October 11th, 2013 | 79 Entries

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79 Entries for “scale”

  1. The dragon flew through the air and rained fire down upon the village. They cowered and fled as death came to them. But of all of the frightened people who scurried like rat to their demise, one stood above the rest. He drew his gleaming sword and held it out to the dragon.

    By Patrick on 10.11.2013

  2. is an awesome thing. maybe not for everyone and i dont like it a bunch either, but it’s good toi check your weight once in a while, heh? i like it when my weight is smaller and that’s totally normal because i’m fatt. usually fate people are nice, but this rule doesnt imply on me – im not nice at all. pretty muich the opposite. maybe that’s because i’m stupid., quite literally. although they haven’t put me to a hoispital yet. but im pretty sure they soon will

    By cj on 10.11.2013

  3. “I never gave you much to go off of. You always seemed to know the way, like perfectly planned chapters of a book you had never read before. But when i did speak, you listened. Intently. Not a sound could be heard as you weighed out your options and weeded through the many words that streamed from my subconscious, as you plotted the path and prepared your wings for flight.”

    By Kevin on 10.11.2013

  4. On a scale of one to ten, the pain is up to twelve. I can’t use a scale to define the fire burning up and down my right leg. I wish I could remember how and why it happened, but there’s nothing but static in my brain right now, and no matter how much I can try to twist the knob in my lobe, I’m not picking up any stations. Just put me on as many painkillers as possible and send me on my way – I don’t want to recall anything. I don’t even want to recall my own name.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.11.2013

  5. The peak was in sight. All the work, all the sacrifice would be worth it if we could just reach the peak. To look out onto the horizon and be done with it. They would be memorialized.

    By CoconutPeaches on 10.11.2013

  6. It weighted down as she stood over it. One Two. Three. her eyes closed quickly in a squint as it reached past 150lbs.

    By Maia on 10.11.2013

  7. He scaled the wall, gripping each piece of stone that jutted out for his taking. He was going to make it. To the very top. No one was going to stop him. He would find a way. This was his destiny – to climb to the very top.

    By Alouette on 10.11.2013

  8. It weighted down as she stood over it. One Two…Three. She closed her eyes in a squint as it read past 150lbs. No…please. She gasped in desperation as images of skinny girls in bikinis flashed through her mind. No.

    By RoseScarf on 10.11.2013

  9. His scales sparkled iridescently in the sunlight, silver and blue, like the ocean he came from. I placed my hand underneath the crystalline water to touch him

    By Kristina on 10.11.2013

  10. Long ago a fat man named Ugly Joe Bob used a scale to measure his weight. The scale broke and Ugly Joe Bob cried out, “wabba wabba!”

    By Samuel Aaron McCoy on 10.11.2013

  11. I jumped up on the scale and awaited an answer of sorts. “Would I be okay?” I thought to myself silently. The red arrow wiggled until I stopped at 140. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

    By Jillian on 10.11.2013

  12. The scale was small. Not by any one else’s standards, mind you. But small. The boy could barely stand on it as his father stood next to him. The boy looked sad, for he feared that he wouldn’t learn to ask the tall man how to do things the right way.

    By Unity on 10.11.2013

  13. People obsess about scales. They step on them every day, counting their calories and being careful about what they eat. I say fuck it. Eat what you want before you can’t. Don’t over do it, but don’t under do it either.

    By Andrea on 10.11.2013

  14. Stepping onto it, it hurts, like shards of glass. I want to ask, what do you have for me today? The same as yesterday, I hope. Or less. Not more, if you have more, give it to someone else. I don’t mean to threaten you, but I might not come back tomorrow if that is the case. I can’t go on like this, this relationship is not healthy for either of us. You get stepped on all the time and I constantly get disappointed.

    By wendybel URL on 10.11.2013

  15. I looked down at the numbers. No lower. No higher. That’s wasn’t okay with me. I was still 125 pounds and no where near where I wanted to be. I wasn’t happy with me, which is a sick understatement. In all honesty, I was doing everything I could possibly do to reach a goal: paper thin. But somehow, I just wasn’t there yet and no one but me seemed to care.

    By Outsider on 10.11.2013

  16. “This is fully to scale?” I asked, leaning in to take a closer examination of the model.
    “Yes, ma’am. One one thousandth,”
    She nodded. “It looks good. Though the colors through here,” she pointed to the southernmost district, “Are all wrong. House Tarquis’ colors are turquoise and gold, not glaucous and citrine,”
    He inclined his head, making a small note on his smartphone.
    She circled the model once more. “And House Garin’s emblem is a panther black not a leopard,”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 10.11.2013

  17. Thunder roared at a scale I hadn’t experienced in years. The dark clouds rolled in, and the river breached its banks. Sam looked over at me and cried out

    By zak on 10.11.2013

  18. Scale back. How big? What’s the scale? Why do fish have scales? Have you got on the scales lately? Why don’t greengrocers and supermarkets have scales for you to weigh your fruit and vegies?

    By Paul Eveleigh on 10.11.2013

  19. The scale was heavy. I didn’t know what it was for, but I was told to deliver it to his house. I’m scared. Maybe it’s to weigh my body after it’s dead. Maybe it’s a scale to weigh drugs? My imagination is running wild over this simple scale.

    By Courtnie Clemmons on 10.11.2013

  20. i hate the scale… but i visit it every day

    By winjes on 10.11.2013

  21. On my way to the pharmacy I walked passed Sarah, an old high school friend. She is one of the most carefree and cheerful person’s I have ever known.

    As she walked past, she smiled and waved at me but I hid in my shell and ignored her like some self-important douche bag instead. At that moment the scales fell from my eyes and I realized that I am indeed, alone.

    By cueshma on 10.11.2013

  22. The following is a timeline of my life. It will sound echoey and look surreal, like LED lights splashed across the inside of a glass tunnel. Not to scale. There are parts which I run through with my eyes closed, because I don’t want to see the memories on the walls. And there are parts I will linger, my hands on the glass, watching my own past like it’s an aquarium. This is all true: it’s just not to scale.

    The second time I stood before the time machine, I almost didn’t go in. It had only one setting. It would send me back to my youth, when I was ten years old. I didn’t know how, but my life was a closed timelike loop. The footsteps approaching me were the same as the footsteps that had approached me in the alternate history one loop before. The tunnel was circular, and no matter how I ran through it, I would end up staring again at the same wall of memories.

    #dailycreate #tdc641

    By Holden URL on 10.11.2013

  23. down push weight shown shows up down anything measure different
    blank electric pick truth opinion

    By robin on 10.11.2013

  24. I look at the scale and groan. 99 pounds too many, I think. I wipe the water dripping from my eyes and step off of the plastic thing below my feet. It’s not fair how somepeople can be smart and skinny and beautiful. I’m a whole 99 pounds and I’m still not skinny or pretty, what’s the point in life anymore.

    By Kailey on 10.11.2013

  25. The news of his death shook people on a worldwide scale. Crowds gathered at his home, and at other places where he would be remembered. For a while the world cried.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 10.11.2013

  26. The dragon had sharop scales that hert if you tutch them. The dragon alsow had sharp talins that can rip you apart. The dragon alsow has good hearing . He can here you from a mile away. The dragon can kill many people at one time. They can be verry silent or verry loud.Your only advanteg is the dragon dose not have verry good eye site.

    By Emmalee on 10.11.2013

  27. measure the meek
    which is more weak
    how many will fail
    check the dirty scale

    By Aley on 10.11.2013

  28. Ha. Cannot escape. The balance of imperfection. Why do you mock me? Why did I cram my scale into my carry-on and lug it with me across the country?

    By Saylor on 10.11.2013

  29. His skin was peeling off in great, blistering sheets. It reminded her of a day, almost forgotten with the advancement of time. She had only been a little girl then, gazing in awe at the petting zoo python sensuously coiling its body around her thin arms. It had felt cool against her warm-blooded skin, all flickering tongues, smooth scales, and curious unblinking eyes. She had giggled as it nuzzled into the warmth of her neck. When the woman handling the snake had unwound it from her, she explained how snakes shed their skin.
    “But why?” she had asked, eyes wide and head full of images of losing one’s flesh.
    “Some things need to be lost in order for us to grow.”

    By WearyWater URL on 10.11.2013

  30. o god
    you’re such a
    such a
    you’ve got me by each-
    a wish.
    scale down to a penny,
    the copper will melt for me, upon
    you and everything.

    By Hayden on 10.11.2013

  31. He took the rock out of his bag, examining it carefully as he did. He had spent hours staring it but somehow found himself doing this every time. He placed it carefully on the scale.

    By Dylan on 10.11.2013

  32. Weigh things. Place things in order. Music. Notes. River Song. Doctor Who. Hitler. Regeneration.

    By brennen kowtko on 10.11.2013

  33. when you think about it, everything starts out small. even love begins from small, mundane things or events that you wouldn’t think twice about. so, to go after what you want, why not start now, start small? let it grow big in the long run.

    By nyaaawn on 10.11.2013

  34. Jenny was sad when she looked at the scale. Noticing her weight upset her. No matter how many pounds she tried to lose she just couldn’t. All the kids made fun of her at school, which upset her even more. As she looked at her naked body in the mirror she saw her cuts, and she began to cry. She was breaking down and falling apart and no one was there.

    By Tracey on 10.11.2013

  35. she stared down at the scale with building anxiety, a strangled gasp falling from her lips as she read the number. she hadn’t lost any weight; after two weeks of struggling and wishing and praying and hoping, she was still at that dreadful number. she closed her eyes and backed against the wall, cursing the scale and the world around her.

    By stori on 10.11.2013

  36. i looked up at the building rising high above me. i dared not look down as i had felt the unpleasant rush of vertigo before. i must keep climbing. i imagined i was hanging from a jungle vine, seconds from snapping. if i didn’t hurry, hurry then it would snap and i would plummet. my arms and legs moved in a rhythm, but i dared not let my mind get lazy in case i forgot a step and that too sent me plummeting to my death. i was metres from the top and when i felt an unusual tug in the ropes.

    By mandi on 10.11.2013

  37. I hate having a scale in my bathroom

    By Ms. Dillard on 10.11.2013

  38. he could make my body new in white cloth;
    but i will not stand before a minister for anything, not even for his bearing of witness

    (and so they say, lord, for everything a reason –)
    autumn was for whiskey
    and every shot i took was aimed at your rocky mountain spine,

    By robyn URL on 10.11.2013

  39. I stepped onto the scale without thinking, my heart pounding. I didn’t want to look down at the number I knew would disappoint me. Me and everyone else, especially the boy sitting outside the doctor’s office waiting for me to come out.

    I just closed my eyes instead, and waited for the nurse to fill out the information. I knew that she could see my embarrassment and my fear.

    By CaiJo URL on 10.11.2013

  40. On a scale of one to ten; ten being the worst, the pain was at twenty. Holy hell, how could anyone live through this? How could she live through this? How did women back in the day deal with it? They didn’t have pain medicine or anything. Hell, most of them even had more than one child. How and why would anyone put themselves through this even once?

    “One more push,” a nurse said in a simpering voice. The woman swore that if the bitch ever came close to her hands or feet there would be a great pain brought down upon her.

    With one final scream the child was finally out. Now she got to look forward to a life of discovery and a neutered husband.

    By FairyNiamh on 10.11.2013