October 10th, 2013 | 92 Entries

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92 Entries for “easygoing”

  1. Rafa is really easy to get a long with. He is a considerate and kind young man.

    By Kim on 10.11.2013

  2. free person who loves to be with people, talk with people and get along with them while enjoying anything because they appreciate things as they are together. A person who is easygoing makes friends the most.

    By Eloisa jane ragsac URL on 10.11.2013

  3. I’m easygoing, he told me. I’m so laid back I’m almost horizontal.

    By mrsmig on 10.11.2013

  4. someone who can catch up and communicate to other people very quick. the person who can do whatever he wants or wishes to do.

    By jazzel on 10.11.2013

  5. She’s so easy.
    That was the sentence that often accompanied her name. She had many lovers, and she saw nothing wrong with that, but many people saw it as her being too easy to fight for. She saw it as being easygoing in a romantic way.

    By Katie Wright on 10.11.2013

  6. a person who always agrees with everything. I’m like that. Going to get in trouble like this…

    By Carolina URL on 10.11.2013

  7. there are only two kinds of people
    who can smile from ear to ear

    – children who have yet to lose anything
    – adults who have nothing left to lose

    By h. b. on 10.11.2013

  8. Going with the flow is soothing, but risky. What adventures may fall into your lap when you are easygoing around may be wonderful or they may be bland. Whether or not this way of living is better than a more proactive lifestyle is quite undefined and unclear.

    By zoe URL on 10.11.2013

  9. She laid her head back in the grass. The wind rustled the strands of her hair, letting them fly freely over her face. She sighed, a long, deep, drawn-out breath that seemed to contain all the world in it. She closed her eyes, letting the sun shine through her eyelids. Some day, it felt good to just let all her problems go.

    By Nocturnus URL on 10.11.2013

  10. this is so me at times. i mean sometimes i like to take me by the adrenaline but careful at times and hey, the results are always unexpected yet always FUN. it brings whats not sometimes not you and you’ll either like or despise it but eventually you’ll accept that’s its part of you. blah whut am i saying. :P

    By CLARRU URL on 10.11.2013

  11. drifting on the wind.
    mindless, no goal.
    dying leaves seem cheerful
    in their red shrouds and fleeting ways.

    By Kairn on 10.11.2013

  12. She was always unsure what to consider herself. Was she exciting to be around? Too noisy? Too quiet? Did she make people laugh – really laugh? But everyone else knew. She was comfortable – she made them feel accepted and loved and gave them everything they needed, like she constantly had her arms wrapped around them.

    By mary URL on 10.11.2013