February 20th, 2011 | 499 Entries

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499 Entries for “sage”

  1. Oh what wonderful fun we’ll have, Mr. Sage. You and your ever present sagacity are like toys for my mind. Now let’s build a city of blocks and watch clouds made of words.

    By HelenGrant URL on 02.21.2011

  2. i would like to make some sage cashews. i saw this recipe while looking for picnic foods. sage seems like a pretty mellow spice; i would hang out with sage. definitely pick sage to chill with over tarragon or some hoity toity spice. can’t deal with spice superiority complexes.

    By Emily on 02.21.2011

  3. the name of a boy that I met in chicago who was from some foreign country. Italy. He was weird and kissed everyone on their cheeks. We all played mario kart together and drove him to McDonald’s. He then told us he wanted to go to Excalibur because he heard it was a fun club. We told him there was no way excalibur was a great club and we all hated it.

    By Mary on 02.21.2011

  4. Sage was the one person who we Sprites could go to with just about anything. Yes, I had Johnny and Gwen, but I wasn’t – still aren’t – just human. I’m part Sprite, and part Monster, so the Sprite part of my nature and history was always coming out when I had to go to Sage about everything. I was devestated to hear that Sage had died. My parents were too. But he’s part of the earth again. We’ll see him again. We see him every day, don’t we?

    By Amy on 02.21.2011

  5. Is this site running properly – it was sage yesterday!!!

    By matilda URL on 02.21.2011

  6. Herby wiseness all wrapped up in a parcel of filo. I eat it up to stop my tummy grumbling like a loud underground earthquake. It is so fulfilling that it seeps into my brain spreading the logical truth.

    By Anj Cairns on 02.21.2011

  7. I walk into a small shop with scarves and carved elephants. Then I smell a smell like Arabian nights, like camel rides, like the orange moon in the sky. It’s sage they tell me. Mmmmm.

    By Sally K on 02.21.2011

  8. Sage is just one of hundreds of different herbs. I like herbs. You can use them in all sorts of dishes. I would like to have a herb garden with every kind of herb there is.

    By Molly Golver on 02.21.2011

  9. The smell of it, wrapped around each golden strand of her curly hair, is the only thing I look forward to when I think about walking into that office on a cold, brisk Monday morning. My wife only smells of baby formula.

    By Gailyn URL on 02.21.2011

  10. once there was a sage at the dawn of the dead cave, a cave where scribes and sages met and thoought about how to end the world on december 21, 2012. They all sat, thinking when the one sage, jamaal, thought of an idea to use bombs. Little did the dawn of the dead members know that george bush had teamed up with obama to take down such a crime.

    By jjj URL on 02.21.2011

  11. My own personal sage was deep inside my heart, where she remained trap. My voice of wisdom, my conscience, crying out to me that I was killing myself, that what I was doing was wrong, that unless I wanted to live a meaningless life I should stand up for myself. I didn’t. I continued down the path of obedience, heartache, misery and nothingness. I stepped closer to becoming a nobody while my so-called friend used me as a stepping stone to the top. The people I had once trusted trampled across my back on their way to being a somebody while I laid on the floor, hoping that someone would reach out to me. And then one day, only a year ago, it happened. A hand reached down for mine and pulled me up. My new friend. She saved me from myself when even I couldn’t, and for that I am always grateful to my sage, my mentor, the only person I am able to call a true friend.

    By Ashley URL on 02.21.2011

  12. the sage said many things to me when i came to india all those years ago. to be honest, i don’t remember what he wanted to say to me when I first asked my questions. All I know is that he told me what I wanted to hear. And I left feeling like I conquered the world in one fell blow. In a way, I did. My own little world. I can’t imagine anymore.

    By Katie Schutzkus on 02.21.2011

  13. Green and fresh smelling. The herb makes me feel like I am alive and filled with life. I can smell and taste it as I write about it. I love the texture of the leaves and love to chop it up fine and put in burnt butter and toss with butternut squash raviolis.

    By Tammy Bronson URL on 02.21.2011

  14. it is a spice that fills the senses with joy and smells like spring and summer, and winter and fall. Every season is perfect for sage. Amazing, and sweet. How can you not love it.

    By Erica Littman on 02.21.2011

  15. we burn sage when we kill chickens
    and the evening light is as green-gray
    as the sage leaves and chilly
    and the chicken is warm and calm beneath her feathers.

    this is too big a thing to do we ride
    the carpet of sage smoke over the mountains
    with the souls of birds all around

    By Jeff Goodman on 02.21.2011

  16. The sage took her hand
    looker her in the eye and said
    “You are always in my heart
    and my love for you will never
    dwindle. You are a part of me forever.”

    She cried.

    By Destin URL on 02.21.2011

  17. “I see. You do not yet know what it means, do you?”
    “Excuse me?”
    “To be sage takes much more than simply memorizing a series of facts and explanations. It takes something that a only a few people posses.”

    By Seth URL on 02.21.2011

  18. the old man who sits on his porch and observes the people walking by, and educates those who have the courage to approach him. he shares his life story with them, and advises them when they ask. he is an inspiration for all who know him, but many do not approach him for fear of what is different.

    By d on 02.21.2011

  19. did you know that every time sombody smokes, everyone is inhailing the chemicals, not just them? this is called second hand smoke and even if you dont smoke you can get lung cancer. crazy right? yes it is! Infact second hand smoke is 50% of the reson why people get lung cancer.

    By Molly on 02.21.2011