June 26th, 2009 | 123 Entries

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123 Entries for “sandals”

  1. She walked through the hot sand. Her sandals were scooping the sand up with every step. She never noticed. The only thing she could concentrate on was his hands intertwined with hers.

    By DDD on 06.27.2009

  2. Sandals are retarded. All I can think of is my sister and her horrible Burk’s. She’s nowhere near a lesbian, even, but she used to wear the most ghastly shoes. I miss her comfy home in Everett, though, which really was her only excuse for the shoes. Who cares what you wear while you’re playing in the garden?

    By Holly on 06.27.2009

  3. shoes, transportation, jesus, travel, protection, open shoes, sand, the beach, summer time, good weather, nice breeze, bad feet, nice toes, callas,

    By sam on 06.27.2009