March 23rd, 2010 | 232 Entries

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232 Entries for “roll”

  1. rock and roll is my farorite music i like it because it is rolly roll like bread is good because there is fiber in it and i like fiber because it helps me poop i like rolls i like cinniaman rolls with cream roll l

    By maddy on 03.24.2010

  2. My little sister rolls down the snowy hill.. i wonder how she is always so happy. I wonder why she isn’t worried like the rest of us.. but then I realize that she is too young to be worried. To young to be anything but excited about the snow.. to young to care about anything but getting snow in her eyes when she lands, face first in a snowdrift.

    By G.M on 03.24.2010

  3. the best way to get down a hill is to curl into a ball and politely ask gravity to loan you her recklessness.

    By billiards on 03.24.2010

  4. roll.
    in a ball.
    down a hill.
    on your side.
    eat a roll.
    with butter.

    By keolani on 03.24.2010

  5. Why is it that every one of these things are with the word ‘roll’
    you don’t have 60 seconds to do one of these either.
    when it says ‘finish up your last sentence’, you can write for another like hour or so. seriously..
    this site doesn’t actually know that you’re on your last sentence. Buut this is sort of cool so I’ll just go with it.

    By keolani on 03.24.2010

  6. i rolled the ball to julia and peter when we were playing crazy kickball my team won hahahaa a ball rolls down the hill at 100mph and hits someone in the foot and the trip snap their neck and die ahahahah jk

    By z on 03.24.2010

  7. Rock N’ Roll. When I was little my mom was very strict with our television consumption. However, I loved Kids Incorporated, a show on Disney with a rocky musical feel. Too many hips shaking, apparently.

    By Avare on 03.24.2010

  8. I was standing on the beach, suddenly I fell to the ground, it was apparent,….I’m supposed to roll. Finally someone who understands me. I’ve waited all my life for you and now you come to me. I’m 89 years old though.Love

    By Tony Mulcahy URL on 03.24.2010

  9. Roll on, you waves of blue and white
    past my cliffs, past my sight
    Roll on through the day and night
    Cresting and nesting without fright.

    By jeff on 03.24.2010

  10. Jelly Rolls taste good in my mouth said the single mother to the teacher. My face dripped with condescension and a sigh came out my mouth. “Perhaps packing Sam a more nuiturious lunch than jelly donuts will help him improve in school.”

    By scott on 03.24.2010

  11. To roll is to fall, but to fall safely. It’s kind of a weird word, if you look at it for awhile.. Roll. Roll. Why is it pronounced like that? Wrowl. Roll. Roooooll. Weird word. I feel like it itself could roll, with that little O in the middle. Roll. Roll. Roll.

    By Stephanie on 03.24.2010

  12. i roll on ecstasy all the time. rolling in the grass is quite fun. i like to roll dough to make delicious bread. i was rolling at love fest last year and it was fun but it made me feel very confused and made my stomach hurt. rolling on top of daisies would be very pleasant. roll your nipples for pleasure. roll your significant others nipples for pleasure to them.

    By josh on 03.24.2010

  13. The egg was rolling down the hill. Surprisingly, it didn’t break… yet. However, a sharp and jagged rock appeared within view, and then the egg broke in half, revealing a fuzzy baby bunny.

    By evelina on 03.24.2010

  14. I like to roll around in puddles. Dogs like to roll around in the grass. JOSH used to like to ROLL. i attempted to roll at lovevolution, but it was an epic fail. rolling around in daisies can be quite fun. rolling rolling rolling. i like to roll up balls of play doh. :) ROLL ROLL ROLL ROLL ROLL ROLL ROLL HAHAHAH. Rolling sounds quite fun.

    By Nicola on 03.24.2010

  15. I had to roll the bread dough out on the big vegetable cutting board because there wasn’t any counter space left after last night. The remains of a half-eaten tofurkey were attracting ants on the countertop and stale wheat bear drippings left a yeasty smell on the air.

    By amanda on 03.24.2010

  16. Roll on my friends roll on you may live even though i can not i love you and you love me back but i must say for you all to roll on

    By Jak on 03.24.2010

  17. Memphis, Chicago, Baton Rouge
    Rollin’ and tumblin’ the whole night through
    Terre Haute Indiana, think I’ll roll on by
    Rolling corn fields bring a tear to my eye
    There’s a reason the Spanish say “ay, que rollo”
    When something is a drag like Chinese pollo
    Chinese spring rolls are delicious
    but the gas they tend to bring is vicious
    Of the chocolate variety, rolls are great
    But rolls on my stomach inspire much hate

    By holy roller on 03.24.2010

  18. roll with it, roll with it, let your body flow into my world, let your mind go, let it enjoy, just roll with it, roll with it.

    By Alicia A-D on 03.24.2010

  19. I hate the roll that sits in my middle section. It stares at me and taunts me.


    But I pretend I don’t hear….let it think its voice is drowned out by the sound of my munching.

    By Theresa on 03.24.2010

  20. Roll puts me in mind of two things, firstly is gambling, and the sound of a dice rolling on a casino table. an image i have from movies, no doubt, but one that is clear as crystal in my mind.
    The second is rolling joints at school when i was sixteen, and being with my friends underneath a weeping willow. Later i would swear off weed and go on to achieve only slightly more.

    By Ben on 03.24.2010

  21. down the hill and over the bank she would roll until her belly hurt. It was the most fun she remembered having that summer. The summer everything else went wrong. For being eight years old, she sure had a lot on her plate. Mom and Dad weren’t living together but they sure knew how to fight and loud. Her brother was mean.

    By Heather URL on 03.24.2010

  22. Rock. Roll. It’s music, it’s beautiful, it’s been overcome by fake, cheesy boy bands who think they’re amazing. Terrible. What happened to the Rolling Stones? The Beatles? The Who? GOD. NICKELBACK. What the fuck?

    By Mikayla Michaud on 03.24.2010

  23. roll roll here we go i dont have much to say but i know to roll

    from hole to hole like a bunny i like to roll

    dont call on me to be there i wont make the role

    or become the worlds most owned hole

    i dont care what you think of me and my role

    By Kevin Barcarse on 03.24.2010

  24. down a hill, hits a kid, keeps on going, and going and going, over a cat, under a call, going and going and going

    By anna on 03.24.2010

  25. Rolling with the homies. Cinnamon buns, hot cross buns. you’re on a roll. I don’t roll like that. Like a rolling stone that gathered no moss, I must toss and floss.

    By Felicity Lingle URL on 03.24.2010

  26. Rolling with the homies. Cinnamon buns, hot cross buns. you’re on a roll. I don’t roll like that. Like a rolling stone that gathered no moss, I must toss and floss.

    By Felicity Lingle URL on 03.24.2010

  27. So i will roll the dice, gamble with my life, giving you a trigger and a blindfold for my eyes

    By Dalton on 03.24.2010

  28. I rolled down the hill to happy ever after hoping my prince would be waiting at the summit of the hill. To my dismay he was no were to be found and I wept and wept for hours and behalf of his missing presence.

    By Sally on 03.24.2010

  29. There are all types of rolls in the world. Rolls are actually my favorite appetizer. Especially those rolls from Texas Roadhouse. Those are just simply delicious and addictive.

    By Jay URL on 03.24.2010

  30. raps the filter
    the tram halts

    flake of leaf
    the tongue sticking

    remembers that she’s
    the blue tights

    By FTS on 03.24.2010

  31. we roll the dough into a ball and place it onto the sheet pan. in 12 minutes we’ll have delicious cookies to celebrate our day.

    By lorraine Settanni on 03.24.2010

  32. I rolled down the crisp green grass until I ran out of momentum. Standing up slightly shakily, I brushed the dirt off my clothes. I frowned at a large grass stain on my new jeans.

    By Augustine May on 03.24.2010