October 29th, 2011 | 308 Entries

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308 Entries for “sacrifice”

  1. i have to make sacrifies. life forces me to make saccrifises. i belive in balance. i belive the universe will send me some good to repair all that is lost. but when??

    By Gergana Georgieva on 10.30.2011

  2. sacrifice can be good or bad. its bad to sacrifice for something that doesnt need sacrificing for. like doing something to please someone and then the person doesnt care. wait, thats not sacrifice. sorry! uhmmmmm mufasa sacrficed his life for his son simba. that was a good thing.

    By kylie on 10.30.2011

  3. a sacrifice is magical. a big love can be seen from a sacrifice. it is beautiful, though sometimes it is sad. but people who sacrifice are amazing people. so sacrifice! it is needed.

    By Putri Indam Kamila on 10.30.2011

  4. if you give up something for someone or thing or give up their lives for a country

    By Aaro URL on 10.30.2011

  5. Loving someone when everything in you and everyone around you says that it was a stupid thing to do. It is giving up you life for someone else. Life is sacrifice.

    By Ashley URL on 10.30.2011

  6. Sacrifice: we all sacrifice so much for our families–decisions are made not for ourselves but for the family unit. I think that is the beginning of maturity, when one sacrifices without regret for the family.

    By elizabeth b URL on 10.30.2011

  7. i once sacrificed a cat from drowning so i could participate in compitition

    By dave on 10.30.2011

  8. This was difficult to do, but had to be done. It meant leaving everything behind, to sacrifice all material things to attain a spiritual goal. Still, living on the mountain while beautiful, had its limitations. She wondered about her family and the latest news, what was on the soaps.

    By chanpheng URL on 10.30.2011

  9. I wouldn’t sacrifice myself, not any part. I wouldn’t. It wouldn’t be necessary. It shouldn’t be necessary.

    I knew it, believed it. Down deep, right down to the bone, as seriously as I’d believed or known anything. Yet, it seemed to be a question. It seemed to be possible.

    “No way,’ I said and walked out, closing the door in the face of his objections.

    By Aly Blythe URL on 10.30.2011

  10. BOM! BOM! BOOOM!

    Quick, David…
    Hide in the trees…
    The forest will help you…

    The procession grew
    like a creeper on
    a deserted

    A slack neck
    and rolling eyes
    Told me she
    was dead
    To the
    land of
    the living.

    I ran, loincloth flapping
    As the high priest came
    Gold shoes tapping.
    His warriors searched
    But could not find
    So he bashed their heads in
    instead of mine.

    By Dave Mercer on 10.30.2011

  11. everyone at one time sacrifices something. whether it be a job or a person or even something they once loved, someone somewhere has sacrificed something. it may not be anything huge like what they did back in the old days when they sacrificed people, but someone somewhere sacrificed something they loved for something that they had to do. it may be difficult to do, but what needs to be done has to be done.

    By kelsea URL on 10.30.2011

  12. It’s about sacrificing something you love, but which you are ready to sacrifice anyway, because you know it’s for the best.

    By anna on 10.30.2011

  13. That’s what Jesus has done to us, human.

    By Lia on 10.30.2011

  14. giving your life – your meaning – to someone else, for someone else.
    a selfless act of love, fate, etc.
    it takes a real person.

    By Elsie on 10.30.2011

  15. highly overrated this thing called sacrifice
    a leftover from organized religion and its need to control the masses
    and the flip side
    giving it all up for a child or a friend
    the refuting is voluntary and not so much sacrifice as gift.

    By sdk URL on 10.30.2011

  16. sacrifice
    he doesn’t understand
    get mad
    feel sad
    when I can’t be there
    this is life
    we grow up
    I can’t be your mom

    By Candice URL on 10.30.2011

  17. sacrifice is what i try to do. sacrifice my time and my ability. like Jesus. sacrifice my life for my friends and family.

    By albusd URL on 10.30.2011

  18. I’d almost sacrifice it all. But that’s the thing, almost. Not everything.

    By boulevardbelle URL on 10.30.2011

  19. I don’t know if I sacrifice too much or not enough. I like to think that it’s too much, but who knows. What’ve you ever sacrificed for me? But then again, always being there doesn’t necessarily mean making sacrifices, maybe I’ve never even made any.

    By Andrea URL on 10.30.2011

  20. Funny this word came up a few days before our festival of sacrifice: Eid Ul Adha. It’s the time of year we sacrifice an animal in memory of Prophet Abraham’s sacrifice to Allah. He was told to sacrifice is son, and like a proper devotee he complied. However, on the eve of the killing, moments before he was to strike the boy, Ishmael was replaced by a sheep. Such is the mysterious ways of our God.

    By selzilla URL on 10.30.2011

  21. giving up, giving in, letting go – to make room for something else, something new. giving up, giving in – doing away wiht what doesn’t works, on the altar of you, temple green and gold, shiny bold, utterly you. let it go, sacrifice is not so bad, it’s sometimes needed.

    By White Eyelet URL on 10.30.2011

  22. It’s tough to sacrifice things. You give up something that you really don’t want to but need to. It’s not about want, it’s about need. Yeah, it’s not fun, but you HAVE to do it. So you do, and when this happens, you have no idea how great the reward will be.

    By Laylee on 10.30.2011

  23. to give what is above your normal daily means. To give or provide to someone else what you need for yourself. To offer time to

    By jerry lacy URL on 10.30.2011

  24. “I can’t give you up” his voice almost a whisper. Seeing the frailty in his face she took his calloused hands and cupped them in hers. They were hard and unpleasant to the touch, with dirt dug under each torn nail. They had been neglected and broken countless times. She tried to clean him up with nothing, doused him effort and sterilised him in alcohol, yet it never took. She knew in this moment he was unravelling, slowly coming undone. Though he was obsolete, he is no longer magnificent. The grey in his showed. Reluctantly she let go, cupping her own trembling fingers. Her face started crinkle as salty tears stained her lips. “But you can’t find the strength to fight for me either, can you?” To that, he had no answer.

    By Saskia URL on 10.30.2011

  25. When you sacrifice yourself for another that usually means you love that person. But what about a dog? Ever sacrifice your life for a dog? Ever know anyone that did? I don’t, and I love my little puppy, but he is unable to understand that Mommy saved his life. Even if he was like a Rottweiller, who was born and bred to protect.

    By Vanessa URL on 10.30.2011

  26. giving someone’s life or duties for someone faithfully/happily due to religion,etc..

    By S.AKASH. on 10.30.2011

  27. Do I have to?

    By Brigitte Adair URL on 10.30.2011

  28. Take your son Isaac, whom you love, to the top of the mountain and there slit his throat to prove your love for the lord your god.
    On second thought, a goat will do.

    By Bill G URL on 10.30.2011

  29. I know you sacrificed everything to be with me. I didn’t ask you to. I want to go back to before we met. My life outside of you has not changed much. I hope your able to go back.

    By Marina URL on 10.30.2011

  30. mother is the symbol of sacrifice in any given culture. The sacrfice she does for her children is beyond compare. but when this sacrifice is given the name of martyrdom, it cheapens it.

    By zephyr URL on 10.30.2011

  31. Sacrifice: what you give up not necessarily because you want to, but in order to serve a higher purpose. For example, the Aztecs performed human sacrifice, giving up their people to please the gods.

    By Julie on 10.30.2011

  32. i knew i had to do it. sacrifice what i loved, who i loved, for him to be happy. i knew that with me, he could never realise his full potential, and i wasn’t going to be the one to take that away from him.

    By Cathy URL on 10.30.2011

  33. sacrafice the lambs the lamsb are fed to slaughter it was a weak night in april when the frost was on the ground and everything was scarce. lonely cry was heard from the woods, a chant of scrafice was heard drawn through the air thoughoutthe haunted night. it was there it began, it was there where it had ended.

    By christy hanson on 10.30.2011

  34. it’s takes a lot of control, i guess. self control. helping. pain. worth pain. it will be worth it. study

    By ana on 10.30.2011

  35. Giving things up to help help a loved one or anybody else, something that you do to help others. It may be hard but it is usually done for the better of other people. Sacrificing can also mean killing an animal or person for a deity, which is really stupid I think

    By Homer Simpson on 10.30.2011

  36. Do things for other that you wouldn’t do if you had the freedom to chose.

    By Catarina URL on 10.30.2011

  37. Sacrifice is what Jesus did for us. He sacrificed his life for the greater good for man. It means alot more than just dying.

    By Katie Smith on 10.30.2011

  38. When she got the phone call that her mother was dead she really didn’t know what to expect, let alone the voice over the receiver telling her that she died attempting to stop a burglary with a sack of bagels and a sharp-wit.

    By Julia URL on 10.30.2011

  39. It wasn’t at all hard to do the weekly sacrifice. In fact it was all and all one of the easiest things to do. All one had to do was find a grape and mercilessly slice it open.

    By Michelle on 10.30.2011

  40. Jesus said, “I’m going to dance with my hand above my head.” He is the ultimate sacrifice and we walk in his bloodshed footsteps to an ultimately greater success. We must set out to be like him. It is simple yet hard to understand, most people will only go 2 steps into the blood shed.

    By Lara on 10.30.2011