August 20th, 2018 | 54 Entries

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54 Entries for “rumble”

  1. ‘Now, I’m sure you know I only have a minute,’ she said.
    ‘Time to rumble then, get into the groove and turn down the music; I have something to say.’

    By Meredyth URL on 08.20.2018

  2. I am trying to think of the correct meaning of this word. Racking my brains for it while looking at the timer. I should have taking writing a little more, no, a lot more seriously while at school. I will stop for now.

    By Kiran on 08.20.2018

  3. Daniel rumbled with Goliath when he killed him.

    By Hudson oakley on 08.20.2018

  4. The earth rumbled with the sound of thunder, making everyone afraid.

    By Cess URL on 08.20.2018

  5. She felt the ground move beneath her feet as the train pulled past her into the station. The force of the wind following it knocked her hat off, but she deftly caught it with one hand as she clutched her purse to her. Finally, everything came to a still.

    By Bridget Grace on 08.20.2018

  6. A “rumble” is something that only existed back when street gangs still had the guts for real criminal violence. You never hear about true gang fights anymore because everyone just shoots each other when they aren’t looking. The average thug nowadays doesn’t have the stomach for hand to hand combat so soccer hooligans have cornered the market on the one thing that made the thug life cool.

    By Not Sorry on 08.20.2018

  7. “Rumble” makes me think of boxing or wrestling.

    By okayfine on 08.20.2018

  8. I feel a rumbling in my chest. I know, I know, that’s not where a bodily rumble is supposed to come from and should probably “consult my physician” or whatever. The point is: I have a rumble in my chest and it makes me want to do unruly things. To that man. And not good unruly, either.

    By Abby Jelly on 08.20.2018

  9. I think the word rumble means to move about. I have heard of a rumble seat in old fashioned cars. It moves some I guess. I also know that I have heard the term rumbling around.

    By Faith on 08.20.2018

  10. Loud noise that shakes you and could even scare you.

    By Graison on 08.20.2018

  11. is that truck rumbly now. it’s making a lot of nosie !

    By Faith Bounds URL on 08.20.2018

  12. He felt it inside the pit of his stomach, the rumble of anxiety and fear that always manifested whenever he was forced to face the audience. But this time…this time he would be ready to show the naysayers everything he had within him. He was about to unleash a level of ferociousness that would leave them dumbfounded.

    By JL URL on 08.20.2018

  13. The rumble from inside the mountain was enough to make the fighting stop. Warriors from both sides turned, shocked, to see the mountain shake above them.

    “Well sh&%.”

    By Meg on 08.20.2018

  14. The ominous rumble from the sky threatened her. She ran on, into the forest, hoping she would be safe there, at least from the rain or the hail. The weather was not as friendly as on the mild spring day on which she had set out for her adventure.

    By Silke Seßler URL on 08.20.2018

  15. Beneath the boy’s feet, he could feel the ground rumble as the old god rose from its lair.

    By Ashley Roberts on 08.20.2018

  16. When I saw the cake my tummy rumbled loudly.

    By Brayden Smith on 08.20.2018

  17. Sometimes when the trains go by, filled with coal and sound and shaking, I think of that scene from The Phantom Menace when Qui Gonn says to Jar Jar “that is the sound of a thousand terrible things coming our way.” But the kids love it; they run to the top of the playground and hold on tight and lean forward, wanting to touch it.

    By Kiki H on 08.20.2018

  18. A rumbling from the jungle emerged and Barbara and Patricia stepped out of their tents. Only the smell of exhaust and the hazy fog that they had come to expect were anywhere in sight; but then, what was the source of the noise? The two of them ran around their tents and even clambered up trees trying to get a better view, feeling silly and self-conscious but knowing that this was the only way they could ensure their survival.

    By Max URL on 08.20.2018

  19. “Let’s get ready to ruumbbbbblllee,” I heard from a distance. The rumbling of what seemed to be thousands of boots against hard, dusty clay, accompanied by that all-too-familiar war cry, made me wonder what in the world could be coming my way.

    By Fallon URL on 08.20.2018

  20. He heard the rumbling before he saw the truck, so he was able to jump out of the way just in time at the rickety red pick-up rolled onto the gravel driveway. Once the dust had literally settled, he heard the jingling of spurs as the brown toes of worn down cowboy boots emerged from the driver’s side. Deputy Sheriff Teresa Hawley, dark-haired and freckled, hopped down to the ground with a slight grunt, then pushed the brim of her hat up and grinned.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.20.2018

  21. Let’s get ready to…talk. I’d like to know how you’re feeling. I’d like you to release whatever is bubbling beneath the surface of your thoughts. I can see that torment in your eyes. Looking at pictures of yourself…you never seem to be happy.

    By Josy on 08.20.2018

  22. When the motorcycles began to rumble we knew there was going to exalt some yeehaws into the night. The dust

    By Diane Waite URL on 08.20.2018

  23. shaken
    where are you
    my heart trembles
    i need you here

    By aisheo on 08.20.2018

  24. i do the bare mimumum
    to call myself human
    get it, gut punch
    seesawed like a child
    indoxicated by the dreams
    my humble wish is for you to be
    for the participants of this life
    to see normal, unlike you are
    we tumble
    my stomach rumbles
    it’s so draining
    why do we go all the way
    when we can’t help but decay

    By matt m on 08.20.2018

  25. this is the sound her stomach makes
    a low rumble
    the revving of an engine,
    preparing for the most mundane of races
    a lower level event
    with acid and old banana and a bit of popcorn
    this the sound we all make
    agitating for the same old same
    agitating for change

    By Dawn on 08.20.2018

  26. The Rumble in the Jungle was one of the greatest comebacks of all time in mine and many other boxing fans’ opinions, I’m sure… Ali said it was all a strategy, a strategy called ‘rope-a-dope’ but he rope-and-got his ass kicked for eight rounds or something, too… But everyone else Foreman hit he destroyed, and that wasn’t even prime Ali man, he would have gotten smoked by Cassius-era Ali.

    By Lee Anderson on 08.20.2018

  27. He heard the storm starting to rumble and he exclaimed to his wife, “We need to get the kids up and go to the cellar!”

    By unicornlife on 08.20.2018

  28. My stomach rumbles. Thunder rumbles before it roars. The Jets and the Sharks had a rumble.
    This is all so different from ramble. I ramble in the woods. I ramble whenever I talk, tangent, tangent tangent. Why not sign/sine. What’s the third one ? Here I am, rumbling and rambling, through the brambles. What brambles? The brambles of life.

    By Joanna Bressler on 08.20.2018

  29. and roll, the earth alive
    tumbling in waves, an ocean of green and brown,
    mud spilling up around exposed roots,
    worms writhing, branches falling, birds screaming, we run for cover —
    and roll, the earth awake
    the sun blotted out by the black of the sky,
    and who knows where we are going, who knows where we’ve come —
    we’ll roar,
    heads thrown back eyes shut tight, teeth bared —
    roar and rumble
    rumble and roll
    the earth beneath our feet moving, shaking, unsteady,
    the only way we know it.

    By missfeathy on 08.20.2018

  30. AOL Technical Support

    By Courtney Sopher URL on 08.20.2018

  31. The cars rumbled on down the road
    The rumble of thunder overhead gave me a fright
    Her low rumble was reminiscent of a dog’s
    The rumble of a fast approaching train

    By z on 08.21.2018

  32. A great rumble shook the earth. Buildings started crumbling. I heard people screaming. An awful grinding sound filled the air. I could hear pounding feet everywhere, but I was rooted to the spot. People were pushing a shoving, trampling each other in their haste to get away. I still couldn’t move, but someone pushed me along, helping me. A chunk of rock hit my arm. A sharp pain filled my body, and now I heard myself screaming. I fell to the ground, covering my head with my hands. The ground continued to shake.

    By ML on 08.21.2018

  33. Mike met the manager at the front desk
    ´ you are little early, but it shows you´re keen.

    Dave was asked to rumble the chimes to the front shelf.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 08.21.2018

  34. He liked the way his feet dangled precariously over the terracotta tiles of his favourite all-you-can-eat station, the underside of his knees glued to the edge of the cushioned seat with wooden arms that transported him to a fantasy of being in an ’80s luxury bed n’ breakfast, a continental meal after a swingin’ time at the bar the night before. The clouds were about to roll in (his utensils at the ready), and the impending storm would make a sound distraction (upon his belly).

    By Issie Kay URL on 08.21.2018

  35. “Are you ready to rumble?” the announcer yelled.

    By Da Schnazz URL on 08.21.2018

  36. We’re gonna rumble boys, got this energy gonna explode, like the thunder rolling in the distance, right above those factories belching smoke into the red sunset, august evening, summer too fast, fall already in the air.

    By loveyou on 08.21.2018

  37. trovão, musica, algo que faz muito barulho

    By kathlly on 08.21.2018

  38. The house rumbled. I knew that was unusual. That was when it all happened. The apartments beside us started crumbling down and fear struck me like a 2000 ton sledgehammer. If only I had noticed the rumble before.

    By S.VIshwa on 08.21.2018

  39. I feel a rumble in my chest, but this time I know it’s coming from the frustration that this is the same word as yesterday. “Yar-har-har,” is what’s in my heart about it. I don’t know where that came from but there it is. Yar-har-fuckidy-fucking-har.

    By Abby Jelly on 08.21.2018

  40. The class seemed to stretch on for hours upon hours, and, as intrigued as Maria was by the history of the European Union, she was far more focused on the incessant rumbling of her stomach. She hadn’t ate anything since last night, and that had been a meager dinner of yellow rice that she had managed to cook for her and Luz, her little sister, while her mother was off at her night shift at Kindred Hospital and her father was toiling at his job at the local mechanic. Lunch was next period, with only twelve minutes left until the bell rang, but, damn, twelve minutes lasted a lifetime when you were starving.

    She resisted the urge to drift off atop her battered blue notebook. She had only slept four hours last night, and that, somehow, was the most sleep she’d gotten all week. She had been up all night, working on dozens of different things — her Berkeley and NYU and UCLA and UCSD and USC and BC and BU applications, her AP Calc homework, her essay on symbolism in The Picture of Dorian Gray for AP Lit, her AP Euro DBQ, and, somehow, her eight-year-old sister’s multiplication problems. She just couldn’t resist. Luz would flash those puppy-dog eyes and that sweet smile, and she’d be a total goner.

    By Annie Rinaldi on 08.21.2018