September 3rd, 2011 | 185 Entries

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185 Entries for “pepper”

  1. Salt and pepper. I’m so hungry. First day in my dorm, woke up at eight, haven’t eaten. The dining hall is much too far for me.

    By lauren URL on 09.04.2011

  2. Pepper. Reminds me of salt but I guess thats off topic. There’s two different kinds of pepper that I can think of. There’s a seed, then there’s also the vegetable. Raw peppers (the vegetable kind) are pretty good!

    By taronyu URL on 09.04.2011

  3. Pepper and salt were in love. But their families were against it. They were from different backgrounds. They couldn’t be together. They killed themselves.

    By Tea Schmidichen on 09.04.2011

  4. a hint of pepper into the mixture adds a new flavor to the cooking, you never know which is the key ingredient for that best recipe. may be because they all have to be together in the right mixture to give that delicious flavor.

    By rndm URL on 09.04.2011

  5. She always felt like a wallflower…just a plain Jane. She would look at other people and wonder how they were so alive…Where do they get their zest for life that she so lacked? She sat alone so often, her life so bland. Yet people knew who she was, she visited the same cafe everyday, a table for one. The waiter knew she’d be there at 8am sharp, her table ready, the other table settings removed, no indication that anyone else would be joining her…He even knew what she liked to eat, what her tastes were…tea, egg scrambled, plain. He was amused by her, she made him feel giddy even-though they never spoke beyond the usual ‘Good morning Miss’ and ‘How are you today, Peter?’ …He loved to hear her say that, and laughed to himself every morning…’Why does she call me Peter?’…He decided when the time was right he would tell her his name, Pepper, he waited for a sign, it never came. ‘Peter’ left the cafe but she kept coming, 8am sharp. The day she realized he was no longer there she thought to make a change of her own…no more plain scrambled eggs…today she would ask for pepper.

    By AdeleBeeAnn URL on 09.04.2011

  6. Pepper, wasn’t salt yesterday’s word? Who even creates these words?

    By Caroline on 09.04.2011

  7. His beard was a salt pepper color. You could tell he’d been through much over the years. But you could also tell his light hearted nature from the smile lines that rest upon his face. He had spent 40 years on the force. He loved every second. But on that day, things would change.

    By Jen URL on 09.04.2011

  8. Pepper cracks fresh.
    Stings my nose and brightens my senses.
    Burns my tongue as it explodes with flavor in my mouth.
    Tell the waiter to stop, that’s enough.

    By Jill URL on 09.04.2011

  9. The pepper and salt were my idealistic focus point. I hated looking in people’s eyes, especially when they were so accusing. My mom’s were burning a hole right into the center of my forehead as I nervously drummed my fingers up and down the table, breaking the morning silence with the hissing coffee pot. She turned, I heard her heels on the kitchen tiles, and then I heard her pouring the morning brown liquid into one cup, then two all the while focused on that pepper and salt shaker.

    By Lauren Flores-Walton on 09.04.2011

  10. It seasons everything, it is good to mix with honey for singing. Pepper is a very shocking thing to taste with watermelon. Pepper can be one of the most liked or hated seasons.

    By Annie Wilthew URL on 09.04.2011

  11. Her hair was salt and pepper gray. More salt nowadays. She debated if she should dye it because she had started to look like her grandmother. “What should I do?” she asked her friend. “It’s simple,” said her friend. “Do what makes you feel good.”

    By kpfromdc URL on 09.04.2011

  12. Yesterday it was salt. Today it is pepper. Hard to be imaginative with pepper. Though the red ones can be shiny, make a pasta dish look exciting. Not everyone can eat them though; they must have something in them that not all stomach relish.

    By joey URL on 09.04.2011

  13. The taste of pepper was still in my mouth. I’m strange like that- I like lot’s and lot’s and lot’s of pepper. I’ve never found anyone who liked pepper as much as me.

    Except for him.

    And now, I can’t eat it without thinking about him.

    By Maddie on 09.04.2011

  14. of all the varieties of spices India is famous for , pepper remains a personal favorite of many. With its pungent , spicy aroma , this seasoning can make any kind of food smell heavenly .

    By amrutha URL on 09.04.2011

  15. Her jelly-bean eyes, her pepper mouth, her icy white teeth peel the pepper in two, exposing themselves for the whole world to see. Her features entice the world around her making her vulnerable to the pain inside her.

    By SubtleWhispers URL on 09.04.2011

  16. I like pepper for my daily food. It does have some kind of chili in it, but I still like it.

    By Yuli URL on 09.04.2011

  17. peter pippat pitter.
    crossing down the floor.
    bitter, bitter, bitter.
    that’s the pepper.

    By Yuli URL on 09.04.2011

  18. uh. don’t tell me it’s pepper again. we met like, 3 year ago. pepper was cute. sprinkled nice at the top of her food. i got craved to try it.

    By YumiYuli URL on 09.04.2011

  19. Pass the pepper. I love that it adds such flavor although it always seems to make me sneeze. Is that normal or is it my allergies?

    By Bri URL on 09.04.2011

  20. The shaker of red pepper on the table was missing. I leaned over to another table to grab one, grabbed it, and sat back down. I wasn’t really hungry…

    By kibi URL on 09.04.2011

  21. Was I worth my salt? I’ve always referred to myself as more or a pepper man. Not the coarse, ground kind. I mean the bright green unprocessed kind at the supermarket.

    By WDC URL on 09.04.2011

  22. Pepper and salt. Pepper and salt. Two similar things, but so different. I mean, salt enhances flavour, while pepper adds to the flavour. They’re different. They’re similar, but quite different.

    By Kayleigh on 09.04.2011

  23. Pepper haired girl dance my way, I see you through the crowd shaking that way, pepper haired girl so young though so glum, pepper haired girl show me your love.

    By AlissaJade URL on 09.04.2011

  24. Pepper and salt
    tasty on food
    black and white
    small and sometimes large
    before crushed and reduced to mere powder
    like us when we finally surrender
    where does the flow go?

    By kmcgb URL on 09.04.2011

  25. Cracking fresh pepper over her egg white omlette, she sat and contemplated her feelings. Did she really love him? Did she really feel like this about someone she hardly knew? With the first bite of her breakfast, she decided to run; to run away from any chance of him.

    By Bryanna Bean URL on 09.04.2011