September 2nd, 2011 | 215 Entries

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215 Entries for “salt”

  1. You are the salt of the Earth – and I wonder exactly what it is here, on earth, that I should be exciting. The people around me are so strongly opinionated, so boldly flavored already – I don’t know how to add that little extra sprinkle or two. I don’t know what I’m doing anymore, and when I knew what I was it’s because I frankly wasn’t doing much.

    By Natalie URL on 09.03.2011

  2. The taste of salt in my mouth from fresh tears. When will the pain stop? When will I see your beautiful face again?

    By Liz on 09.03.2011

  3. The salting taste of the air lingered for moment, and he thought this is what the first moments of creation felt like

    By WDC URL on 09.03.2011

  4. Pour salt in my wounds
    mix my blood with the clay
    and till the torn earth
    with the bones of the slain
    And create a new harvest
    from marsh fire’s sorrow
    the people who come
    the race of tomorrow

    By SprawlingInk URL on 09.03.2011

  5. Salty tears of happiness, pain, sadness. The only emotion that lets you be as vulnerable as you can ever be. Crying. Relie

    By Bryana on 09.03.2011

  6. The salty waves of the ocean collapsed on top of me. Dragged me further into its depths. Cried for help, no one helped. Salty water in my lungs. It

    By MLove on 09.03.2011

  7. Salt imeditally clung to their nostrals. It was one thing she would say for sure she missed in Colorado, there weren’t any coast lines in the moutains. Yet again, maybe that’s why she liked it. It wasn’t home.

    -Caroline CN

    By Caroline on 09.03.2011

  8. You remember me but not in tears, salt encrusted lids reddened from the length of night. Remember me in smiles. Remember the good.

    By Cola URL on 09.03.2011

  9. I dive into the saltwater to heal the wounds in my soul. The self-healing of salt tears. The cleansing of sorrow. Throw salt over my shoulder to ward off more hurts. Taste and soak and sting.

    By siobhan347 URL on 09.03.2011

  10. Salt.
    And Pepper.
    Which reminds me of blues clues and how salt and pepper made pepperica.
    I was always so confused by that.
    Too much salt on french fries and popcorn.
    Salt like sodium

    By Harlow URL on 09.03.2011

  11. He tasted like salt, Nate thought blearily, running his tounge over chapped lips. Overwhelmingly, completely of salt. He wasn’t sure if it was the tears or the left-over taste of a kiss, but either way, his world was falling apart.

    By Aslee B. URL on 09.03.2011

  12. the salt choked me it burned my eyes the world was fuzzy. The waves billowed and crashed around me. I was like a rag doll being thrown and swished around. My head pounded and my breaths grew ragged. panic and confusion were everywhere the only thing i could see was blue and white. water pounded against my head and my limbs were useless i thrashed them but to no avail. The power of the ocean consumed me and as i tried to gulp for a few last breaths of air i went under….

    By kacey flipper on 09.03.2011

  13. “Take it with a grain of salt” My mother’s voice echoed in my head as I soon realized that she wouldn’t be coming back. That fire had burned all of our memories, our mother into charred rubble. I wouldn’t have much to remember what a great mother she is. Or used to be.

    By Asi URL on 09.03.2011

  14. I hate salt. I had fries yesterday and they had too much salt on them. I mean a little salt is OK, but too much is just unnecessary and bad for your health. I recently began cooking with kosher salt and I think it makes the sweet foods taste better. My mother never cooked with salt at all. She would remove it from recipes.

    By K. Patterson on 09.03.2011

  15. when i eat french fries i use salt

    By lauren URL on 09.03.2011