October 11th, 2013 | 79 Entries

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79 Entries for “scale”

  1. the scale is unbalance and im trying my hardest
    the scale is unbalanced has anyone noticed

    i ignore the scale because it tells me im not okay
    but what can i do when theres no where to run away

    the scale whispers its all your fault
    the scale whispers its not in the stars

    but what can i do where theres no where go
    i ask the scale if theres anything i can do

    the scale tells me i need to balance it out
    i know all of the answers but my desires are deep

    deep inside of my core and i want to tear them apart

    By Lola on 10.11.2013

  2. Scale as in a dragon scale. Once there was a dragon named George he had green scales, he hade beautiful scales. So beauitiful the king wanted them, so the king sent hunters out to kill the imfamous George. However their efforts were futile and George survived the many atempts and lived a long life. When George died hundreds of years later his scales had aged and turned a milky brown ruining their beauty. But to this day even deceased the kind wants Georges infamous scales that shine brightly in the sun and gleam with beauty.

    By Regina on 10.11.2013

  3. the scale is tipping, tipping over the edge, edge of sanity, sanity is all relative. I dont know how to balance those scales they keep tipping.

    By Regina on 10.11.2013

  4. Susie stepped on the scale and saw she’d gained another five pounds. So much for the new diet this week. She wanted so desperately to loose twenty five before her wedding.

    By just a girl on 10.11.2013

  5. I wish you would have weighed your options more precisely. I wish you would have guessed the outcome, and understood that I would be effected also. That this isn’t just about you. I love you anyways, I just wish the scale would have tipped more, in my favor. As selfish as it sounds… No. As selfish as it is… its the heavy truth that weighs on my mind everyday that you’re not here. Everyday that you pretend you don’t care, I do. And I won’t stop. I cannot cease and desist from wondering why you decided to leave in such a hurry as this.

    By brandi on 10.11.2013

  6. Soft or firm – a mystery. Like platemail, one would expect the edged harshness, the cold glint of steel. But to touch, to press, they fold – malleable like wire or molten metal, rippling atop a mesh of beating hearts and muscles.

    By Alex on 10.11.2013

  7. I wish I was a fish underwater
    no teeth, no claws
    or words that could hurt her
    I wish I was a smaller thing of burden
    just following…just following

    Scales today, silver bream,
    red blush creeps against my fin
    I breathe in the sea and slide past
    the message trapped in glass.

    By fz URL on 10.11.2013

  8. On a scale of 1 to 10, your an 11. You might not realize the level of magnitude you have, but that’s ok. It’s what amplifies you more than you’re willing to give yourself credit. It’s like that distant crackle of thunder…it becomes like rolling music to my ears. You just get stronger the more I listen. And really, is that so awful? The short answer is: no.

    By Intuition on 10.11.2013

  9. Women crush their mirrors from a bathroom accessory, a health necessity. A triple-digit number on a scale.

    By Mr. Sunflower on 10.11.2013

  10. a scale is used for maryjane, the more she weighs the merrier. scales also represent a number society takes far too seriously in today’s day and age. it’s quite sad, and makes me dislike people a lot. skinny hate fate hate hate hate hate, that’s all people are full of these days.

    By Jeane Pantheropis on 10.11.2013

  11. Scales are something that lie….scales are to be avoided because they do not show YOU. Scales on my feet…scraping the floor like sandpaper. Scales show a journey through life…unfinished and unrefined. Scales are to protect me from bitter words.

    By Katie MacBitchy URL on 10.11.2013

  12. On a scale of one to ten, this was the absolute LAST thing Lillian wanted to do today. She grumbled as she woke up and put on her layers of jackets and scarves and donned her boots and gloves, glaring at Merlin the entire time.

    “Why do we have to outside in this weather?

    By Lilly on 10.12.2013

  13. start from that scale, that you are a topographical map where no locations can be matched
    you are a minute maid commercial without a pause button
    you are hoping that someone else will take the plane but it’s just not true
    there is nobody else but you
    in this moment
    on this day
    you have dragon scales that nobody can wipe clean
    but underneath them may be gold
    so dig

    By Anthony Ross - on 10.12.2013

  14. One step from here to freedom, and one loose brick to send me back down into my punishment. That’s the thought that’s kept me from scaling those low walls. Even with the hellish prison reality, I can’t seem to overcome my fear of failure. I toss at night thinking about it, pick at my skin and it chips off. Turns out I’m as slimy as they claim.

    By Eric Harrell on 10.12.2013

  15. a scale is a system a manifesto either in its physical state as a ladder or a flight of stairs or a scale to weigh things or even a musical scale it is a set of rules by which you abide if you choose to use it.

    By Jrjazmy URL on 10.12.2013

  16. Love is not defined by amount, or measurement.
    Well, it is, but it shouldn’t be.

    Love is about the person. Or rather, the people. It’s an amazing thing, and should never be measured in any form.

    By Keira on 10.12.2013

  17. Gravity
    Don’t mean too much to me,
    I’m who I’ve got to be
    These pigs are after me
    After you

    Run away
    like it was yesterday
    and we could run away
    if we could run away
    run away from here

    I’ve got a bulletproof heart
    you’ve got a hollow-point smile
    me and a runaway
    got scars in the photograph
    dream on the getaway mile

    By Keira on 10.12.2013

  18. sacle is my most useful object nowadays coz its my twelth class maths board exam! simple as though it may sound to use, the harder it is1

    By muskaan on 10.12.2013

  19. I could rate myself from a scale of 1 to 10. I am a ten because I believe that rating yourself is like knowing yourself thoroughly.

    By Eloisa jane ragsac URL on 10.12.2013

  20. On the scale, I cry. I am worthless. Stupid. Weak, Greedy. Stepping off the scale, I smile. I am powerful.

    By P.J. on 10.12.2013

  21. Time is always measured on a scale, however people don’t seem to take into consideration how more than one person can measure time for themselves. Some people are much more selfish than others when it comes to time, especially time for themselves or for those they care about. Or for their own personal needs. It’s a delicate thing, keeping balance of the scale of things. Yet some people can never quite perfect it for themselves or others at all.

    By connor on 10.12.2013

  22. She scaled the giant stone lizard. Reaching, grasping, slipping and catching, she slowly made her way to its ferociously depicted ornate head. Inside its mouth was a single lizard’s scale. She snatched it out.

    “This is a genuine scale”, she announced, “Proving there were giant lizards back then. That is, assuming this is to scale.”

    By Land of Dave URL on 10.12.2013

  23. I used my brand new electric scales to measure out the plain flour. I sifted it carefully to ensure that there would be no clumps in my fancy to melting middle chocolate pudding. Everything had to be perfect for the dinner party tonight, for our special announcement.

    By joff URL on 10.12.2013

  24. The scale of justice is one that is supposed to be or truth, but it, as of now, is dredged in a malignant tar of opinion and bribery. Stained in the people’s eyes. The public’s eye. Our eyes.

    By Matilda URL on 10.12.2013

  25. The scale today says 135 last week it said 125
    I light it on fire.

    scaly thorns poke through the rough patches of my skin.

    By B.Crazy on 10.12.2013

  26. The lines don’t match up. I stare from the scene to my paper. No. Something is off. I erase and erase but it’s all out of context, all off scale. Grotesque and wild and unreal.

    By audrey on 10.12.2013

  27. Your head does not scale up to your body (or vice-versa), and you die.
    Your heart does not scale up to your head (or vice-versa), and you die.
    Your life does not scale up to your dreams (or vice-versa), and you die.
    You yourself do not scale up to expectations (or vice-versa), and.. yes, you die.

    These events are not correlated. Everyone dies.

    By THEY_HAVE_EELS on 10.12.2013

  28. I watch as the scale moves down with the more weight I put on it. My mom comes in the room and sees me. “I TOLD YOU NOT TO TOUCH MY SCALE AGAIN!” Screams my mom,
    “I’m sorry I just” I start,
    “Enough! Give me that!” Says my mom snatching it away from me,

    By Meankat38 on 10.12.2013

  29. It depends what you appreciate, what matters to you. It is your own personal scale and no one else can tell you when it is balanced.. And at times, you don’t even aim for balancing acts, but set it off purposely. You know your own balance and yet violate against it. Because you like it.

    By happyrabbit on 10.12.2013

  30. we weighed the damn thing. We all guessed that it would come in at about 400 pounds. We had never imagined we could land a fish that big. Jim thought that there was another bi

    By Lee on 10.12.2013

  31. He had been working too hard. A nervous breakdown was on the cards unless he found a way to scale down his work load.

    By Alexandra on 10.12.2013

  32. It doesn’t matter

    She said as she continued to stare at the number

    I wish it didn’t matter

    She whispered

    By Grace on 10.12.2013

  33. The fish scales pattered onto the floor as Dad cleaned the bass. It was a decent size, better than I’d hoped, but still only a few mouthfuls to feed a hungry family of five. “We’ll do better tomorrow,” Dad said. “We have to.”

    By mrsmig on 10.12.2013

  34. Sometimes I think about the scale of the world, and how we could just be an inch-sized galaxy in proportion to the infinity beyond us. It really sets thing into perspective.

    By Genevieve on 10.12.2013

  35. Scale is related to math or to weight. I love math so I think of scale as in numbers and inequalities. Weight is also measured by scales. I don’t really believe in using one because I think it makes people paranoid.

    By Molly on 10.12.2013

  36. you smile like youre fighting a battlefields worth of trauma and resistant face muscles to get there

    your lips like a blade, your brows knit like a noose

    you smile jagged and fierce and weathered

    like you dont deserve to

    like youve got something to prove

    By h. b. on 10.12.2013

  37. The girl looked down at the numbers on the scale. Not skinny enough. She was never a low enough weight to be satisfied. She would never be pretty and perfect and happy. She was fat and useless, standing at 98 pounds and all she wanted to do was curl into a ball and cut the fat out of her. She wanted it gone, wanted to be free from this nightmare. She wanted to be happy again.

    By Lilly on 10.12.2013

  38. This large scale phenomenon. Nonsense. I cannot grasp how we, as people, have let this go so far. I’m sorry. I’m sorry from all of us.

    By Heather URL on 10.12.2013

  39. Heavy

    I need to stay away from the scale.
    I can’t go on torturing myself.

    I shouldn’t have had that slice of cake last night.

    I can’t wear a bikini.

    It feels like I am going insane every time I look in the mirror.

    By Iris URL on 10.12.2013