October 1st, 2021 | 5 Entries

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5 Entries for “scale”

  1. it’s used to measure your weight . You can buy online or in stores. I can be made by glass or wood

    By larissa on 10.02.2021

  2. tipping point
    the scale weighs the Hefty hearing
    the incompatible inevitability
    fingers don’t work
    mind is a soda jerk
    tipsy tipping the forever forgotten
    the forge ahead blues
    with nothing to look forward to

    By matty m on 10.02.2021

  3. scale is a method of weighing your self It can measure your body weight or measure other qualities of your character.Yuo can scale down time of exercise you do or increase it. Scale down how much you eat, study, jog ,spend with family.

    By isobel URL on 10.02.2021

  4. gteDskHNuKOc

    By UrhCORdync URL on 10.03.2021

  5. A scale can tell us so much.
    how much do I weigh
    how things relate
    from ancient times to now
    we always need a measure

    By Steve Wilson on 10.03.2021