August 29th, 2012 | 251 Entries

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251 Entries for “salvation”

  1. food
    you’re my salvation

    By Toni on 08.30.2012

  2. My Lord Jesus Christ redeemed me and gave me salvation, and a love no one can
    Understand. He wiped away my sin, and I was born again. And now I offer the same chance for you. If you are interested, read from your bible John 3:16 and Romans 3:23.

    By Zachary Williams on 08.30.2012

  3. many think they don’t need it… some take it lightly… they don’t know who their savior really is… what they need to be saved from… Jesus the Christ he is the savior… he saves from sin… the things we do that are against his Father’s will… God has a plan for you… but so does the enemy of your soul… we have to be saved from the enemy’s plan… sometimes saved from ourselves… we can be selfish and greedy… not at all what God wants for us… but He sent Jesus to offer salvation from all of those things that keep us from Him!

    By Michael on 08.30.2012

  4. religion. it promises all those who follow t that at the end of their journey will be a light at the end of the tunnel, a means to escape the futility and danger of the physical and enter into a real free of stress, anger, and fatal judgment. as human beings, we have an intrinsic desire for salvation; it is a necessi

    By john on 08.30.2012

  5. Well. I’ve already written about this today. Like I was saying. I think it has something to do with being saved or something like that. If that is what it means, then it’s hard to find salvation. People are cruel. It’s how they are. Occasionally you find that person who isn’t.

    By Abbey on 08.30.2012

  6. Religion aside, it can be described. Free to decide and to go as far as the heart will take you. That is salvation for the human being.

    By morninglaugh on 08.30.2012

  7. Salvation. It’s something I need. I guess everyone needs it but maybe it’s not necessary. We have to find peace in what we have; i believe that’s salvation in its entity.

    To be satisfied. And to not want more. But man’s needs are insatiable.

    By michelle shwe URL on 08.30.2012

  8. He gave us salvation. He freed us from our sins. He protected us from the evil within.

    The young man kept listening to the sermon of the priest but he couldn’t shake this feeling. There was something growing inside him. Something sinister. something evil. Something telling him not to believe.

    By Rawr means I love you URL on 08.30.2012

  9. He wouldn’t say that the blond was his salvation…he wouldn’t let the words leave his lips. As the angel held out his hand to the demon with a soft smile and a bottle of good wine in his other hand, the demon felt as if he was seeing Heaven again.

    By johnm on 08.30.2012

  10. hallelujah! when particles surround a solute, it is solvation, isn’t it? just that one letter difference. sigh. salvation. bible. jesus. what else what else what else? okay i’m gonna write a poem.

    wait. what rhymes with hallelujah?
    okay new poem.


    that doesn’t make sense. okay time’s up!

    By a lemon drop on 08.30.2012

  11. I dont what is Salvation means , then I have already checked by the dicyionery and I found that it means savation

    By salvation on 08.30.2012

  12. salvation reminds of spit and that makes me want to vomit mainly because the smell of spit is quite possibly the worst scent ever. I’d be willing to bet on that actually. I also find it super gross when people spit or when dogs lick or over salavate all over you. Literally gross.

    By Maddy Willms on 08.30.2012

  13. Did you ever wonder why they came for me?

    What caused them to drive me down, to spit in my face, though I had done nothing but love you?

    It is the way of the world. The law of equivalent exchange, we call it. You put yourself in this mess, and I came for you. I will lead you on the path to freedom, if you will have me.

    Such a simple thing you would have to give up, too, my child, my dear, my only.

    All I ask is for yourself.

    “It is too much!” I cry, curled in the basement of this forever prison. “Without me, who do I have?”

    By haywirehay URL on 08.30.2012

  14. If salvation were based on how much I knew and how much I did, I think I would still be stuck. It wasn’t until I realized the potential to be free came in the form of complete surrender to my weaknesses and then I was saved from myself. Only then was I able to except my own humanity and enter into the free gift of salvation as I admitted my own frailty.

    By Cris URL on 08.30.2012

  15. you were my salvation. after i couldn’t get out of bed, after i cried myself to sleep every night, after i felt sick to my stomach whenever i thought about interacting with anyone. you were my salvation. you held me in your arms and you told me it would be okay. i believed you. i needed to believe you, and i’m glad i did, otherwise i’d still be stuck in that meaningless void that my life had become.

    By em URL on 08.30.2012

  16. There was something to be said for attracting older men. Their sexual gusto far surpassed that of any twink you might have hooked at the bar. His expertise left nothing to be desired. And your orgasm was assured. Yet, the biggest case for dating an older man, is the security offered to a aimless twenty something year old who lives paycheck to paycheck.

    By Ruben URL on 08.30.2012

  17. There’s salvation over a hill. A man is there and he has a request. He tells you you need a gold chain to reach salvation. You cannot get a gold chain; you only have a silver one. So you show the man and he takes you to salvation anyway. There’s a man there to cuddle with. Your salvation is ecstasy.

    By Shannon on 08.30.2012

  18. Salvation means to save one self from any harm.Jesus Christ sacrificed himself for the welfare of mankind.

    By kamal URL on 08.30.2012

  19. spirit emotion renewal love rediscovering oneself life love endurance strength

    By rocio zamora on 08.30.2012

  20. Salvation isn’t real. God is not salvation. Salvation is a child’s laughter, a cat’s warm purr, a fall sunset, and the power of the ocean.

    By Katie W. on 08.30.2012

  21. help

    By jULIA on 08.30.2012

  22. The sword pierced right through his shoulder and jutted out in an awkward angle, rendering him disabled. Blood oozed from the wound to the floor, as his knees collapsed under him. Light shone from the cracks overhead as he bowed his head in salvation.

    By Caligula URL on 08.30.2012

  23. ok

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 08.30.2012

  24. The after-rain dampness fills the air as a walk steadily across the forest floor, the fallen leaves muffling my footsteps. As the leaves and branches above me chime like bells in the gentle breeze, I perceive fallen under a rock a small animal, its left hind leg crushed.

    And I leave it to die, because Salvation is holy and for me to bestow it would be to trespass into the realm of God.

    By July on 08.30.2012

  25. salvation is just beyond the horizon of my minds dark jungle of thoughts. if i could machete my way through i could forge ahead in life. salvation. save me. take me. let me be part or your children of the light, lead me into salvation lord.

    By Nykkia on 08.30.2012

  26. religious stuff…read some ludwig feuerbach or even better: Karl Marx

    Though I am not against religious people, more against the bureaucratic structures behind it like the katholic apparatus.

    By Bourto on 08.30.2012

  27. God wanted to have a loving relationship with his creation, so he gave us a freewill so we could choose to love Him. But He knew we would choose to reject him and the consequence would be eternal seperation from Him. Because we would never be able to achieve salvation on our own, He would have to come as a man, live a perfect life, and die the most painful death to take our place. Knowing all of this in advance, he still created you, because he wants you to choose him. The choice is yours to make.

    By Kyle on 08.30.2012

  28. i don’t even know the exact meaning of salvation but it does sound peaceful and positive.

    By rajat on 08.30.2012

  29. I’m pretty sure I got this word yesterday. Absolutely sure. Are these words on some sort of list? Do I have to work my way through it? Seems unlikely that I’d get this word twice otherwise. Uhhh, salvation.

    By Jeremy Bentham on 08.30.2012

  30. Reaching heaven, attaining the ultimate forgiveness.

    By nkelly on 08.30.2012

  31. Opportunity to undo your wrongs and walk a fresh path of life, hopefully leading you to your ultimate dream. Happens completely accidentally usually for the better. Allowing yourself to be saved

    By Mig on 08.30.2012

  32. Ahh, salvation. Reminds me of our Philo classes. Reminds me of my elementary days. Reminds me of God. Reminds me of religion. Reminds me of protection and safety. Have I experienced it before? Not sure.

    By Yein on 08.30.2012

  33. My hands were tied. They ached from being behind my back for hours. Everything was dark before the folds of the cloth covering my swollen eyes.
    A driver shifted nervously in the front of the Lexus, which smelled of old cologne and stale coffee.
    “Turn right,” a deep voice commanded from my side. I could feel his gaze on me. “We’re almost there,” he said, though I didn’t know if it was more for the driver or me.
    “Now?” the driver asked.
    “Not yet,” the burly man growled. Inching away, I tried to settle my beating heart. But the only thing offering me salvation on that side of the car was a door that wouldn’t ever budge.
    And then I heard a scream, high and laced with frantic agony.

    By KenzieB19 on 08.30.2012

  34. you give me salvation by just breathing. Your being is the only cause for my existence. You’re the water my body needs, your the sun without my eyes can’t see. You make me see the world’s beauty.

    By Janna Virtanen on 08.30.2012

  35. I have received it. It’s the greatest gift ever. I’m dead without it. The Lord has done incredible things in my life through salvation. Now I begin to wonder if he has worked through this simple one-word challenge to bring it into others hearts. I’m amazed by the way he does these things.

    By Becca on 08.30.2012

  36. Salvation is the thing that gets up each morning, the hope of salvation is what makes us work through the trauma of the pitiful human existence. Salvation can come in many forms, religion, animals, friends, family. Salvation is hope.

    By Atticus on 08.30.2012

  37. Something you get over the course of your life. When you love your creator more than yourself, you can start to achieve salvation. Something so extensive and incomparable to anything else in the world that humans and their minds cannot begin to describe it.

    By Anna Huff on 08.30.2012

  38. Salvation, salvation, salvation. Nothing will change our only hope, to one day live in what we strive for. Salvation. Keep talking, keep wishes alive. Salvation is close, salvation is here.

    By Nexia on 08.30.2012

  39. Free never earned. This is the life’s blood of Christianity ~ my God provides it, I enjoy it, share it and hope that others will come to know Him through my love for Him. Through the way I live my life, and through the way I love other people. Help me, Lord, to work out my salvation with fear and trembling.

    By P on 08.30.2012

  40. a loaded word. actually 2 words. Jesus Christ.

    By JT URL on 08.30.2012