August 20th, 2018 | 54 Entries

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54 Entries for “rumble”

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    By Chimezie Ofomata URL on 08.21.2018

  2. Showing you both my middle fingers has become really fun. My roommate and I drive by, you look toward the rumble of our engine, pipe in your mouth smelling of jasmine, you and I lock eyes even though it’s hard to do so through layers of glass and metal, and I’m smiling, and you’re smiling, but our smiles are invisible.

    By whatever_artemesia on 08.21.2018

  3. my stomach loudly rumbled throughout my large digestion system. And I

    By Denise Valenciano on 08.21.2018

  4. The rumble of thunder scared everyone in the house. But the they all had to flee to the basement. Because the second rumble was from the tornado siren.

    By Keith Foley on 08.21.2018

  5. words that are spoken
    rarely mean their intention
    introspection is illiteracy in our culture
    the dim witted sons of bitches
    sit in their colorless closest close breast
    neo-fascists scream at them
    wondering why they don’t understand
    how we are influenced
    so easily
    a rumble tumbled in our jungle
    a grim portent of the unimportant
    to fight two right
    too wrong

    By matt m on 08.21.2018

  6. A little disagreement or argument between enemies.

    Also an upset tummy.

    By Jena Brodhead on 08.21.2018

  7. I rumbled in the forest. searching for a man who had killed my father.

    By lisa marshall URL on 08.21.2018

  8. The low rumble from the thunder of the storm outside registered only vaguely in my mind as I looked at the photographs and bits of paper scattered before me. As my eyes continued to adjust to the light, I held my breath.

    By L.R. Matuse URL on 08.21.2018

  9. The low rumble from the thunder of the storm outside registered only vaguely in my mind as I looked at the photographs and bits of paper scattered before me. As my eyes continued to adjust to the light, I held my breath. I’d heard about my grandfather being a pack rat, but I had a feeling these items were something more than just hoarded items from his past.

    By L.R. Matuse URL on 08.21.2018

  10. An earthquake. Dishes crashing everywhere. Under the table. Scared, but not alone.

    By Jacob on 08.21.2018

  11. All I can think about right now is earthquakes. I thought about this earlier today. I talked about this with Bea. Didn’t I? Christ, I can’t remember anything.

    Yes, I talked about earthquakes. I remember that. I talked about the end of the world, and how I can’t stop thinking about it.

    Here is what I think about: earthquakes. Tsunamis (which are earthquakes, underwater). Aliens (the unfriendly type). Disappearing. I think about that more and more. I lean against the wall and envelop myself in the blue and then I’m gone. Or I disappear in a crack in the earth and the world smiles.

    By tentwelvefourteen URL on 08.21.2018

  12. I did rumble yesterday. Today I want to do to tumble, or tremble, or hurricane coming to Oahu day after tomorrow. Rumbling coming, high noise, high speed, high destruction winds coming, and the electrlcity here is famous for shutting down at any change in the weather. I pretty much figure the hurricane is going to pass directly over my house, and I’ll be dead at that moment or soon after. Nonetheless, to prepare for my last few moments on earth, I went to Costco and bought 40 bottles of water, three cans of tuna fish, two loaves of bread, one can of garbanzos beans, two cans of dolmas, a jar of orange marmelade, a jar of peanut butter, about 3500 rolls of toilet paper, and I will have to use all of this up before I pass into the great beyond. I’d say that I went crazy, except the whole island population was jammed into Costco, doing exactly the same thing. Oh, and I also bought a package of three lanterns. I wonder if I’ll be able to assemble them in total darkness.

    By Joanna Bressler on 08.21.2018

  13. My heart rumbled and cracked with emotion. The emotions of sadness, anger, and depression took over my body when he left for my best friend.

    By unicornlife URL on 08.21.2018

  14. The rumble of my stomach was so loud. I placed my hand over it and it growled again.


    I must be very hungry. The light outside the window was just breaking. Dawn. Another night gone by ruminating. Another empty stomach. Why is it always like this?

    By Steph on 08.21.2018