October 6th, 2021 | 10 Entries

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10 Entries for “agent”

  1. UvSNCiaLxG

    By ahIZEUrBRvKj URL on 10.06.2021

  2. My house agent never showed me good houses. Until one day I was shown a place. When I entered the bedroom, it spoke to me like a friend. I knew I had to be here.

    By Kashyap on 10.07.2021

  3. The world is the finest place. Where there is a lot of beautiful life here, I wanted to meet everyone in life.

    By kriti tiwari on 10.07.2021

  4. He was a secret agent and I saw him attack the spy from the other side. Wow I have never seen anything like it! I love watching movies in the theater. Why don’t we go more often? I aspire to be an agent like him when I grow up! You too?

    By Heidi on 10.07.2021

  5. I’m searching for a flat in Bombay, I called few agents. Where few didn’t help me but few offered a good furnished flat in Andheri. I’m happy to get the nice cute appartmet

    By kriti tiwari on 10.07.2021

  6. He was a well known agent worldwide. He can have whatever he wants at the snap of a finger. Yet, he was dejected. What was bothering him ?

    By abcd on 10.07.2021

  7. It was just an agent to catalyze the reaction. But the resulting gas was poisonous and spread like wildfire. The secret agents had to stop the gas from spreading all over the city. But how?

    By xyz on 10.07.2021

  8. Yo, Agent 99, hand me my phone.
    It’s on your right foot, Agent 86.
    I knew that, Agent 99.
    Then why did you ask, Agent 86?
    It was a competency test, Agent 99.
    Proving you’re a dolt, Agent 86?
    Yes. No! Obviously not.

    By Hope on 10.07.2021

  9. I used to use travel agents, or my parents did when I was a kid. I realize everything is so self-service now, but I really think we’ve lost something. Next time we’re planning a trip, I’m using a damn agent. Let someone else figure out the details, let go of control a little, just show up and trust.

    By Rachel on 10.07.2021

  10. I didn’t know where I was going, I just knew I had to keep moving. I wasn’t sure if the agent clocked me, but I clocked him and I wasn’t going to wait around to find out. I quickly whisked between the pedestrians in the crowded street, making sure to bob and weave, duck occasionally. Eventually, I turned into a little cafe and turned just to see the sunglasses-glad agent pass by, oblivious of my exodus from the street.

    By Bee on 10.08.2021