January 21st, 2019 | 24 Entries

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24 Entries for “scan”

  1. She scanned the crowd, searching diligently for any sign of disturbance. People waited, eyes twitching, roaming for answers. Nothing.
    There, in the back. A murmur.

    By Isabella URL on 01.21.2019

  2. Watch me, son: I’ll show you how it’s done. Retrieve the book, scan it in the machine. Then you get to take it home, but only for a few weeks, and then you have to bring it back.

    So read it quickly, my boy – but savor it. Enjoy the adventure on the pages. Once you’re done, we can return it for another tome. See, this is one of the last havens we have in this small, humble town – a chance to be surrounded by books without needing to pay an arm and a leg for them.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.21.2019

  3. Escaneó todos sus recuerdos a través de la pupila. Ahora sólo tenía que descargar la memoria del homicida para poder descubrir la identidad de cada una de sus víctimas. No… ahí tampoco encontró a su padre.

    By Miauricio Jimenez URL on 01.21.2019

  4. digit

    By Barros URL on 01.21.2019

  5. i don`t know what´s this!!! i´m novata!!!! HELPPPPP!!!

    By Barros URL on 01.21.2019

  6. I scan the room, I scan my brain. Just for anything intelligent tot say. Its been a stagnant time for thinking. The thoughts don’t flow as smooth, the wit, the process, its slower. Its the lack of stimulation. Repetitiveness.. its time to change. To make different.

    By Anya URL on 01.21.2019

  7. My eyes scanned the room. She was not there, I was certain. I was beyond certain. And yet… that there in the corner… that wisp of blue smoke, that glimmer of steel in the dark. What else, who else, could it be?

    By snowthatremembers URL on 01.21.2019

  8. We need to scan the Bible and scan our lives to make sure that we are close to God. Being close to God is everything in life and we need to spread the word. Scanning means to look over but we need to learn about God in a detailed way but we can still scan ourselves and see what needs improvement. We still need to not judge others when we are scanning them, God is the one and only true judge.

    By Gabe URL on 01.22.2019

  9. God can “scan” your mind for wrong doings or sins you’ve committed. He will always know what you have done and what you have though about. It is then your choice to decide if you want to address these things in prayer and ask for forgivness. When we have mental brokenness in our minds, we tend to shy away from God because we are scared or confrontation. It is your decision if you would like to address this mental “scan” of your mind state and face your problems head on.

    By Daniel Harrington URL on 01.22.2019

  10. sophia and her brother were home alone beacuse her mom and dad and baby sister were running earends

    By madison brooks on 01.22.2019

  11. sophia was putting her brother to sleep and about to go finish her work when she heard voices she heard them say theres nobody here and what they didnt know everybody was her this is the palace

    By madison brooks on 01.22.2019

  12. I will not be chewed up and sit out by a world of cynicism because I am left unconvinced by the sin that’s left within them. See, I never felt the utmost pain but I got close and the fact no one knows Is a damn shame. I am shamed, by history and race. I rage inside but I must sublimate. Because no one will have sympathy, I should have no platform, so I must compose myself and remain in good form lest I let cynicism into my heart and bid my optimism adieu as it departs.

    By Eric Harrell URL on 01.22.2019

  13. The scan was not good. So many things wrong they didn’t know where to start to try and fix me. I told them, just pick one and go. Something would be better than nothing. Time is short, and I need all I can get. I’m not done yet, here, or there.

    By Wes on 01.22.2019

  14. Scanning through a book is one of the ways you can have a grasp of what the book is contained. Scan also used in the medical world means to check in details what could be in a man or woman at a particular either to get the a

    By Oluwatosin Victoria Areo on 01.22.2019

  15. I have never gotten a CAT-scan but I think it might be cool. I think they are for your entire body to make sure you are doing okay.

    By Peighton on 01.22.2019

  16. look at the part of something carefully in order to detect some feature and the surface of the shape ,object or part of your body. To be the traversed by a detector or an electromagnetic.

    By Aaliyah Riggins URL on 01.22.2019

  17. Every time i get on my phone, my mom tells me to put it down, go outside, and scan the beautiful surroundings.

    By Micah Singleton on 01.22.2019

  18. After my fall i had to go to the doctor and get a X-ray scan. And it was broken but with a cast and a lot of weeks rest its all better.

    By Briana Jo Dailey on 01.22.2019

  19. I scanned the barcode on the lemons at the grocery store while trying to pay for my items.

    By Caroline on 01.22.2019

  20. once I scan this item would u like me tyo bag it? this is the most commen word a cashier can say, ik ik I cant spell. but at least I rote something

    By deann on 01.22.2019

  21. For some reason, I immediately think of funny scenes in movies where people use photocopiers to scan their bums. Maybe I am not cut out for this. Although, I would like to get past this page and scan the site to see how I feel about it.

    By H on 01.22.2019

  22. I scanned the words
    of one of my last posts.

    It was about my sister.

    I forgot how i used to think about her
    with rage red and hot

    now my feelings towards her have cooled
    and hardened a bit

    i no longer fear her

    I pity her and love her,
    at a far, far distance,

    where her words and actions lose their sting.

    By cosmic URL on 01.22.2019

  23. I scanned the airport for him. And nothing turned up.
    He had told me he would be here.
    He wasn’t.
    I was anticipating the let down.
    I scanned myself for my purpose. And nothing turned up.

    By Jennifer A. Weiss on 01.22.2019

  24. I scan the crowd for him. Fearful, yet hopeful at the same time. My heart skips a beat and I can’t tell if I’m terrified or excited. Things are confusing when people inflict so many different feelings on you in such a short period of time. He leaves me wanting more, yet regretting it every time.

    By Delaney on 01.22.2019