June 27th, 2009 | 79 Entries

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79 Entries for “scandal”

  1. Soon as I stepped from the door, a pack of gesticulating hyenas with cameras and rending voices pursued me wherever I loitered, launching fusillades of accusation and scribbling notes about the coffee I was nursing or photographing in staccato flashes the novel I was skimming, and the headlines wailed “Caffeine Junkie Abandons Reality.”

    By Brian Slusher on 06.28.2009

  2. this is a scandal you may never skip.this is the scandal between mind and heart..this is the scandal that will never end.get used to it !

    By cezi on 06.28.2009

  3. Oh ja. Sie l

    By Pandia Leander on 06.28.2009

  4. Scandal: Something that has happened that causes a riot or something that people dont like. Like in Desperate HouseWives for example. :)

    By SammyKay on 06.28.2009

  5. it’s a scandal how the rich give nothing and the poor give everything

    By andythrobber on 06.28.2009

  6. public breakdown disaster
    its all just a desperate plea for attention
    whatever happened to good role models?
    i dunno i’m rambling

    By jackhayes on 06.28.2009

  7. “Did you see that?” A nasty remark follows.
    “Disgusting, look at the state of her hair.” I stride past, ignoring the looks of hate.
    “That girl doesn’t know what she’s in for” A rather orange looking middle aged woman exclaims “she’s gonna be trouble.”
    “Dishevelled. . . mess. . . day old clothes . . . torn stockings.”
    These words follow me all the way down the street to my car.
    Turning the ignition, I laugh quietly to myself.
    Those bitches have no idea how much fun this is.

    By Talya. on 06.28.2009

  8. scandal politic, scandal in familie, galagie mare zgomot, cuvinte vulgare,

    By kjgfh on 06.28.2009

  9. the scandal went off without a hitch-each played their part well. Serena wrapped her life around the Constable while his wife bought flowers to send to herself.
    News of his infidelity made headline news and radio spots =every citizen knows his name.
    Impeachment quickly came his way, A crowd of men and women chased him from town.
    Finally! The Constable exclaimed,I have been waiting all my life to get out of this deadbeat town.

    By caol saffen on 06.28.2009

  10. It was a dark and stormy night…the college professor’s wife walked in and found him with a delicious student..they weren’t grading papers! She was so pissed she went to the papers and ruined his career. Knowledge sacrificed on the altar of lust, and his research forever overshadowed by the blanket of scandal.

    By Vanya Scott on 06.28.2009

  11. OH the scandal.
    She couldn’t believe it.
    How, how could they post this story, this lie, this terrible lie. Oh, but the truth.
    It was the truth.
    But how did they know.
    And how could they know?
    and she didn’t want them to. She was desperate.
    And she was alone.
    That’s what the world is.

    By Sarah on 06.28.2009

  12. “…and then she threw the tortoise in with the turtles and flashed her knickers about for all the world to see! Both pairs!”
    “Maybe, but it was a bloody good show.”

    By on 06.28.2009

  13. scandal, deception, the end ll be all. How dare this happen in this day and age. How can anyone let this happen to him? I mean, really? He was an icon! Now, in his death, it’s all for naught. He was a creep. a scary person,and I’m glad he’s dead.

    By Karen on 06.28.2009

  14. I’m a crime writer that always loves a scandal, coverup or conspiracy.

    By Michelle on 06.28.2009

  15. It was a scandal, no one knew why she would have done it. It seems, now this is all a bit of a guess at this point, but Dorothy was up to no good with Prof. Wazzer at the arcade, she having a husband and three kids should never have been holding hands whiling playing 2 player X-men with the professor.

    By Smoe Foe on 06.28.2009

  16. it’s a scandal.
    people wanna know it.
    did they really kiss?
    no. yes? mysterious.

    By josi on 06.28.2009

  17. Oh my goodness! I suppose I’ve been watching too many crime shows, but I see dead bodies lying at the bottom of stairs, reeking of the mistresses perfume, a lusty affair gone awry.

    By Laura on 06.28.2009

  18. Really – a scandal is what makes life spicier, revs up those Page 3 columns and gives that much-needed edge to cubicle conversations on Monday mornings. Long live scandals!

    By pri on 06.28.2009

  19. Whatever you think is a horrid tragedy or what you think is an exciting gossip story that will be talked about for a while. Celebrities, well-known people, or maybe just everyday people you see around town. Scandals can happen anywhere, and they can involve everyone. As you know, EVERYONE loves a good scandal.

    By Deanna on 06.28.2009

  20. I grab you and push you on to the bed. We make out, and slowly you slip off my shirt. I take off your boxers, and my tongue thrusts into your mouth. I lie on top of you and I hump you. I reach into my little back box and pull out a long, black, raven feather. I slip it up and down the creases in your legs, and I finally reach your weak spot. I finger it, and gently slide my tongue around the tip. You’re shaking uncontrollably, and just when you’re about to blow, I engulf it into my mouth and suck it hard until you cum.

    By XXX on 06.28.2009

  21. It’s a scandal if you don’t know about it. If you missed the signs and are hiding out and not paying attention otherwise it’s same old same old for the rest of us.

    By chrisg on 06.28.2009

  22. the scanlouous natrue of the politicians is putting whole of the country into shame. These soft faces culprits brings out the real change that our society needs the most. If u can’t give people anything, atleast let them keep what they have

    By vivek on 06.28.2009

  23. Scandal is a situation where rumors fly uncontrollably. There is lots of drama about the subjects involved and in most cases an individual is hurt in the situation, by the dirty deeds done by the others involved. In my siutatuion, the scandal broke on the high school grounds at 330 pm. The people invovled were

    By cindy on 06.28.2009

  24. Unthoughtful, mean, ripping. Thief, mischievous.

    By S on 06.28.2009

  25. Es gibt soo viele Skandale auf der Welt!, da wei

    By hioly on 06.28.2009

  26. I think about the Paris hILTON and her sex scandal and Kim and Ray J. Dirty. Disgusting and absolutely uncalled for. I love scandals. Michael jackson conspiracy. The end of an era. I really hate my mother and her voice. I love scandals.

    By Emily on 06.28.2009

  27. Everyone wants a scandal, from time to time. It makes life interesting, right? But only if it dies down again quickly…

    By sara on 06.28.2009

  28. scandal
    thats the government
    thats every lie you’ve ever told or listened to.
    it’s everywhere and you can’t escape it
    its just a part of life.
    scandal bitches.

    By CeeAT on 06.28.2009

  29. Oscar Wilde first came to mind; the idea of sitting on a train, with a cup of tea getting cooler and cooler by the minute, and the cap of my pen being destroyed in my mouth; all the while gripping the pages of my journal, reading and rereading the scandal of my life.

    By are rhytswell on 06.28.2009

  30. Sometimes a scandal isn’t all its cracked up to be. Sure, for the first days, weeks, months, its exciting and forbidden and everything you could never have, but when the fizzle dies out, it really isn’t more than one big lie. And no one likes to lie.

    By Kelly on 06.28.2009

  31. there have been dark day in my past
    Its been the government. they have screwed the system right left and center.
    every day is a new beginning to a new faced crime

    By yuri on 06.28.2009

  32. It was out of this world. The scandalous way he approached him. Rubbed up against him. Made eye contact, 3 seconds too long with him. And when the stare finally broke, it was because there was a mess to be cleaned. He walked out the room and looked back at the largest scandal to make private news.

    By Quill on 06.28.2009

  33. I never knew a scandal could influence the deeds and speculations of mans own destiny, once a scandal has started there is no room nor mirror that is left unturned until some grain of truth is left unresolved. Surely this isnt our life work, or is it.

    By Richard Bounds on 06.28.2009

  34. there was this huge scandal in elm street. It’s not like I was interested, really. But there was this guy in the metro, calling someone. He was like; ‘DUDE. MY HOUSE IS ON FIRE!’ That’s when I got interested. I even looked it up on google. Yeah..

    By Lydia on 06.28.2009

  35. It is a scandal that we cannot play guitar hero like we should . We are rockers and should be able to . Oh dear Scandal is our middle name so ………….

    By Ellen HIll on 06.28.2009

  36. If there was something that she wished she’d never have to be in the middle of, this would be it.

    It’s not that she’s afraid of other people or what they would think, or even what they might say to anyone else that could ruin her.

    But the absolute and unrelenting guilt that weighs upon her will never let up, until she’s crushed down onto the bottom of the ocean, unable to breathe, unable to die, unable to forgive herself for what she’s done, and unable to allow anyone to save her.

    She cried.

    By Alison on 06.28.2009

  37. A scandal i something bad, and causes controversity. Scandals usually surround celebrities. Scandalous is a fun word to call things.

    By Patty on 06.28.2009

  38. cheating lying dirtbags, people who trick you, who hurt you, who feel the need to get one over on you – a smile to the face and a knife for the back

    By Sally on 06.28.2009

  39. i had a sex scandal the other day. i walked up to this guy and asked him “hey do you want to touch my breasts?” he said sure and i opened a container full of chicken breasts and he got mad and went to the corner and cried. i was so shocked by this, i was unsure what to do. but then again he was only 6 years old. haha

    By dante on 06.28.2009