show Mr,scatter brain as i recall, CONFUSED CONFUSED CONFUSED.

    By Mya on 12.21.2012

  33. scatter brain – scatter plot-
    I have never really considered myself a scatter brain. I like to think things through but my boyfriend well he is scattered everywhere

    By Courtney on 12.21.2012

  34. a.m.
    waking movement, if i open my eyes you will be gone;
    desperate in this moment and ready to plead, suddenly there is nothing but mountain gravel, red oak and evergreen, the desire is overwhelming so take me there (that we may watch the world end and be in peace; i could love you for all the wrong reasons, it’s possible)
    reunions are for the unresolved, and you tell me not to go (it’s what i want to hear)
    i did not think that the emotions would be so strong, it’s a warmer winter but i’m colder than ever, pressed under the distance of city blocks, this child’s coat doesn’t protect me anymore

    By robyn URL on 12.21.2012

  35. “Scatter!” Anderson yelled, as the bombs started dropping from the sky, wiping away the entire infantry unit. I ducked behind some abandoned machinery, hoping that the thin metal was enough to protect me.

    By Raynie on 12.21.2012

  36. I scattered the paper flowers on the floor, swishing them around with my foot until I found the perfect arrangement. Perfect. The knocks persisted, I set up more flowers. Flowers make everything better. Knock Knock Knock. Floor to ceiling, the colors screamed to me. Daises, lillies, roses, poppies. Perfect.

    By Lily on 12.21.2012

  37. The gunfire rang out in the courtyard, sending the students scattering for cover. Three black vehicles barreled down the central avenue, would they make it in time?

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 12.21.2012

  38. Toys
    Toys everywhere
    Under the couch, under the covers
    It’s times like these I tell myself I should pick them up
    But then I would forget
    I would forget why they were out in the first place
    and if I put them away
    no one will take them back out

    By Em on 12.21.2012

  39. People were running everywhere. The destruction in everyone’s path and was unavoidable. It’s really not their fault, it’s the directors. He did say the cue was scatter.

    By Lexi on 12.21.2012

  40. The car’s backfire rang out in the valley, sending the startled birds scattering for cover.
    The repair van barreled down the country lane, would it make it in time?

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 12.21.2012