March 24th, 2010 | 198 Entries

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198 Entries for “runaway”

  1. Sometimes I just want to runaway, escape the world and all it’s insanity.
    Doesn’t that sound nice?
    To just for once get away from it all.
    To just leave everything important behind and not care?
    I want to do that.

    By Alyssa on 03.25.2010

  2. when i think of running away.. all i can really think of is freedom and not having anything holiding me back. but then again,… i think what im running away from is what i cherish the most.. it is those things that probably mean the most to me.. friends.. family.. my life in this city. maybe what i need is a temp getaway and let the rest stay as it is…. perfect!

    By kanika on 03.25.2010

  3. Runaways are always lost, sometimes returned. The death of her friend led to a time when she just wanted to hide away from somewhere else, some unknown monster who wanted to make her lose the battle against herself. So she ran, packing light and taking nothing she wanted.

    By Sabrina on 03.25.2010

  4. runaway

    By mehran on 03.25.2010

  5. There one was a mall runnaway in tattered clothes who loved to stare into the window of the local shop. Hi parents livd there but they didn’t know he was still alive anymore. He wished they missed him.That is thw whole reason that he ran away.

    By Gabby URL on 03.25.2010

  6. gone. afraid. fast, faster, fastest. runaway, runaway, ,runaway and save your life (the dance rave song on SNL) runaway on a runaway track (another song) gotta get get. fearful of something in the past

    By LI on 03.25.2010

  7. on a ship. castaway. stowaway. trying to understand, but running from the logic. simply finding a new path. one without the rules, the boundaries of the parents’ life. the life of the media. the romantic portrayl. fearless. looking for love on the road, hoping for an identity.

    By bekah on 03.25.2010

  8. scared little child. lost and alone. no sisters or brothers. hopeless. bad stepfather beats mother. he will wait till he is older to come back and beat stepfather himself.

    By Brittany Dresser on 03.25.2010

  9. aerosmith song, janie’s got a gun, runaway from the pain, get out of dodge, things can’t get much worse, just go where the wind flows, want to start all over, count to ten and start again, meet new and ditch old, wishing hoping,

    By heidi on 03.25.2010

  10. sometimes it is easy to runaway even though you ask yourself if the place you’re running to is going to make you run again. maybe it’s luck

    By Anja on 03.25.2010

  11. I called you a runaway. But you didn’t look back.

    By Cal on 03.25.2010

  12. I’d love to run away. Escape from everything. Life is a constant slope downhill…to run away would free me. A free mind and a free soul; that’s all anybody ever needs. Screw money, and screw societal ideals. I’m here to live for me.

    By alyce on 03.25.2010

  13. He ran. And ran and ran. And then he ran some more. But this was not forest gump. While Gump ran from his grief, this one ran from his fear.

    Fear of failure, fear of defeat, fear of that which has not yet been seen.

    But could he outrun it?

    By mot256 on 03.25.2010

  14. I take this more as a command “to run away.” That takes me to Monty Python, when the knights are fleeing the flying cow. If you don’t get this reference, you are missing a great life experience.

    By maureen on 03.25.2010

  15. I thought about becoming a runaway at one point. I would always pack my clothes and conveniently forget to wake up in the middle of the night and leave. I think it was a way to trick myself into thinking I had any kind of independence. I didn’t really have any. I was never going to leave. It makes me a little sad to think about it.

    By Caitlin Ensley on 03.25.2010

  16. the man was silent, gazing at me with calm expressionless eyes. Suddenly, they flared, and I was caught in a storm.
    “How COULD you?!!?!? We TRUSTED YOU, for God’s sake!!! NEVER do ANYTHING like that again!”

    This man was my father.

    By Kaera on 03.25.2010

  17. Runaway with yourself, and leave me here. Alone is at peace. Peace is what i seek. You crack my soul. You don’t want me broken.

    By milkie on 03.25.2010

  18. i really want to run away i said to myself.
    not literally, but if i could find an easier way to jsut ignore all the bullshit that i seem to end up in, or just get them to understand instead of always retreating into my mind and thoughts and being the weird freak in the corner with a book. not like that is bad. i jsut want something different, something more, something alive.

    By korrina on 03.25.2010

  19. At first, I thought I’d like to run away. From all the problems, to all the pain..I’d run away. Then I realized, who wants to be a runaway? Weak and unsure. Fight cancer. Fight heartbreak. Fight through college. Fight everything. And love everyone. I chose not to run away. Choose not to run away too.

    By Alicia on 03.25.2010

  20. There was a baboon who ran away from the circus. He was tried of the circus goers coming and pointing at his blue butt and throwing peanuts at him. Finally one night he gathered up his courage and busted through the old rusty cage that had held him for too many of his years. Once freed, he wasn’t sure what to do with himself.

    By Hannah on 03.25.2010

  21. He flees from all humanity. He runs from the light. He runs from his life and his pain and evey person who emphisizes that pain. He is the runaway. He does not know where he is going, only that he must go.

    By Kate on 03.25.2010

  22. i want to runaway and never come back. well actually i’d like to come back. but running away would be fun. actually i don’t know about running but walking or driving away should be fun. makes me think of movies for some reason. forest gump

    By jon on 03.25.2010

  23. i run away every day, i run away from my sorrows. i run away from my dreams.. because im scared. im scared of failing. im scared of rejection. im scared of being look down upon. i worry too much about what other people think. this makes me want to run away. i dont know how to think it in any other way, running aways the only solution. running away… not very smart

    By Natalie on 03.25.2010

  24. i run away every day, i run away from my sorrows. i run away from my dreams.. because im scared. im scared of failing. im scared of rejection. im scared of being look down upon. i worry too much about what other people think. this makes me want to run away. i dont know how to think it in any other way, running aways the only solution. running away… not very smart

    By natalie on 03.25.2010

  25. go far far into the distance there is no one to understand your misson and why it is you left the comfort of noncomfort. Who is this sweet little shadow of a man a black snowman on a white field oh misery misery he says nay says I and yet who is there truly to see the truth in the misson

    By sarah on 03.25.2010

  26. She knew she shouldn’t be running away, but it was her only option. At least, that’s what it seemed like. No one wanted her, no one needed her. She could imagine her premature funeral, completely barren and lacking of any human being. Maybe Jacob would be there, but it was unlikely, what with his new girlfriend and all. She stuck out a thumb, and watched the cars whizz by her, uncaring.

    By Mia on 03.25.2010

  27. august rush ran away frm his orphanage and became i musician he went to juliard cool he was the best i liked that movie

    By z on 03.25.2010

  28. runaway slaves. runaway captives. gone gone gone. all of the children who run away and never return home. why do they run from their birth? what is the cause of their pain? to run away from necessities, from mother, father, the paper dolls that they are. i will. away to them. away to him.

    By leafyme on 03.25.2010

  29. riveting, rushing running
    We’re all kindof,
    in a certain kindof way,

    No home
    that we want
    to go back to
    staring out windows
    wanting to get out

    riveting rushing running
    we’re all kindof
    in a certain kindof way,

    By molly on 03.25.2010

  30. I wish I could run away
    run away to a brand new day
    A day where I could be myself
    A day where I don’t have please anyone else
    A day where I can just be me
    A day where I can finally be free

    By bridget on 03.25.2010

  31. She’s a runaway train…runaway bride…loose cannon. Doing her own thing when she wants, where she wants. Don’t try holding her down because she will break free.

    By tini on 03.25.2010

  32. I shove the closest clothes I can find into my backpack, cursing my awful parents under my breath. I wipe a tear protruding from my eye and pick up my bag. I open my window, take a breath, and leap, never to look back on this house.

    By Nathan URL on 03.25.2010

  33. when you run away,or when a group of people run away,thats all ic an really think of….or a runaway of a stampede of people,animals or a flock or birds.

    By Itzumo on 03.25.2010

  34. Runway Love is a new song of Justin Bieber, the guy that was token from youtube and he is the best person in the whole planet he is awesome and i really love him altough he doesnt see my tweets =( I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBERRRRR!

    By Arely Garza URL on 03.25.2010

  35. the girl packed her bags and just left. She didn’t thinki about how much he mom would miss her. Her dad didn’t care about her enough to care. She was oging some place, someplace where no one owuld infd her. Her hair flew all of over her face. She didn’t think about anything but her destination.

    By Mercy on 03.25.2010

  36. He stood at the side of the road feeling at little stupid – isn’t this how runaways on TV shows end up locked somewhere by a serial killer? Still, with no money and very little options he took a deep breath and stuck out his thumb.

    By Annemarie on 03.25.2010

  37. That poor sorry girl showed up on my doorstep about two weeks ago, with her brown curls dripping around her face and her pale pink dress almost stuck to her body, weighed down by the rain. I immediately brought her a towel and let her inside.

    By Kelsey on 03.25.2010

  38. Runaway with me
    For just one day
    Let’s be children again
    For just one day
    One day to chase rainbows
    One day to dream dreams
    One day to stand in meadows
    To be carefree
    To be innocent
    To be weightless
    Of worries
    Of burdens
    Of responsibilities
    Run away with me

    By Jennifer URL on 03.25.2010