October 16th, 2013 | 93 Entries

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93 Entries for “scalp”

  1. i think of indians and about the top of my head. its somewhat of a strange word to use and it has sort of a negative connotation to it.

    By jacob on 10.16.2013

  2. It all fell out of her scalp as silent and soft as snow falling out of a cloud.

    By Grace on 10.16.2013

  3. i think of someones head. I think of flakiness. Also uncleanliness. I think of hair. I think of my own hair and the the things i have to do to maintain it to be healthy. I think of good smelling conditioners for the hair.

    By Jessica Griffim URL on 10.16.2013

  4. Blood began to run down his scalp, caught by his eyebrows. “Hey when did I get this,” Clide wondered; but it was too late, he began to feel dizzy, his vision started to blur but somehow he could see a beautiful white light that made him feel golden inside. He collapsed to the ground searching for the light in a dream he would never awaken from.

    By Ryan G on 10.16.2013

  5. My scalp itched like mad. A family of lice had taken up residence the very day I arrived in the dugout, and they’d been increasing in number ever since.
    No matter what we tried – powder, dripping candle wax, even sticking our heads in water – nothing worked.

    By Angus Rose on 10.16.2013

  6. scalp. I think of a head. I don’t particularly like the word scalp. It makes me think of a dead person and they are having an autopsy on their body examining their scalp. hair comes from your scalp. It grows long and flowing.

    By Lexi Rosswog on 10.16.2013

  7. scalp
    itchy scalp
    you is gross,

    By wilma flinstone on 10.16.2013

  8. The scalp was red with blood. She couldn’t look at it. a hit like that to the head was enough to kill anyone. and she had killed him.

    By Cheyenne! on 10.16.2013

  9. I was at the beach and the sun was shining brightly. I didn’t wear a hat and I burnt my scalp. this made it itchy, and it started peelikng. there were white flakes getting in my hair and it looked like I had dandruff. my scalp wouldn’t stop itching. I was so embarrassed. I really wish I had worn a hat

    By Kelly on 10.16.2013

  10. It hurt, it was scary how much it hurt. Tears leaked from Elysa’s eye as she fruitlessly scrubbed at her scalp with her loofah. She had no idea what had been in that shampoo her brother had given her, but she knew it was something nasty, and she fully intended to pay him back for it. She wiped her eyes and sniffled.

    By Ivy on 10.16.2013

  11. My Scalp always itches when I’m nervous. It is almost like something i cant cure. The word scalp makes me want to puke. it s

    By Natheena on 10.16.2013

  12. Well when i hear the word scalp, the first thing that comes to mind is a surgeon using a tool to cut open someone’s head to perform surgery or what have you. With further thought, I begin to think about bald people and their shiny scalps. Also, 60 seconds is not long enough to let out all of my thoughts…

    By Scott Moss on 10.16.2013

  13. he held her face in his hands while he kissed her. his fingers touched her scalp and she shuddered. he backed off and looked down. “i’m sorry” he turned away and left.

    By Frede on 10.16.2013

  14. there are lots of things that scalp brings to mind. Indians of course. but more so, the top of things. Where all the information interacts with the inside of us but that we don’t pay attention to. We wash it out with shampoo. We think it’s dirty. We expunge the daily world from our scalp because we can’t process it. We can’t deal with it. And yet it’s in that stuff in the scalp from which the greatest ideas come.

    By Jason Thibeault URL on 10.16.2013

  15. Makes me think of confusion and wonder. It reminds me of someone scratching their head because they are confused. I think about someone really trying to think hard and discover a solution to their problem they may have.

    By Anna on 10.16.2013

  16. A shaved scalp was a scary thing. To Jane it looked like a deforested patch of earth. She tried not to look at the monk ahead of her, and clutched at her own waist-length brown, wavy hair.

    By Holden URL on 10.16.2013

  17. I heard about this guy in the hospital and he got his head scalped from a motorcycle accident

    By Mark skiles on 10.16.2013

  18. serial killer, head, hair, blonde, girls, boys, people, animals,

    By Kiersten on 10.16.2013

  19. skull cracks, fissures align
    along the nape of neck
    scars adorn
    the sockets depth
    cannot be fathomed
    by the humourless morn

    By fz URL on 10.16.2013

  20. The scalp is an interesting body part located on the top of your head. It holds people’s hair i think.

    By Ryan Hall on 10.16.2013

  21. It is on your head and it gets itchy if you dont wash it ever now and then. Reminds me of the Indians because they used to scalp people. Not a good thing to be scalped…

    By thepoomonger on 10.16.2013

  22. Bam Bam Bam
    I’m still not tired
    Bam Bam Bam
    I can keep going all night
    Bam Bam Bam
    Adrenaline fills my blood
    Bam Bam Bam
    The scalp is already open
    Its just a flesh wound
    Bam Bam Bam
    Its no longer squirming
    Bam Bam Bam
    The blood hits my t-shirt
    It’ll be difficult to clean it
    Bam Bam Bam
    Best night of my life

    By nicole on 10.16.2013

  23. Reminds me of the Indians and how they used to scalp people as a execution. Must of hurt pretty bad. Also if you dont wash it it gets itchy and no ones likes to be itchy.

    By EthanB on 10.16.2013

  24. scalp is a medical tool used for cutting flesh. it is painful when awake if the cut is deep. hopeful no one is awake when a scalp is being used on their body.

    By tcook on 10.16.2013

  25. My hair grows out of my scalp. It has gotten very long. Shampoo will clean the scalp, but an excess use of it will cause dryness. One time I was at the beach and i got sunburned really bad. Unfortunately the worst of it was on my scalp.

    By Brooke on 10.16.2013

  26. Jake was in love with Matt, but the thought of saying so made his scalp tingle. So Jake kept his mouth shut and kept his hat on, and didn’t say anything when Matt got to the altar. When Matt kissed the bride, Jake’s hair stood on end

    By Marie on 10.16.2013

  27. he ripped the last piece of his hair out by the scalp.
    “There:, said johnny. “That’s the last sign of my healthy life”.
    It had been two months since his diagnoses.
    We all knew it wasn’t going well even though he pretended to be strong.
    “Who needs hair anyway, huh?All it does is get dirty”. He laughs.
    For the first time in a long time I see him smile.

    By court on 10.16.2013

  28. “Listen here bitch, if you don’t tell me where the million ryo pot is at, I’ll scalp your pretty little head and dig for the answer myself.”

    By cueshma on 10.16.2013

  29. Indians used to scalp people back in the day. They would basically scrape all the hair off of your hair. I think it killed you also. Scalp is also part of your head where your hair is.

    By Alyssa duPont on 10.16.2013

  30. My scalp burns as she rips the hair off my head, tearing it out from the roots. Her screams are no longer decipherable, and now I’m fighting back mostly to keep myself alive. I don’t care about Mathew anymore. He means nothing to me as my instincts kick in and I fight for my life.

    By Iam Me on 10.16.2013

  31. The scalp dripped blood onto the pavement below. He clenched the dirty black strands in his fist, the other hand still clutching his knife. The smell of death rose up from the ground and engulfed him.

    By Kristin URL on 10.16.2013

  32. His dry scalp just kept flaking like little pieces of snow. It sprinkled all over the desk, leaving it for the next person to sit down in the disgusting mess. Lice would be worse, but dandruff isn’t that much better.

    By Sarah-chan URL on 10.16.2013

  33. I’m very nervous; I don’t know what to do say. “Uhm, hi, how are you?” I just don’t know what to say. My scalp hurts from all the nervous scratching I’m doing. I haven’t even walked up to him, and I’m already nervous.

    By Denise Watson on 10.16.2013

  34. this is the the top of someones head where their hair grows. i don’t know what else to say about this word.

    By emily on 10.16.2013

  35. They took their families, their wives, their loves, their youth. They took their heads as war medals. They took their humanity. They scalped them to shame them.

    By Megan D on 10.16.2013

  36. When it begins to tingle I think my brain is oozing out. It wants to get away from the scary thoughts my ears and eyes are writing in bold letters.

    By nannan URL on 10.16.2013

  37. My scalp is void of any hair. It is clean, beautiful. Cancerous.

    I walk outside, wondering when death will take me, seeing all these people.

    Alive. I die.

    By Aqil Najhan on 10.16.2013

  38. I scratched my scalp as I wondered; Was the fiery night sky just a figment of my bold imagination or was I really there in the present moment?

    By WhoisRGL on 10.16.2013

  39. I rubbed my scalp and picked out the minuscule things in there. They’d never bothered me. I always itched on my head. But apparently I wouldn’t be allowed to board this ship even in the shabbiest quarters with these little critters living in my hair. Something must be done.

    By Outsider on 10.16.2013

  40. Scalps are disgusting. It makes me itch just hearing, and or seeing the word scalp. I think of scabs. And old ladies with itchy wigs. Okay I’m done with this subject.

    By kk on 10.16.2013