October 29th, 2011 | 308 Entries

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308 Entries for “sacrifice”

  1. when someone gives something up for someone else because their love is that strong. abraham sacrificed his son for he so loved/respected god and the world. a mother will usually sacrifice anything for her children. you will sacrifice anything for those you really love

    By ellen on 10.29.2011

  2. i give you pieces of myself
    so that you may go on
    and live the life you deserve.

    By philippa weston URL on 10.29.2011

  3. Peter knew it the moment they ran away from the Kingsmen together. The flutter in his chest confirmed it. Giving in to the feeling would ensure his death but he couldn’t lie to her any longer. He cupped her cheek in his calloused hand.
    Claire rested her hand over his. “Peter? Why do you look so sad?”
    Before he could even speak, his knees buckled. Peter Pandemonium dropped to the ground, dead before the grass met his face or the tears dropped from his eyes.

    By Briana Bloom URL on 10.29.2011

  4. what would you give – sacrifice – for the love of another? your heart? soul? pride, beliefs or very essence of your character? whatever it be, whatever lengths you might go – would you dare to love yourself just the same? just as fierce?

    By Cj @imgoodbackup URL on 10.29.2011

  5. to sacrifice: to give up, to quit? no, i don’t think so…. to be martyr-like to sign your life or kidney away compassionate giving too much

    By Emma Smith on 10.29.2011

  6. evanescance song on their third album. Sacrifice is pain and relationships need it. I sacrifice everything for my friends. Pain is a constant when you sacrifice. I hurt alot….

    By Briana Hanson on 10.29.2011

  7. I’m sacrificing my soul for you and you don’t even know it. Each time my heart shudders thinking of the torment it will go through so that you may be happy, each time a sharp knife cuts through it mercilessly, letting my whole world fade to black.

    By LostAsleep URL on 10.29.2011

  8. the man stumbled up the long steep hill with an innocent white lamb on his back. the lamb would never see the blue sky again. the best way to die

    By allie on 10.29.2011

  9. Yeah, the first thing I think of is Jesus. How he laid down his life for us. I mean, your life. You give up all that you are. Your breath, your dreams, your hope, your blood, your whole entire body. Just up for something. Some purpose. I can’t understand it.

    By Brittany on 10.29.2011

  10. Mike’s entire life had been one giant sacrifice. All he wanted to do was raise his daughter right, and not one person could see that. In his eyes, there was something more; I could see it. He craved something. As Mike raised his hand to brush the hair from my face in the pouring rain, he said to me, “I’d swim the ocean for you.” Then kissed me.

    By thebananapost URL on 10.29.2011

  11. The ultimate sacrifice was paid on the cross. Jesus Christ. Salvation. Redeemed. GOSPEL. God. Our. Sins. Paying. Everyone. Life.

    By Vaichusness on 10.29.2011

  12. I gave up my life for you. I can’t believe that you’ve done this. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you, and now, not only can I not spend it with you, I can’t spend it with anyone else either. You’re a traitor. You took my trust and abused it. You abused me. This is what you’ve made my life. Hell. Pure hell.

    By Emely on 10.29.2011

  13. very common practice in accordance with hindu mythology where goats and other animals are killed in order to appease the lords.

    By kirthana on 10.29.2011

  14. She steps forward into the light and is nearly blinded. There are people, everywhere, mostly standing, staring down at her from all sides. She cannot see their eyes to tell their expressions but she imagines pity and cruel amusement. The ground is white with sunlight, so it hurts to even look down. Yet she finds it in herself to keep walking, squint her eyes against the sun and look at the red insides of her eyelids until she reaches the very center of the arena.

    Someone slashes the rope binding her wrists behind her back and presses a sword into her hand. She almost drops it, her grip loose and weak from losing circulation for so long, but she steadies the weapon with her other hand and clings to it. If she had let go she is not sure she would have found the strength to bend and pick it up.

    The guards that had escorted her through the arena have vanished. The jeering crowd has not, but they might as well have for all the notice she pays them now.

    In the far wall of the stadium is an iron grate, sealing the entrance to a shadowy chamber. As she watches, the grate lifts up off the ground and retracts into the stadium wall.

    Out of the darkness, she sees the first glint of claws.

    By miira URL on 10.29.2011

  15. don’t mean it

    By luke URL on 10.30.2011

  16. one word implies a unity that seems a bit contrived. We are also supposed to be working together, but we aren’t, and the more time that passes by, the less I believe we as a species are capable of creating anything meaningful together.

    By Vanessa Leightly on 10.30.2011

  17. Dreams are easy to achieve, if hope is all you’re hoping to be. Well, yes, and hope is rather easy to come by, isn’t it? But anything tangible… well that’s another matter, isn’t it. It’s the sweat and the broken bones that count in the end. It’s the effort, the sacrifice.

    By Cana URL on 10.30.2011

  18. Sometimes we all have to make sacrifices for the ones we love, like relinquishing that last slice of pizza to your brother (even though you’ve already eaten three). Luckily, those sacrifices don’t have to be made often… Pizza is plentiful!

    By zoë URL on 10.30.2011

  19. My mother and father sacrificing their jobs, lives, marriage for me when I was in middle school to put me in the school of the arts. They knew I belonged in a better school, and their decision is the only reason I am as happy as I am all day, every day in New York City. Thank you. I love you.

    By Jill on 10.30.2011

  20. It was a sacrifice, yes, but it was one that I not only wanted to make, but that I needed to make. Letting him go from my life would give me a life – this is something that I had come to understand over the past few months. The ugly fights, his apologies … these all need to be sacrificed for the greater good – my sanity!

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 10.30.2011

  21. It’s not easy
    Making a sacrifice
    And most of us wouldn’t want
    To have to.
    But once made
    It feels right
    And good
    And selfless
    And we appreciate
    In retrospect
    Those sacrifices that others
    Have made
    For us.

    By Diana on 10.30.2011

  22. The man wanted to have her, but the conspiracy of the father would not accept it, if it displeased his father, get must break his own heart, he did not want that, but he must to keep his job at the bank house.

    By Karina URL on 10.30.2011

  23. I must sacrafice my heart for the one i love, my heart will be broken, and I cannot let my parents suffer my rebellious ways any longer. sacrafice comes with ups and downs, my parents

    By Karina URL on 10.30.2011

  24. He was asking her for the world, essentially. To give up everything she’d ever known, all her comfort, all the things in the world that she loved – to move across the world with him? It was a sacrifice she didn’t know if her heart was strong enough to make. What would her life be like, alone and in a country she knew no one and nothing? It all seemed too much to bear.

    By Ashley URL on 10.30.2011

  25. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    The Mayans sacrificed people
    and so should you.


    By Ashley R. K. URL on 10.30.2011

  26. I approached the altar with my family in the endless queue of people. The floor ran red with blood and the stench of hit hung heavy in the afternoon air. It made me want to be sick. I tried ot put on a brave face- neither my two older brothers had cried at their first blood sacrifice. Finally we were at the front of the queue and a priest handed me a long, elegant knife. I bowed my head in thanks and knelt in front of the stone basin. It was full of thick, chrimson liquid. I gluped nervously and placed the blade upon my wrist. With a deep breath, I sliced through my flesh. I clenched my teeth in an effort not to cry out in agony as blood gushed from my open wound into the basin. “For the gods,” I stammered. Then I got shakily to my feet and handed the knife back to the priest. I held my wrist with my other hand, blood welling between my fingers, and left the sacrificial church. I found my brothers outside, wrapping their wrists in rags. They handed me some and I began to attend to myself as well as I could.
    “How was it?” asked Harry.
    “Fine,” I lied. We walked home together, none of us complaining, but for the next week my wrist throbbed painfully as my wound slowly healed.

    By Antonia on 10.30.2011

  27. Is a terrible thing. Especially animal sacrifice. It makes me sad.

    By sarah on 10.30.2011

  28. when i see this word i see fire and people burning sheeps to offer to god, which is a really stupid idea. i mean, god created all this and now you are giving things back. It’s like some one gives you a cake and you offer them a piece of crumb as return.

    By teddy on 10.30.2011

  29. I hated it. Why does everything have to be hard? Why can’t everything come easily for everyone? Why must it hurt so much. But I guess that’s what you get. Things never come easily for everyone. Especially with love. Sacrifice is just something you have to deal with every time you fall in love.

    By janajee URL on 10.30.2011

  30. sacrifice is to give away something with no return for someone else , the other definition is to kill someone for the worship of your god.
    It’s very generous to sacrifice things for someone else ,

    By M7md on 10.30.2011

  31. But when she thought about it, she hadn’t given anything up at all. She didn’t sacrifice anything. She just took risks. She risked her mother’s life when she decided to go. She risked her own life when she decided to go, and Isaac’s too. She risked getting caught. She risked hurting Porter. She risked Porter’s safety, as well, because she knew if anything came down on her it would come down on all of them. So in the end, when she was thinking of her sacrifices, she realized she had nothing to think about at all.

    By Krista-Lyn URL on 10.30.2011

  32. there is a lot that i am told to sacrifice…
    sometimes because i am old enough now..
    sometimes because i am a girl
    sometimes for my family…
    sometimes for my friends…
    sacrifice…it makes me a better person
    it makes me resent the people i should love
    stop asking me to..
    i will when i want to and i really want to
    has cut my wings
    and now i have lost my will to fly
    it is never enough

    By Srishti URL on 10.30.2011

  33. Ragnar the short necked middle aged man struggled with shifting weight when he tried to get up from his favorite brown recliner. He went out on his porch and leaned on and pissed over the handrail while looking at the big dipper in the sky. He knew that his place in front of the tv set was by now taken but his recent double pleasure made it worth it.

    By Becktor URL on 10.30.2011

  34. I never wanted to let her go but the will of the gods should not be trifled with. She was always so kind to everyone and I knew she never really did it.

    By Antonia on 10.30.2011

  35. She stepped in front of it. And in that moment, she validated everything she had ever felt, everything he had ever doubted. In that moment, he understood just how much she meant it when she said she would rather die for him than hurt him.
    In the second afterward, he would have given anything to be a second faster, a bit smarter, a bit better. He would have given anything to be the one who had sacrificed.

    By Chelseyann URL on 10.30.2011

  36. I thought that I had sacrificed a lot for him. I certainly gave up self worth. I would have made huge sacrifices, because that is what one does for the greater good. In my mind his happiness was the most important thing there was. I sacrifced myself to make him happy, to try to make him happy. In the end both of us were miserable and I was broken. You should never make a sacrifice for someone who would not do the same for you. You should never give up who you are as a sacrifice, who you are is all you have sometimes, and when you lose that, you’ve lost everything.

    By elspeth remine on 10.30.2011

  37. The hem of your velvet skirt darkens as you take your first step
    Into the soft surrender of the waves.
    You kneel solemn,
    As the darkness saturates its path through your burgundy beauty.
    Ever closer.
    Your body
    For your sanity.

    By Divya URL on 10.30.2011

  38. giving up something you love

    By emma on 10.30.2011

  39. I was happy when I met you. I thought I only had one chance, you see, so I gave everything up when you came around my house in your car and I went with you.
    I should have thought it over. Frankly, you broke me. Now I have to pay the price.

    By Katy URL on 10.30.2011

  40. Sometimes sacrifices have to be made. This moment, at the highest peak in the mountains of California, I made my choice. And never had the chance to look back.

    By Bali Briant URL on 10.30.2011