December 20th, 2012 | 221 Entries

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221 Entries for “season”

  1. it was the season of winter the cold breeze blowing the hot coffee on my table waiting to be held in my hand.

    By Saaransh URL on 12.21.2012

  2. there are four seasons in general. spring, summer, autumn and winter. all of them have their special features. like in spring there are flowers all over the place or in summer it is hot, falling leaves in autumn and snow in winter. seasons occur because of the curvature of the earth and the tilt of the axis. the tilt of the axis causes opposite seasons to occur at the same time in different hemispheres

    By nikita on 12.21.2012

  3. she stabbed me with a candy cane,
    said it’ll turn my blood to peppermint,
    be like ice for when the winter comes.

    (warm, far too warm, she says of me,
    you’d make all the icebergs tremble,
    and all of summer quake with lust.)

    By h. b. URL on 12.21.2012

  4. seasons come and seasons go but it seems that people never really change. They all seem to be so caught up in who they want to be with no regard as to who they are. No regard at all i must say to my displeasure.

    By Prashant URL on 12.21.2012

  5. winter

    By Gizem on 12.21.2012

  6. i think about how this is the season to be jolly but it wont be jolly because the mayan apocalypse is going to ruin christmas this year… by not allowing us to even get to it. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    By ophelia patterson on 12.21.2012

  7. Tis the season of death and despair. i can only think of the old days when it was much easier to live than to die. Now, it seems we all have a journey coming to an end and we feel it is the most important thing in the world. but the truth is that no one story is any more important or poignant than is simply arrogant to think otherwise. only those that see this will ever truly be a great story told to the world. then and only then will we know who was truly great and who was a reincarnation of a once great spirit diluted by time and by life experiences. It sickens me to think so many were ruined by avarice and malice so that others of monotony and greed shall flourish. This is not what i had in mind on the day i was born.

    By Mouse on 12.21.2012

  8. Season, this season is Winter. Not my favorite season. My favorite season is probably Fall. It seems to feel balanced, not too cold, not too hot. As a Libra, I appreciate balance in my life. I like to be in the middle, the best of both worlds. Extremes are not in my taste. I like to vary.

    By Will on 12.21.2012

  9. The harsh wind brushed against his face, sending chills down his spine. He hated this season, Winter. It was the one he dreaded every year, mostly because it reminded him of his childhood. His ugly, disgusting, broken childhood. It was all his fault though, and he knew it. Everything was always his fault. From the day he was born, everyone had always seemed to pin the blame on him for no apparent reason, and it hurt. It stung, just like everything else in his life. All he could ever do, was remember how he would always be completely imperfect, forever and always.

    By Jay on 12.21.2012

  10. Seasons are really good, if you enjoy them. see now its winter and its pretty cold out there and the best of winter you never get tired of anything no matter what you do exercise or some work and it makes you more interesting in the stuff whatever you working on

    By Abhishek on 12.21.2012

  11. hey ! can i get some seasoning over here ?

    By Jawj D on 12.21.2012

  12. I love how my steps are audible this time of year. Between acorns and leaves, it’s part of the reason why autumn is my favourite season. Everything has a golden glow that makes the world a little brighter. And as the nights grow longer, I enjoy life a little more.

    By Stephanie Force URL on 12.21.2012

  13. Rebecca loved fall most of all. In her opinion, summer was much too hot, spring too wet, and winter too sad. But fall was good food, beautiful scenery, and celebrations.

    By kay on 12.21.2012

  14. there are four seasons in a year: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. each season lasts three months. and every season he falls for him.

    during spring he falls for his wonderment, how he’s always so cool and refreshing and /alive/, just like spring.

    during summer where he’s just this endless ball of energy, fiery like the sun, and beautiful under the blazing blue sky and sparkling in the sweltering heat. he falls for him in between air conditioner-cold bedsheets, and ice-cream sweet kisses.

    during autumn when every colour of spring and summer fade into shades of red and oranges and yellows. when he dyes his hair the colour of autumn, he falls for him all the more.

    during winter when everything is devoid of colour and it’s all black and white, he’s the only thing above the white, an angel brought down unwilling by the heavens to save mankind. he has a smile that can save lives, stop fires, bring world peace, and make hearts skip beats. his hands are impossibly warm as they close around his wrists, but that’s all it takes. he falls then.

    no matter what the season, he’ll always fall for him.

    By maia URL on 12.21.2012

  15. It is the Christmas season. I look at my tree, full of lights, and wonder how this tradition came to be. It does not matter much, as I love the lights. Every year, I make sure to spend at least a few minutes quietly staring and reflecting.

    By li11 URL on 12.21.2012

  16. The season of spring is around and its one of the most pleasing ones as long as i can remember. Posing as a natural extinguisher of the summer heat this one definitely enthralls you with its calming effect on the environment.The earth is quenched of its thirst.

    By Vivek Jha on 12.21.2012

  17. It was the season for the apparent warmth that everyone was supposed to feel. This season brought me hope, don’t get me wrong, but I was also hanging on a string that made my position rather precarious. Seasonal warmth was something that, right now, I didn’t have the leisure to feel.

    By charmed URL on 12.21.2012

  18. crisp. donning coats. sweat under our itching sweaters. awkward family gatherings. who are these people even? i just want to shut myself in my room. stifling suffocating too much. at least they change. people change too often not as regular as the seasons.

    By LunaPoppy URL on 12.21.2012

  19. in alabama, there aren’t four Seasons, but two. sometimes we get three, but most of the time, we have
    1. Blistering Hot
    2. Just Cold Enough to Freeze Your Nipples but Not Get Snow
    i like the second-long in-betweens, myself. those mini-seasons when you lay in the grass, drive around with the windows down, walk everywhere you possibly can so you can find religion for a brief moment before the Seasons find you again.

    By rachel. URL on 12.21.2012

  20. Without them I would feel as if my life would be one big reoccurring scene. Living in the beautiful state of Wisconsin allows me to experience the differences that come with the changing climate first hand.

    By Zach Schneider on 12.21.2012

  21. Tis treason this season
    To reason with folks,
    Who’d rather just blather,
    Incognizant blokes;
    The end is the trend,
    With which they’ll justify
    All the conceited deeds
    They will sure commit nigh,
    Forgetting that getting
    Is not the chief lesson,
    For giving is living;
    To give doesn’t lessen
    Oneself of the self
    They think selves to possess,
    But creates something great,
    And makes more from far less
    Than might have been quite
    At first anticipated –
    If they’d all just recall
    What should be celebrated.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz URL on 12.22.2012