July 2nd, 2010 | 186 Entries

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186 Entries for “common”

  1. The commoners all scurried around. She thought they were disgusting. There was no pity in her heart for them, just hate for whom she believed were dirty, poor, grimy human beings. Dressed in rags they swarmed the streets below, and the princess felt physically ill just watching them.

    By Stef URL on 07.03.2010

  2. O so common and yet so floppin’ like a fish at a market. Mediocrity is spreading. Lets show them how to stop it.

    By Inner Carl Sagan URL on 07.03.2010

  3. It wasn’t stalking, really. It wasn’t her fault he just happened to take the same route as her. Honestly. It wasn’t like she’d planned it or anything.

    It wasn’t stalking, because she wasn’t planning on talking to him. Or even getting too close to him. She wasn’t in his league at all.

    He was honest and pure, openhearted and genuine. She hid amongst shadows and darkened even the most lighthearted gestures.

    She was a common stone, and he was a polished gem, and they lived in completely different worlds.

    By sentinel's glory on 07.03.2010

  4. We have more in common with each other than we are willing to admit. It is in this commonality that we should find love and understanding and compassion.

    By gena0305 URL on 07.03.2010

  5. Part of the name of my children’s new school. A common education where every student in America learns the exact same information. Nothing is left out. Everyone shares the same knowledge. Every child is given the same opportunity.

    By Mo on 07.03.2010

  6. A common place scene. A normal state of mind. With the sun out and a gentle breeze. How could the drudgery get worse. Emma sat up from the park bench and closed her mildly entertaining book with a unsurprising slap. She wasn’t really processing the words anyway.

    By Tom Fall URL on 07.03.2010

  7. not rare, easily found/available, nothing extraordinary; common name, common practice; routine

    By pavalamani pragasam URL on 07.03.2010

  8. There’s nothing common about space travel, even now that we’ve been doing it for over 500 years. Just last week, we had a port-side thruster fail that altered our course directly into a sun. Luckily we were able to open the hatch to the slave hold to vent oxygen into space to get us back on course.

    By Doug McIntire URL on 07.03.2010

  9. they say it’s common to feel this way and that i shouldn’t be so hard on myself. but this is not right, there’s nothing common about this. nothing common about the way you broke me and the sharp pulsating pain i feel trickling through my veins. it’s not common to want to run away to another part of the country just to find out what seeing you would do to me. it’s not common to torture myself every five seconds and ya know what? fuck you. fuck your alcohol, fuck your lies, and fuck your pathetic life. you make me absolutely sick.

    By kaitie URL on 07.03.2010

  10. There was nothing common about her. To the point of her being completely unreachable. It frustrated him to no end.

    By Sarah on 07.03.2010

  11. What was common about these two, was that they both knew about The Secret. If they hadn’t known, they would never have met, and there would never be a story to tell, now would there? Well anyway, Maggie knew that she couldn’t keep the secret forever, and when Michael found it out, it was a lot easier to keep it quiet then she thought it would be.

    By Leah URL on 07.03.2010

  12. The common man doesn’t understand how high he really is. We sit in our houses, groaning about the smallest things, when we really need to appreciate out life as it is. There’s nothing more beautiful than life.

    By Siege URL on 07.03.2010

  13. a common mistake that happens when someone tries to win you over, trying too hard to be what you want but not the right thing.
    it’s not common when someone you want doesn’t have to try to win you over because all you want is them.

    By Delilah URL on 07.03.2010

  14. we’re so common place, accepting what is and what is not with the idea that we are subjected to come what may. why can we not change what is common? why can we not act within ourselves based on our desires, our thoughts, our feelings. why must we accept this norm as our own? we can live by our own rules, become uncommon ingenious unacceptable unwanted. that’s fine, we have what we will want.

    By Emily Jane URL on 07.03.2010

  15. If we have things in common we will have to find out by getting to know each other first, of course!

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 07.03.2010

  16. ordinary, typical. usual. Common can seem boring or comfortable. I like common.

    By Anita on 07.03.2010

  17. what’s common? this feeling. it is. although at this moment it feels unfelt by anyone. it’s not. im common. we are common. we are one.

    By Jaime on 07.03.2010

  18. They had no common ground, but Nami felt a pull towards him anyway- a nonsensical pull. He was a Captain of the enemy. She was an elite soldier

    By Luminosity.of.a.Shadow on 07.03.2010

  19. place. I’m anything but common, I used to think but now I know that’s not true. My urge to pull against it only makes it more so. Common. You’ll find me on every corner, in every city, in every state in every earth

    By emmadubois URL on 07.03.2010

  20. can we touch as if it meant something?
    or should we just pretend to feel?
    make me feel its worth it.
    make me feel real.
    or should i just pretend im here?
    never pretending, i wake up.

    By meg URL on 07.03.2010

  21. I really think that common is a phrase that many people dont think about because it is just that … common. In fact, common happens to be something that must happen to every human in its lifetime.

    By Laney on 07.03.2010

  22. It has always been common knowledge, of course, that when a boy gets to be in his teens, he usually calls his father out. A fist fight ensues, and usually the son loses miserably. This time, however, in this family, the son was called out by the daughter, and the daughter handed the son his pride on a platter.

    How does it feel?

    By Haruka URL on 07.03.2010

  23. sinking into another world
    i find myself feeling that every moment that passes by
    is like a bad de ja vu
    repetitive in a sickening way
    an unhealthy way
    it’s gone too far for too long
    there is one thing that we have in common


    By kait URL on 07.03.2010

  24. we used to have so many things in common.

    By roman URL on 07.03.2010

  25. Everybody has many things in common. This is why the general population is referred to as the common man. In fact, people’s lives are so closely related that the word common is used to describe a very lifestyle.

    By cass on 07.03.2010

  26. common rooms. common people. common food. common language. common. common music. common this, common that. all common.

    By Ghia URL on 07.03.2010