October 16th, 2013 | 93 Entries

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93 Entries for “scalp”

  1. This makes me think about a shampoo commercial and how they all say their product can help my scalp. It makes me think about washing my hair and getting my hair done.

    By Alexis on 10.16.2013

  2. He reached down, wrapping his hands in her hair before twisting cruelly and lifting her off the ground, her scalp screaming in protest. She clawed at his fingers, nails biting into his skin, but it was no use; his hold was firm and unrelenting.
    She’d never been more scared.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 10.16.2013

  3. william puts cigarettes out on the back of his palm;
    forearm tattoo that reads ‘grace’ and bicep that says ‘forever’,
    his step-father was a minister.

    in grade ten he set the janitor’s car on fire
    for molesting the freshman girls,
    he talks about ultimate respect
    and his own inadequacies.

    we both know he thinks too much
    and the hours between 5pm when we first meet
    and 2am when i become too cold
    are spent looking in mirrors of each other,
    testing sentences, saying ‘me too.’

    i think every person i’ve kissed is the one,
    me too.

    By robyn URL on 10.16.2013

  4. I reached over and touched her scalp. It seemed that even though she was dead, there was still some sort of heartbeat there. Not in her chest, not in her neck, but in her scalp. I clutched her head and held it close to mine as she took her last breaths.

    By Anonymous on 10.16.2013

  5. This word makes me think of how I absolutely love it when people run their hands through my hair. I love the feeling of my hair being played with and when people scratch my scalp.

    By Sarah S. on 10.16.2013

  6. I think about how I never want to be bald because I enjoy having hair. I also think about the act of scalping someone and how it used to be used as a sign of fear in Indian tribes.

    By Zach Ayala on 10.16.2013

  7. Scalp, hair. Healthy, shiny hair. That what it’s said in the commercial. So many products for hair only.
    Healthy hair is the goal. But how to choose from too many products on the store.

    By roze_princess on 10.16.2013

  8. I dont even know what scalp is because English is my second language so I mostly lack in vocabulary. But stil, I can write about it, scalp reminds me of Alps, and I know one day I’ll get to know the Alps,surely I will . On the other hand, scalp might be a verb. In that case, I’ll scalp in the Alps until I get bored and go and talk to him later. This guy I’m seeing right now, he’s just standing there, wondering about life. I know he is. Behind him there are the huge Alps but seriously, I dont care about them. I will speak tohim now.

    By Bianca on 10.16.2013

  9. If you were to shave my scalp, you would see the scars of my life. Then maybe you would begin to understand the story I might tell.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 10.16.2013

  10. Your head, under your hair, this is weird? I don’t understand this project….can the time please run out now?????

    By Brooke Shaddow on 10.16.2013

  11. I woke up, scratching my head. It was hurting a lot, so I was naturally concerned. As soon as I realised that it was not my hair that hurt, but my scalp, I began to get worried. What if I had scalp pneumonia or something?! So I ran to the doctor.

    By Hope on 10.16.2013

  12. My scalp is itchy. There are lice running around there,
    loose, building their own colonies, reproducing, drinking my blood.
    My hand rises up to my head, and my fingers bent: scratch, scratch,
    scratch. I look down, and there I see one of those pests who have
    been drinking my blood, turning me mad, consuming my soul. I near
    my hand to the table by my side, and scrape the lice on the edge.
    And then I watch it intently, gaze at the little dab of blood—my
    blood— smeared on the edge of that white, immaculately carved
    wooden . It stares at me, the lice, the parasite; but it’s dead I
    tell myself, but I can’t bring myself to believe it. I look away. I
    can feel it move. It is running, running down the table, diving
    onto the arm chair of the sofa I am seated on, and finally, at last
    it finds my arms. It’s tiny feet run across my bare skin, up my
    neck, and runs through the forest of my hair before reaching home
    again. Then I feel it again: scratch, scratch, scratch I hear as my
    fingers try to find it, kill it. But it drinks, and drinks, and my
    fingers leave my scalp without having murdered.

    By Aisha on 10.16.2013

  13. Flaky bits of skin peel off of Claire’s scalp and flutter to the ground like snow. She pretends not notice as she ties her hair up in a ponytail. She hasn’t had a shower in five days.

    By Iris URL on 10.16.2013

  14. She had a lot of photos on her wall, stars she had worked with, rivals, comrades, some enemies. All were, to her, scalps to hang from the belt of her career, steps up the ladder of success. People looked at that wall like it was her gallery of friends, her team, but to her it was a trail of victims in her campaign to the top.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 10.16.2013

  15. She ran her hands through his scalp in the morning haze, in between snooze alarms.

    He sighed.

    And sat up.

    But she was gone

    By Dtnixon on 10.16.2013

  16. The scalp is the skin covering a persons head, excluding the face. It can also mean to scalp a person.

    By NickTremaglio on 10.16.2013

  17. Her scalp was porcelain white, with only a few black hairs on it. I reached down and smoothed it lovingly, not believing that this treasure is really mine. The numerous phone calls, the aching feeling of waiting, the visit… It all led to this.

    This moment was mine, and finally, so was she.

    By chickadee99 on 10.16.2013

  18. I have a scalp. my hair flows from it. brown luscious curls drift in the wind. I cover my scalp with a hat or a headband sometimes.

    By Devon Peck on 10.16.2013

  19. “This should be interesting”, she said while running her fingers through her hair,
    the movement soothing to her scalp and relaxing to her mind. “Yes, interesting…”, she mumbled right before drifting off to sleep.

    By lee on 10.16.2013

  20. he pulled back the cloth, like a cherokee peeling back a scalp. eager as ever to see the contrasting reds and whites that hide like children under their blankets in the dark.

    By john on 10.16.2013

  21. Your scalp tingles
    And you’re scared
    But you embrace it

    What is it to them anyways?
    Have your fun
    Answer your cliches

    Be a clown

    It’s all fun and games.

    By Jamie URL on 10.16.2013

  22. I couldn’t look away from his scalp. It was very … scalpy? I guess. I can’t describe it but it’s bery clear in my head. Like the hair wasn’t the thing you notice it was his scalp. The skin was lighter than the rest of his pale face and his hair was just an accessory covering it up …

    By Scott on 10.16.2013

  23. You scratch your scalp.
    As the firetruck rushes by.

    You heard it’s bad luck
    and you’ve secretly always believed
    in something you’ll never know

    By Jamie URL on 10.16.2013

  24. The mother was staring at the scalp of the son she at this moment had once had. She was shocked, by the sheer brutality by which the events transcurred and how she had witnessed everything. The natives came in from the north, clapping and yelling, there was no time.

    By Juan Angel on 10.16.2013

  25. A head. A gruesome word, making me think of the separation of the skin on a head from the head itself. I also think tool, a doctor using it in surgery.

    By Devin Parker on 10.16.2013

  26. Scalps are amazing. If you really think about it. I mean, our hair grows from them! Without hair, we would freeze. In my opinion a scalp is much better than everyone thinks. No one ever talks about scalps at all!

    By Evie on 10.16.2013

  27. “Hey! Quit it!”
    She wouldn’t stop picking at me. She was on me like a monkey at the zoo. Yes, my scalp itched like crazy, but I didn’t need someone picking at my head like I couldn’t take care of it myself.

    By Alouette on 10.16.2013

  28. scalp itch,
    blue bottle, smiling man.
    restored confidence.
    i walk down the isle searching for a childhood shampoo with an eye and a watermelon scent.

    By Kairn on 10.16.2013

  29. And it was dark and cold and cruel. There was such innocence–such potential. All laid bare by the blunt blade of reality. The scalping took place just outside of normalcy.

    By Avonlea on 10.16.2013

  30. The native American looked around carefully for the pale-face. He was on a mission today. He was out for blood. The pale-face had attacked and scalped several of his friends and he wanted revenge. He cautiously crept forward, his heart beating fast as he looked for the recent signs that the pale-face was there.

    By Liyasha85 on 10.16.2013

  31. My scalp was so itchy. It felt like a million mosquito landed on it and forever endured the Spanish blood coursing through my veins. The bumps were so red and swollen, they looked like ripe tiny tomatoes.

    By bri on 10.17.2013

  32. Beneath the surface
    Lies all the answers
    to our questions
    Sex or no Sex
    Black or White
    Binary oppositions

    A cloud enters the picture, you are without

    By Jason Ohono on 10.17.2013

  33. i don’t know what the hell does that word even mean, what i do know is that it sounds like construction material, it is weird to think about that, maybe its just that my father is an architect or that i actually read it somewhere, which one of these two i will never know until i get myself a dictionary.

    By Daniel Diaz on 10.17.2013

  34. It itches. It itches so much. I feel it flake away under my fingernails when I scratch my head – see it, too, white and grey and grainy under my fingernails when I examine them. Mum says it’s a common condition, with a fancy name that I can never remember. It basically just means your scalp is dry, and annoying, and itches all the time.

    By EliseLawrence on 10.17.2013

  35. there are hair o the saclp . curly hai. brown hair , balck hair, ruff hair, silky hair, i love long staright hair on the scalp. some peopel have sweaty scalp. some have broad scalp. some have pimply scalp.

    By asna singh on 10.17.2013

  36. She looked towards the mirror, hesitant. Her hands grasped onto the razor blade, and she was nervous. She didn’t even realise that the blade had cut into the palm a little bit, and her hand started to bleed, staining the silver crimson. She raised the razor up to her scalp, and started to shave her hair off.

    By Lantern on 10.17.2013

  37. Who knew that a man’s scalp could be such a turn on. She ran her fingers across his bald head and she could feel her own body tingling.Her own reaction shocked her.

    By Tracey on 10.17.2013

  38. Her scalp tingled and itched from the coloring solution, but she gripped down on the armrests, resolved not to complain. Changing her hair from mousy brown to vibrant auburn was the first step in changing herself from boring Mae to exciting and alluring Audra.

    By mrsmig on 10.17.2013

  39. My head throbbed with unbearable pain, but energy and motivation still surged through me. I threw myself forward and my body met head on with the intimidating shield facing me. My opponent toppled helplessly to the blood-soaked earth. By this time my vision was beginning to grow blurry, more and more with each step. I trudged on, arrows and spears whizzing dangerously close to my vulnerable scalp. I could definitely feel the blood now, gushing uncontrollably from my head, trickling down my neck and arms. The overpowering odor was getting the best of me. Crying out, I crumpled to my knees and held my head in a firm grip, not caring about all the blood. I began to slowly stand up again, but something didn’t allow it of my weary body. A spear plunged into my side and blackness swallowed me whole.

    By Shnyder III on 10.17.2013

  40. I was struck yet again with a sadistic feeling, that rose throughout my spine and up towards my head. I was itching to scratch a dry reservoir of thick black hair but knew that I would fail to ever reach my goal. It was impossible.

    By Josh on 10.17.2013