January 19th, 2019 | 20 Entries

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20 Entries for “stats”

  1. We looked at everything when it came to the championship brackets. We checked the rosters. We checked the stats. We checked both individual performance and team effort. And in the end, we had an idea of who would most likely head to the finals.

    “I’m just saying,” I told my buddies over a tankard of ale at Mox’s Tavern, “when you have experience as a dragon slayer, you’re gonna do well in the beast bouts. Especially when you’re a damn good swordsman.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.19.2019

  2. The stats being that which are factual, have happened. What it is going to be featuring is a whole integrated approach to one minute.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 01.20.2019

  3. I hate stats, they confuse me. I have numeric dyslexia so my memory for numbers is terrible. Tell me a stat and I’ll completely forget it within days, if not hours or minutes. Two years down the line I’ll completely mislead someone with some terribly inaccurate fact.

    By Deryn James on 01.20.2019

  4. Borning word which is on everyone’s mind if you run a business, website, hospital, accounting firm or the US Internal Revenue Service. What are the stats?

    By Pamela A Moore URL on 01.20.2019

  5. Después de revisar las estadísticas de vuelo, el piloto entendió que esta podía ser su última misión. Se ajustó el sombrero de capitán, se quitó el saco, tomó el comunicador y dijo a todos: Condenados, les habla su capitán.

    By Miauricio Jimenez URL on 01.20.2019

  6. They looked over the stats they just received regarding their new product testing. Results were beginning to look promising and they were confident that by the end of the year, a cure would be found at last. Janet impatiently watched as the last of the files loaded onto the disk then whisked away with it to her main research director. He needed to get this to the president of the company as soon as possible!

    By M Woolhouse on 01.20.2019

  7. Stats matter, the low voice from the other room sounded like she was keeping a secret. His whole life he was taught differently. Be your own person, don’t care what others think. Put your passion above the voices of the crowd. Now he hears the conversation from his parent’s room and it’s a different story.

    By GmaCis URL on 01.20.2019

  8. The stats given by the media officer is totally not correspondent to the actual occurrence.

    By iyanuoluwa akojiyan on 01.20.2019

  9. This is the accumulation of numbers which help us to relate and compare like items.

    By Darryl Smith on 01.20.2019

  10. I’ve taken 10 or more statistic courses in my career and what I’ve retained is the difference between mean, median, and mode. Also, the normal curve is engraved permanently in my brain. Did you know that honesty is distributed along the normal curve? About 2 percent of us are compulsively honest all the time. I had an exchange student who was like that. In six months, she never gave me a compliment. The last day, while she was getting a haircut, I went across the street, and found basically the perfect short-sleeved blouse. I put it on in, paid for it, walked back to the hair salon. My exchange student looked at me and said, “Hey, that’s a great blouse.” Then she reached out to touch the material, made a face, and said, “Oh, but I don’t like the material.” That’s compulsive honesty. One has to look no further than the White House for examples of compulsive dishonesty.

    By Joanna Bressler on 01.20.2019

  11. its an exam
    its easier than gcse and a levels
    its tests intelligence and skills
    its what everyone thinks will be the hardest test in their life

    By Shakira on 01.20.2019

  12. tim looked at the mess of sheets spread out in front of him. he picked up a disheveled, yet orderly pile. he looked at the numbers sprawled against them, and sighed, squeezing the brink of his nose. he really, really didn’t want to do this work. it was messed up to begin with, why would he wan to look at the numbers of people mercilessly murdered by his so called peers?

    By june on 01.20.2019

  13. I love stats for stats require facts and facts can be simple points of light. Light is so good because it blanches the darkness.

    By Billium on 01.21.2019

  14. She’s 16 and pregnant. He’s 17 and already has a rap sheet. They walk into a fancy department store together, too black, too young, their clothing too worn and generic. Security doesn’t know about her pregnancy or his rap sheet. But they’re black, young, and that’s enough to be monitored.

    By DarkJanuary URL on 01.21.2019

  15. Stats are lies. Well, some stats. Some stats are pretty hard to argue with. Like 100% of people will die. Or you have a 0 % chance of surviving until you’re 190. Some say I’m a glass half empty kinda guy.

    By Michelle_C on 01.21.2019

  16. Become the celtic,
    and relish,
    your own life,
    don’t let the Roman in your brain,
    leaving you in vain,
    hugs bring you up,
    and other’s close.
    Monkeys and humans,
    both know, that
    a tiny hug
    can bring a bit of glow,
    so let’s go,
    check to cheek,
    heart to heart,
    everyday’s valentines ,
    no need for sweet tarts.

    By Milad URL on 01.21.2019

  17. i dont know what the word stats means so idk what to write! i guess it means get me those papers stat? i dont know i guess thats right u tell me. oh well i got time, or give me the states on the war missles idk! or status repost on somthing

    By deann on 01.21.2019

  18. I took my stats home to show my mom.

    By Olivia Powell URL on 01.21.2019

  19. Stats is short for statistics. Statistics are a collection or organization of mathematical data. Usually used to measure social situations/problems or scientific data.

    By Alexandria on 01.21.2019

  20. it’s just another series of numbers
    a strictly straight non linear
    a cold case
    a lost debate
    it’s strange
    the pain
    remains unchanged
    no matter how much we analyze it
    stats keep coming back
    you’re the same

    By matt m on 01.21.2019