August 29th, 2012 | 251 Entries

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251 Entries for “salvation”

  1. Everytime i think about it, i get excited. Why should death scare me if our salvation from Jesus Christ is right after? Every time i am afraid, i think why should i be? Do i not trust that God is there with me and will keep me safe? Because even if i die, i have his salvation to look forward to. I will always be safe and loved.

    By Peri URL on 08.29.2012

  2. Salvation, salivation. Yearning, drooling for it. But…. What does it mean to be saved, to save or rescue the self? Mostly it is about being rescued from what…life? And why would we want to be saved or rescued? The loneliness, the uncertainty, the difficulties…. Only, if it were possible…why would we need rescue. If we knew everything when we came into this world, we wouldn’t have had to come at all. Salvation is taking life head on no matter what, no matter the hard days or the jubilant. We rescue ourselves by embracing it all the heavy with the light. No one saves us. We save ourselves.

    By Toni Rubin on 08.29.2012

  3. Sometimes I just want to be my own salvation. Not just sometimes really, but all of the time. We are our own salvation. We belong to each other and no one. If you can’t save yourself than who can you save?

    By Lindsey on 08.29.2012

  4. Who is my salvation? Who isn’t? We are all here to save each other in one sense or the other. I don’t know about you but I am saved all of the time. From worries, from myself. I am blessed.

    By Lindsey O. on 08.29.2012

  5. salvation is a weird thing its like you think a certain group may be saved, then why even try in life. But thats not true its a gift. But that gift is not always on the table you have to receive with open arms and open hands

    By matt on 08.29.2012

  6. Salvation. That’s what we all want. Or some of us. Others, they could stand to get by with a bit of understanding. They’d probably take some cake if you offered, because who doesn’t like cake? Assholes don’t like cake. Kids don’t like cake either.

    By testing on 08.29.2012

  7. The salvation of the day was that she had never gotten off on revenge. Otherwise the whole thing would have caused her to gloat, at the very least, while the idiot struggled in the surf where he’d fallen from the boat. She glanced around to see whether anyone missed him, and they hadn’t, so she sailed away without even waving.

    By Kathleen Gabriel on 08.29.2012

  8. To be freed? To become absolved? From what?
    I can only fee myself; I can only absolve myself – from myself?
    Words, words… What meanings can these words have?

    By Hafada on 08.29.2012

  9. The saving grace. The smile at the end of a long day, the long embrace at the end of a cold night. Knowing that someone, anyone, can love you after all the things you have done in your life that you hate yourself for. Someone saying “You did good kid” even when they know you have so much more to do. The chance to change the story the second time around, regardless of whether you think you can or not. You only get one shot at salvation they say….but I guess it’s how you look at it. Because there are infinite chances, as long as you can see them clearly.

    By Jenni on 08.29.2012

  10. Salvation is redemption, grace, love, faith, forgiveness, all rolled up into one big golden ball of feel-goodness. I don’t know how anyone receives salvation, because one can certainly never deserve it. All I know is the cross around my neck reminds me that I have been too weak, but there is one greater who has delivered me salvation.

    By claire on 08.30.2012

  11. that is amazing1 i love that word it means a lot of things to me salvation it seems religious in my eyes that it is only really used in the place or area it is hard to right in this angle i want to redo! can i please? it is really fun to do this :)

    By kylee hill on 08.30.2012

  12. My head bobs slowly,
    a buoy in the sea,
    bobbing up and down
    and up
    the waves
    the sound
    pushes me back
    and forth,
    every beat
    a separate froth
    against the shore,
    sweeping against my legs,
    caressing my skin
    as soft as feathers,
    lulling me
    to a curious safety,
    dozing me off
    to shore.

    By Scythe42 URL on 08.30.2012

  13. you were my saviour,
    my salvation
    among others.

    you were the only thick masts
    that tied the stability
    safe comfort
    to my ship

    God that was terrible.

    By Sabrina on 08.30.2012

  14. I didn’t see it coming. It was a Mycelian light of untold proportion; not because of its legend, and certainly not because of its expanse. Rather, its greatness was in its peculiarity. Who could have known that Salvation rode in a Trans Am and listened to Wu Tang Clan.

    By jacob sayers on 08.30.2012

  15. I didn’t know the Mycelian jungle was so elusive. We have been trudging in its wake for years and, yet, through all this, we have yet to notice the dregs; the void tide that tugs, insistently, at our shorn shoulders

    By jacob sayers on 08.30.2012

  16. He has a tie and an overtly genuine smile, like those salesmen that try to sell you their cheap crap.
    He’s coming up to me.

    Have you heard about Jesus, sir? he asks.
    I give him a hard stare and deliberately take a slow drag on my cigarette.

    Well, he continues, without waiting for an answer, if you have a minute, sir, I could–

    Here? I ask. Really?
    I don’t understand, sir. His smile never wavers.
    Here? On this street, in this neighbourhood, at this time, and you’re trying to ask me to come to your church and get saved, or some sort of shit like that?
    A girl–nice ass, tits are a little too big; plastic, probably–too much make-up and more skin than clothes on, struts past and disappears behind the tinted glass doors next to me.

    Well, sir, I.. He falters a little.
    Let me tell you something, buddy, I grunt. Flick the ash from my now burnt-out cigarette onto his patent leather shoes. You have your salvation. Let me have mine.
    I toss the smouldering stub onto the floor and step into the girlie bar.

    Salvation is when you leave your worries at the door. Heaven is lit up with sequinned tassels and whirling neon lights.

    By Sparrow on 08.30.2012

  17. God give me salvation. Free from the pains of hell and let me enter your kingdom. Grant me eternal happiness and let me be with you.

    By Camille on 08.30.2012

  18. I seek to find my salvation in this beautiful yet ugly world. I have not passed by it but I know I am fairly close to it until my time is up.

    By Audball on 08.30.2012

  19. salva oranisk Help me i’m scared i like trains and my name is jonathan i think about harrypotter, and lgogloglogloglgoglgoglgolgoglgogloglgogloglgoglo i like to marry me

    By jonathan on 08.30.2012

  20. i dont know what salvation is!

    By vilma on 08.30.2012

  21. Salvation

    By Edvin Bengtsso on 08.30.2012

  22. Salavation feels like a religious word. You get salvation by the Lord. But you can also get saved by a person I think.

    By chha303 URL on 08.30.2012

  23. Salvation is good

    By Tilda on 08.30.2012

  24. i saved you. salvation

    By philipe jonsson on 08.30.2012

  25. Salvation is a word

    By Frida on 08.30.2012

  26. Salvation is that you have a god.

    By Moa on 08.30.2012

  27. salvation is

    By fredrik on 08.30.2012

  28. salvation is like a prison for everyone…..
    Don’t do it with anyone…….

    By josie grace on 08.30.2012

  29. salvation reminds me of saliva because it has a lot of the same letters. i think if i had a cousin with the same name as me we would get a lot of the same letters, but probably not because why would that make sense? i think stop signs should be blue

    By Estevan URL on 08.30.2012

  30. It is within us.. We lie in its barren arms with eyes popped towards the sky. We look in mirrors to see it but it is only visible behind it.. We scream so that we can feel.. But the silence is the truest salvation we all crave for!!

    By Ameya B on 08.30.2012

  31. Ever elusive and most desired. In today’s world everyone is looking for like a mirage. Nobody knows it exists or not. But they all want it like water in a huge desert.

    By Vishakha Manjrekar on 08.30.2012

  32. Salvation is the operation wich has survive the life of someone or to avoid something to fall as object .

    By Abdelkarim on 08.30.2012

  33. Jesus Christ’s hand clasping a tree trunk, strangling it to death. He looks down at his hands. They are bleeding.

    By SPENCER STEPHENSON on 08.30.2012

  34. Salvation is to save the souls from sin and its consequences.

    By Leksha on 08.30.2012

  35. He was five when he first realised that Salvation was not an ordinary name for a little boy. He was seven by the time he fully grasped just how mental his parents must have been to name him something like Salvation. He was, amazingly, eleven by the first time Salvation caused him problems at school. For him, life just went downhill from there, until, at the age of thirty-four, he met her.

    “You’re my Salvation,” she said. And he was undone.

    By Libby on 08.30.2012

  36. what is salvation? it is an idea put in our head to seek salvation in this life. The idea behind this thinking is to ensure our society lives more organised and peaceful.

    By brij URL on 08.30.2012

  37. ‘There’s no salvation in that,’ he said, watching me take another large sip.
    ‘How do you know?’
    ‘I’ve tried it. It doesn’t work.’
    ‘What do you suggest I do, then?’

    By zebra URL on 08.30.2012

  38. People spend their entire lives looking for salvation, for methods to atone for what they have done. I guess it makes them feel better about themselves. I for one do not seek it, or at least do not seek it in external sources like religion and community. I think it exists somewhere within us and nobody else can help us find it. Its a depressing thought that I have to look to some external being for salvation anyways.

    By Lara on 08.30.2012

  39. She ties her hair back, it kisses between her shoulder blades in wispy, blonde curls. Smiles at the prey. He’s shaking now – he sees the venom in her stare.

    ‘I’m no victim,’ she says. ‘I don’t need to be saved.’

    By genahtastic on 08.30.2012

  40. salvation is like a pie. you can share it of course, and it’s extremely good as well. salvation can only be a good thing though, as you can choke on pie and die. not good.

    By elli on 08.30.2012