September 22nd, 2021 | 11 Entries

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11 Entries for “aging”

  1. Is a once in a lifetime opportunity that we should cherish and share what we’ve learned and take away peace and happiness%. Every experience has led us got his spot today. I am grateful for everyday and every birifsy since it means another day to live life

    By ERIN AREYAN on 09.22.2021

  2. i would like not to age anymore. I feel how old I already am, the bones hurting, the eyes heavier each die, my body eating itself and diying

    By ziro on 09.23.2021

  3. Aging isn’t easy. As much as I value the idea of the knowledge gained over time, I don’t relish gravity’s effect on my body. But, what’s more important, the mind or the body?

    By Nadine on 09.23.2021

  4. “Leave it to me. Everything will be alright.”
    She said…
    But that was ages ago.
    Standing here at the headstone.
    A monument to the woman who once was…

    By All Mixed Up URL on 09.23.2021

  5. I think aging can be considered a beautiful thing. People always stress about aging, including me. I hate seeing the grays on top of my head and I’m only 23! My life is just getting started! But as i grow and age i realize its wonderful. I am building more meaningful connections with others and i can’t wait to see what my future holds.

    By Lye on 09.23.2021

  6. She is 37, but still feels like 20. A few white hairs. A couple creases in the skin. When she looks in the mirror, it seemed not a day had passed. She’s tougher now than when she was 20. Scrappier. Angrier. Tired.

    By Shawnee Randolph URL on 09.23.2021

  7. aging

    By QUTUBUDDIN on 09.23.2021

  8. Aging is caging
    the ever-young mind
    the sprightly body
    the well-oiled brain
    Aging is raging
    against diseases
    once dormant in DNA
    now appearing
    like weeds choking
    beautiful garden blooms
    unto death

    By Hope on 09.24.2021

  9. rgjmTtWHvbPLk

    By KOJYusTvBMdRt URL on 09.24.2021

  10. growing in wisdom and beauty. giving back for all given to us earlier in our lives. growing wrinkles like tree bark!! far-seeing vision, more than the near-sightedness of younger years. grace of movement in the world. so much more love to give!

    By Margaret on 09.24.2021

  11. ugh again
    i do not want to think about aging
    i want to be 4 ever youthful
    never to grow and get wrinkly.
    no way
    who would want to be old when u can cleanse and become lighter than ever before and ascend into higher dimensions

    By lila URL on 09.24.2021