September 1st, 2011 | 274 Entries

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274 Entries for “sponge”

  1. is washing dishes,tables, cabinets and being on tv

    By Sean on 09.02.2011

  2. Sponge so squishy, doesn’t make me feel icky, keeps me real clean and my bathroom is spotless. Sponge is for spongebob sponge is for

    By Trap on 09.02.2011

  3. Sponge bob is a sponge under these. I can clean the sink with a sponge and mop. I like that sponges absorb water. Sponges are cool . Sponge sponge sponge sponge. I know sponges carry bacteria. I have many sponges at home. Sponges can be green , red, blue , yellow , and purple. Sponge bob is a yellow sponge.

    By Angelique washington on 09.02.2011

  4. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS DOES!!!!!!!

    By just582 URL on 09.02.2011

  5. sponge bob square pants cleaning gets wet yellow and green washes lots of stuff

    By christian ward URL on 09.02.2011

  6. spongebob squarepants is yellow and looks like a sponge that was dropped in the ocean by me!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Colin URL on 09.02.2011

  7. sponges are soft and wipe up water spongebob is also a cartoon charatcer sponges are soft and fun to have sponge wars

    By Bryce on 09.02.2011


    By maria escobar URL on 09.02.2011

  9. i like to plat soccer and go outside and have fun. i love my sister also. she is the best sister

    By Henny on 09.02.2011

  10. I found my brain, like a sponge, was soaking up everything that happened to pool next to me. The drugs, the alcohol, the disbelief and the rebellion. All of it, absorbed into me. I am not my own person.

    By Julia on 09.02.2011

  11. Sponges remind me of the one I use to have in my shower that kept breaking….DONT BUY WALMARTS SPONGE THINGIES lol but yeah and just of cleaning ish and washing ish and starfish

    By Corwin Rhynes on 09.02.2011

  12. luminescent countertop reflects a slight spot of dirt of the walls
    and the cracked basin is winking back at the faucet on the sink
    the sponge sits on a shelf above
    waiting patiently for it’s turn to be noticed

    By Annie URL on 09.02.2011

  13. I soak it all up
    Like a…
    eh, you get it.
    I hear your words ringing in my head
    I soak up everything you taught me.
    The half truths, the tears, the burnt out fuses
    All of it
    But what’s the point?
    If after all that I soaked up
    All I get left is…

    By AJ Ensley URL on 09.02.2011

  14. The sponge smelled of Jack Daniels and Coke. The countertop was sticky. This evidence was enough to convince anyone that the inhabitant of the house was a sloppy pig with a hankering for good bourbon!

    By Fender2010 URL on 09.02.2011

  15. soaking up, ususally gooey sticky things
    I would like to think my brain soaks up information like a sponge.
    Sponges in the ocean is an interesting thing….
    What is your fav colour sponge?

    By Mariette on 09.02.2011

  16. A little kid is sponge. They soak up knowledge and actions from other people every minute of every day. Little kids will absorb anything that they hear or see other people, especially their brother or sister do in front them.

    By Lilly on 09.02.2011

  17. Jill picked up the sponge and walked away.He was wondering abput the use of sponge as an life example in life.However,he wished to apply it in school by absorbing the knowledge the way sponge absorbs water.

    By Amateur URL on 09.02.2011

  18. The sponge was all I had…did I dare use it again? It is full of bacteria and germs. We could all get sick…we could all die….all from one dirty grimy little sponge. Oh the horrors.

    By Sherri URL on 09.02.2011

  19. encounters peace, drip,drip;drop goes the serenity of giggled past. squueeeezze the essence of love out of the crevices and holes that defied my being. drip, drop; splash. all those whispered truths echo false in my ear. snip, snip, cut out of the space left to clean the dishes dirtied in my mind.

    By sketchthemessage URL on 09.02.2011

  20. IT was made of some sort of squishy material, almost like a sponge, and as he held it in his hand, he wondered how he was supposed to use this strange substance to create an explosion large enough to destroy the embassy.

    By Cory URL on 09.02.2011

  21. There was blood everywhere. John didn’t know if he could save the soldier from the injuries he received during the last mortar shelling. There was shrapnel all throughout his abdomen. John had seen enough of this sort of carnage to last a lifetime.

    By Eric Nentrup URL on 09.02.2011

  22. You’re like a sponge. You absorbed all of my emotions, turned them inside out, and threw them out a window. I don’t know why anyone continues tolerating your presence. You need to make a serious change before I can say I like being around you or that I admire you. Because I don’t. I only love you because you’re my father.

    By Anya URL on 09.02.2011

  23. This is something I use to clean things with. This also remind me of spongebob square pants. This is used in many different ways.

    By Isiah on 09.02.2011

  24. Cheese hole bottom of the ocean spongebob squarepants used to wash dishes or body soft usually yellow absorbs water used to scrubs

    By Victoria Guerra on 09.02.2011

  25. I like pie

    By Jasmine white URL on 09.02.2011

  26. I instantly think of spomgebob squarepants. I also think cleaning..

    By Sean on 09.02.2011

  27. When I think of sponge I think of wetness .. And dishes. That’s what I think of.

    By Daerick Laird on 09.02.2011

  28. Whenever i hear the word sponge i think of the underwater sponges.

    By Kat Duarte on 09.02.2011

  29. The sponge is so juicy hahah Theeeee Sponge!!!!

    By Zayy B. URL on 09.02.2011

  30. Light weight orange soaks stuff up awesome dirty germ infested. Cleans gross. I like them in the shower to get clean. They are good for house work and in the kitchen. If your smart your brain is like a sponge

    By Cort on 09.02.2011

  31. I leaked like a sponge when I talked to Quin. He just had that sort of appeal. Every single time, if there was something that I did not want to say? Just put Quin around and leave us alone for ten minutes and you’d get your information. He should work for the government. Or the Mafia.

    By E. Correigh URL on 09.02.2011

  32. My right eye was burning. I felt a inferno had been lit inside my eyeball, tears were streaming down my face. “Where did this come from?” I wondered as I leaned against the sink. Then I saw the source of my pain, jalapeno seeds. There were jalapeno seeds sprinkled on top of the sponge, the same one that I used earlier.

    By Deanna on 09.02.2011

  33. Absorbs things. Learn everything you can. Sometimes people talk too much about things they know nothing about. If they’d just listen and sponge that shit in, they might know a lot more.

    By Brandon Lau URL on 09.02.2011

  34. soaking in, breathing.
    love, life, joy, pain, understanding.
    soak it in, absorb all, become nothing besides what you know is right.
    become who God has called you to be, and absorb His goodness

    By Abby URL on 09.02.2011