August 23rd, 2018 | 32 Entries

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32 Entries for “heaven”

  1. She blinked away the tears and looked up. Everyone says heaven is up, so that’s where she looked. It was hard to see how that could be. Because it was so far away from here. Shouldn’t heaven be close to people that you love?

    By Bridget Grace on 08.23.2018

  2. See heaven’s god a plain for you.

    By joana on 08.23.2018

  3. My heaven was helping her climb out of her hell. Now, as I watch her climb past me and onward towards the rest of her life I glance back at where we both came from and I think back to the beginning. Two strangers on the edge of a precipice, both equally shocked at who they had found in the darkness. I knew then that nobody that beautiful belonged in that place and when she offered to help me I knew that I had to help her too.

    Looking at her now I struggle with the thought of her climbing without me, but I am too heavy with my own life to ever keep up with her. Though my place in her story will have been a relatively small one, I would never trade it back for anything.

    I think I will rest here for a while and recover my strength. Neither of our journey’s are even a third of the way over and even though her absence will hurt, the knowledge that she is anywhere except where I found her makes it all worth it.

    She will always be mine. Always, and never.

    By Not Sorry on 08.23.2018

  4. I quickly woke up from my dream about heaven and its streets of gold and

    By Denise Valenciano on 08.23.2018

  5. Heaven. Oh, glorious heaven. Heaven is where Jesus lives. It is the place where we go when we die if we love Jesus, accept Him as our Christ and Savior, and obey His ways. Whoever doesn’t sends themselves to Hell, to suffer greatly for eternity. The Lord never meant for it to be that way, but we humans sinned, and so Jesus, (God’s Son), had to come down to earth and die on the cross, so that we could go to Heaven to live with Him forever if we only believed His Word and lived the way He wanted us to, repenting of our sins and asking forgiveness, so that we could be pure. So because Jesus suffered crucifixion, the worst death possible, we have the opportunity to live in Heaven for eternity. So repent and accept Him, because He loves you without measure, and will forgive you instantly, and embrace you, welcoming you into His kingdom.

    By Kathy Luana Bailey on 08.23.2018

  6. A place I believe I have touched. Not streets of gold or angels playing harps. No, heaven is this place of stillness and peace that I can fold into at any moment realizing regardless of the circumstances. Like the teachings, I read about Jesus. The Kingdom of heaven is within. I have felt that and want to go back to that place.

    By Cris Nole on 08.23.2018

  7. Heaven, hell – what strange concepts for her. She did not believe. It might have been different if she had learned how to believe as a child, but nobody taught her. She was left to her own devices, mostly, and her parents had to work too much and to teach her more essential stuff.

    By Silke Seßler URL on 08.23.2018

  8. she woke up in an empty room surrounded by silk curtains and sunlight. the curtains billowed, flowing around her like the ghosts of the decisions she could never unmake. she wanted to cry but found the wind dried her eyes and throat. she tried to lift herself off the bed, but found more silk was binding her to it, wrapped around her arms and legs.

    By Jane on 08.23.2018

  9. There’s a place called Heaven to the north of my hometown – a restaurant that serves only oatmeal and tea. Somehow, the spicy brew makes me feel like I’m on a raft floating in an ocean just bubbling with the stuff. Everything is like a sauna. Everything is so warm. I thought that was more Hell than Heaven – or is it just climate change?

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.23.2018

  10. you fetishize the dreams of schemes
    the planning of your life
    don’t you fuck the less fortunate
    can’t you cut a cute figure
    why don’t you just hum a little top ten tune
    what if this heaven isn’t achievable
    what if it’s just the right now?

    By matt m on 08.23.2018

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    By WHizzer Brown URL on 08.23.2018

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    By cialis URL on 08.23.2018

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    By personal URL on 08.23.2018

  14. What is this place…? Some say we go there after our mission here on Earth is over. Some say it does not exist. Some say it is here, with us, some that heaven is actually a person, a being. What is the truth? Where to seek it? If anyone could tell… I don’t know if I’d like to meet that person or better not.

    By Pina URL on 08.23.2018

  15. 1heaven=Having Each Actuation Verifiably Even Now

    By Gar on 08.23.2018

  16. Heaven, Ohh! heavenly.
    We all wish to go to heaven after we die. But will we?
    Considering our deeds.

    By VANDANA on 08.23.2018

  17. If only you weren’t an addict, you would be heaven. All lithe muscle and strong mind. All jasmine smoke and soft leather. All ink-stained hands and crinkly grins.

    By whatever_artemesia on 08.23.2018

  18. High above the clouds, the Council of Heaven was preparing to rule out the order of the incursion.

    By you know who this is if you read the book URL on 08.23.2018

  19. ´´ Heaven is the capital of the word that we use when we have plenty of time´´, said the empty peace

    ´´ This is the bell for heavens sake, out of time again´´, said the writer.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 08.24.2018

  20. Heaven, the word is in so many songs, what new could I add to it. Are you there, do you see me now, in your house, with your coins, throwing out your clothes. And not walking on eggshells after years of that crap, tight stomach, hearing you complain about me loudly so that you knew I could here, accusing me of being such an awful person. I hope for your sake you are there. I am glad that we had peaceful, almost loving moments in the end. But I know you weren’t happy. I hope you are now.

    By loveyou on 08.24.2018

  21. She was in hell. Something was wrong; everything was wrong. She didn’t understand what, but the essence of her being was screaming and revolting against her life

    …until someone looked and truly saw her for the first time in her life. Not an angel, but a man. He held her hand and walked with her to find the source of her hell, not by directing her but by making her feel safe and encouraging her to see what was inside. Like a scene from Indiana Jones, her internal world was filled with booby traps and trap doors. Surely, he was the only person on Earth who could have helped her unlock all of the puzzles and make it to the core of the cave. 

    Instead of treasure, she found a cave that was grey and lifeless, with vines that had decayed. She was finally looking at her hell. It was a deep cave of decay. She stood at the base of it and weep because although she found it, she didn’t know how to fix it. Was she supposed to start nurturing each vine back to life? That would take a lifetime. Was she supposed to burn the entire cave to the ground and start over? If so, what would be left of her? 

    Then, something magical happened. Throughout this entire journey, the man consistently poured into her. This was the first time she had ever felt that. He made her feel so much on so many levels. He helped her find a love for herself, and she learned from him how to pour into her own heart. She felt so much love for him and from him that one day, she watched her cave totally transform. Where there was decay that had been accumulating since she was a child, it was now beautifully full of life, colors, beauty, art, poetry, and so much love. 

    Although she desperately wants many things with him that she will never have, no one can ever take the piece of heaven that now lives inside her. His time in her life might be brief, but his significance and impact on her will be forever. 

    By okayfine on 08.24.2018

  22. is it chocolate or something for you, have it fed, your ego, I mean, isn’t it the insatiable part, and what then of the imagination, where does it step to cover perfection, a sense of self to adorn or misuse in the light of opportunity, a drag and a scar; full of deceit with no past, illusion to satisfy the incessant suffering,

    By smurfstoestar on 08.24.2018

  23. TO PEOPLE WHO DO NOT KNOW WHAT HEAVEN IS: This is the truth: Heaven is where we people go if we believe and honor Jesus Christ. PLEASE SCROLL UP AND FIND THE NAME KATHY LUANA BAILEY AND READ WHAT I SAID THE FIRST TIME. It explains it clearly. :)

    By Kathy Luana Bailey on 08.24.2018

  24. P.S. If you have any questions, ask, and I will do my best to answer. As a solid Christian, I want to help you. Do you have a Bible? If so, read it, starting in the new testament. ( Hint, the new testament starts with the book of Matthew.)

    By Kathy Luana Bailey on 08.24.2018

  25. heaven is where we go if we believe in Jesus Christ. And we will be there for eternity with Jesus

    By Denise Valenciano on 08.24.2018

  26. When I think about heaven its just a beautiful place when Jesus comes back I want everyone to be ready, to go meet him.

    By Jasper URL on 08.24.2018

  27. We are surrounded by familiar faces, painted faces framed in soft gold hues. Beeswax candles flicker in front of the Theotokos and her grown Son on either side of the altar. The air is thick with incense and chanting; we breathe in the music and the fragrance. Invisible angels sing with us as we approach the Chalice, gulping down our little morsel of the King of Heaven Himself. This is where eternity meets the finite.

    By Kiki H on 08.24.2018

  28. I am dead now. I am in heaven, and it’s pretty cool. Angels are all around me, and they are so bright dude. Ow my eyes are hurting from how bright they are, but it’s still cool; they give me lots of heaven food, and it doesn’t make me fat. I just realized that David Bowie is here so I’m going to go talk to him and ask him what it’s like to be awesome. See ya later guys

    By Nathanial Murray on 08.24.2018

  29. What exactly is heaven. Is heaven different for everyone? Is it supposed to be? I’m not too sure of what exactly it is. Is it a concept or a place? I hope that when I leave earth, my soul will be in heaven. I really hope I deserve to live in heaven after life.

    By Esther Park on 08.24.2018

  30. Heaven is where I hope to be one day. Heaven is the beginning and the end, it is the purpose of our existence. A remark otherwise would prove to be naive. No human soul says –or truly means– “Oh, I shall work through all my days to end up buried in a hole!”

    By Tefi on 08.24.2018

  31. Heaven is a wonderfully splendid place and nobody could come close to imagining its glory and beauty.

    By unicornlife on 08.24.2018

  32. Heaven is something that will be able to provide solace and comfort for those that are in need of that. If we have to be honest with our own needs, we will realise that we all require the comfort of heaven.

    By Murray Ingram on 08.24.2018