August 29th, 2012 | 251 Entries

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251 Entries for “salvation”

  1. It’s okay, you know? All this life and time and rememberance… It’s like repentance and penetance and hell and heaven and life and time all rolled themselves up into one sweet, sticky, overfrosted cinnamon bun and no one even knows it but you, and, suddenly, you’re saved. There isn’t enough space in this universe to hold your joy at knowing that you have a chance for tomorrow, a chance to meet the people you haven’t met yet, to fall in the loves you haven’t yet grown to love or hate, a chance to grow into something more than what you are, and this is hope, and these are dreams, and it’s so much more than you ever imagined. Salvation. Yours. And tomorrow’s going to be so much more than fine.

    By Audrey on 08.30.2012

  2. Salvation army, stomp, stomp, stomping across the earth. Give me. Gimme. Mine. Bring me your huddled masses; I’ll wrap them up in red cross bandages and sell them back out to the vultures to devour. Sailing seas and drowning out the human in us all. Such grateful consumers and we, we are the deliverers of all. We are the salvation of all.

    By Alyssa on 08.30.2012

  3. My salvation was soon to come, they said. They continue to say it, even though they have already lost. They try too hard to keep their pride when they really have none left to keep. They have lost beyond recognition and it will stay that way as long as I live, my children live, my grandchildren and all my generations to come.

    By umbazachika on 08.30.2012

  4. Salvation makes me think about the salvation army, a place for less fortunate people to go and shop for things they might like. Salvation reminds me of god, and the old times. I don’t really know for sure what salvation even means. Maybe, giving up a part of your life and making it better? Or something else. I’m not sure. I think salvation is a beautiful word.

    By Megan on 08.30.2012

  5. I couldn’t think of a better time to use this potion. The sisters said to save it for a dire situation and this looked about as dire as it was going to get. I didn’t even know what it was meant to do but, I opened the bottle drank it’s contents, wished for the best and slammed the remainder on the floor. FLASH!

    By Ruben URL on 08.30.2012

  6. As fast and quietly as she could, she slid the chair across the kitchen and climbed up to where the pot boiled on the stove. She lifted the lid and looked inside. The lobster stared back, pleading for her to hurry. Now! Joannie pushed her sleeve up and plunged her arm into the water.

    By penny dreadful on 08.30.2012

  7. Again faster, Again harder
    This is my church,
    Sweat through my pains,
    Everyday I see the next hurdle,
    Everyday I pass my last,
    This is my Salvation…

    By Mahatma on 08.30.2012

  8. I have been a Christian since sixth grade and that has defined my life. I have been saved by Jesus Christ through the most ultimate salvation a human being can go through. I am reminded day by day what that means to me and how much Jesus needs to be a part of my life. I love him and am so grateful for him.

    By Shannon on 08.30.2012

  9. Her salvation turned out to be having grandchildren. After all she had been through she came out the other side because there were 2 little ones who needed her. She thought life was over but grandchildren made all the difference. Salvation? Yes!!

    By Lynette on 08.30.2012

  10. When man finds peace within, he finds salvation everywhere.

    By Juha Niemi on 08.30.2012

  11. There were no comforting faces. No expression of offered salvation from the onlookers, just wide eyed frowns and mouthed words of shock and disagreement. My agitation obvious as I fidgeted fingers and thumbs, crossed and uncrossed my arms. A puerile self hug, attempting to wall myself up and defend the space between the crowd and my uneasiness. A pathetic protection from the dense atmosphere. A failed disassociation of done and doer among tuts and hipped hands. Of hands on mouths and meeting eyes.

    By rhyme79 on 08.30.2012