March 25th, 2010 | 218 Entries

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218 Entries for “runway”

  1. models – models walk down the runway. life isnt a runway, but everyone wants to walk around looking like models. everyone is watching you on the runway, but not in life, i guess. its close to run-a-way, what happens when your trying to escape, or lead to happiness

    By Amanda M on 03.26.2010

  2. Her legs were shaky, along with her breathe. She could not see their eyes, only their shadowy judgments. Step after step, she gained all the strength she could, then flipped that motha fuckin bird to all!

    By shannon on 03.26.2010

  3. thin models that never eat. high fashion worn by sick young women. price of beauty.

    By Alythia on 03.26.2010

  4. is what onw is wo is scared of facing reality, be it someone who is lazy and fearful of being backstabbed or someone who is just frightened and not confident…i.e. someonw who does not have selfrespect

    By neal on 03.26.2010

  5. Along a runway
    Planes! Flying !
    Oh going to high
    I wish I was a bird like a raven flying free in the sky without a care.
    Runway. Modelling. Skinny. Anorexia. Don’t want that thankyou very much.

    By Stephie Reading on 03.26.2010

  6. Sometimes I feel like I want to run away. There’s just too much in this damn place that reminds me of the past. People say running away is the cowardly thing to do, but I think it also shows strength to feel so strongly about something that you leave behind all your family and friends. <3

    By RM on 03.26.2010

  7. He ran away to Vegas. He met a girl. Her name was Annna. She had red hair that shone in the scorching sun. She taught him about family, and they visited his parents and brother in Wyoming, and they fell in love with her. His brother especially, and they end up having a feud about it, until his brother learns that he just can’t take it anymore, and hence he runs away as well. He runs to Southern California and meets a girl as well, who changes his life. He brings her back to his family, and it turns out she is Annie’s cousin Sue. This turns everyone into a giant family. The End

    By Megan on 03.26.2010

  8. to a far away land
    One that you hope will take you
    One that will accept you for who you are and wont judge when you reveal you
    Runaway to the land better than here.
    Nothing to see wrong
    Noone to fear
    I dont know where to go

    By Daniel Sinnott on 03.26.2010

  9. The black stretched beyond his hazy vision, ridged by turf on either side. the air shimmered with the heat of the sun. a noise penetrated the blanket over his senses, and he turned…

    By Giles on 03.26.2010

  10. I can’t run. I can run a little bit, but I have no endurance so I can’t go far at all. I don’t think I have ever had to run away, but even if I did I couldn’t run.

    By Isabel on 03.26.2010

  11. i’d like to runaway with you. to our favorite place. no one else. just us. together. holding eachother close.nothing will come between us and this beautiful night we have. just, you, me, our blankey, a bottle of champagne, some smokes and the stars to look up at. i love you

    By jenifer on 03.26.2010

  12. fashion! all i can think of is fashion. thousands of models go down a runway to show off the new clothes that everyone will be wearing next season. They show us our future.

    By Murielle on 03.26.2010

  13. i was walking through th woods when a cat came up behind me and started stroking my legs with its tale. the cat was quite small with orange streaks through its platinum white fur. it was the strangest sight i’d ever seen when the cat suddenly burst into flames and out came a dragon. i ran and ran and ran from the dragon but was too slow. it turned out all the dragin wanted was a hug

    By lottie king on 03.26.2010

  14. I wish I could leave my house, but I have no where to go. No one else cares about me except me. I want to die but I know I never will. I can never escape my life.

    By Cory Cothrum on 03.26.2010

  15. she told me never to leave her side
    and why would i
    its warm here
    between her fingers and under her skin
    what benefit would i get from running
    from love?

    By ugly prometheus on 03.26.2010

  16. I love Tim Gunn! He tells me to work it! Work that thaaaaang! Sittin on the terlet bay bay! I sure do love to yodel! I yodel allllll day long! Just so you know, those beards were fake. George Clooney does work it, though. He has class. He is bona fiiiiide. Or something. Josh, do you have anything to say? If so say it now so I can start typing it, please. Run

    By KATIE on 03.26.2010

  17. I am jealous of some of the models that walk on runways. Sometimes people can fall off of them. It’s funny when they trip or something like that. People on the runway wear a lot of things like dresses, bathing suits, and other kinds of clothing. I wish I could be on a runway, and be a model someday.

    By Brandi on 03.26.2010

  18. planes taking off to go places

    By sean on 03.26.2010