August 1st, 2011 | 430 Entries

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430 Entries for “root”

  1. What is the root of all things. That is a question that has plagued mankind since the dawn of civilization. What are our roots. What could possibly be the explanation for our existence? Is it God? or the Big Bang?

    By Arren on 08.01.2011

  2. I wish I felt rooted but I feel like I’m just floating. I hate feeling negatively towards people I like. People are my roots, I root myself to people. Babies root. That’s something physical too but such a baby thing to do. I root. I’m a baby. I hate it when people are assholes. Who likes it when people are assholes? No one. I don’t like being ignored or belittled and I feel both right now.

    By chilimango URL on 08.01.2011

  3. I see a great tunnel that feels like it was covered by blood. Red all over, it seems really threatening. I came here to extract a white gem. I got a large tool and pulled it out. What was left were the roots of my patient’s teeth. A great geyser of blood overflowed, but I have to continue.

    By henshinger URL on 08.01.2011

  4. The was once a tree with many roots. It grew in a land of bears. These bears were interested in the magical properties of the tree’s roots. The roots would allow them to get as much honey as they wanted. So all the bears, collectively, tore down the tree, grabbed the roots, and went along to get their buckets of honey. The tree, sadly, died.

    By Honey on 08.01.2011

  5. “If you take a theory, like eternal recurrence for example,” he said. “And you look at it’s root. You can begin to see where the idea changes from its origin into what the thinker wants to make it.”
    “Ok,” I said. “So, you are fucking your girlfriend’s little sister because of the root of some stupid theory you have?”

    By Dan on 08.01.2011

  6. “Julienne carrots and fold into casserole,” the recipe taunted. I thought this was supposed to be an easy recipe! Julienne? It’s just a carrot!

    By A mere cephalopod URL on 08.01.2011

  7. roots grow out from the ground unearthing what seems to be a sweet soliloqy that is you and me and all of us reaching out then turning to dust, what can be expected of us when roots dont grow forever.

    By leah URL on 08.01.2011

  8. It wasn’t easy to get a straight answer. He felt like he was always going around in circles, asking the wrong questions and taking the wrong chances. But all he wanted to do was get to the root of the problem. It was too hard to be trapped in the same situation every day. He wanted out.

    By Veerin URL on 08.01.2011

  9. Traveling into the night, I couldn’t help but wonder where I was heading. I know my destination and I know my objective. I know life will find its own way through the abyssal perceptions of aliveness.

    I still can not help but wonder, where am I going? So I ask instead, what is the root of all my decisions and experiences?

    By Will Creates URL on 08.01.2011

  10. it all stems from, well, every long term relationship I’ve had. I’ve been treated wrong, cheated on, and made into the bad guy. I’ve let people walk all over me in the past, when I’ve done nothing but everything right. so you must understand, just why I’m scared you might.

    By Josh on 08.01.2011

  11. “Where is the root?” thought James, keeper of his Grandmother’s age-old house. “I might as well live at the top of a mountain, since I’ve never even been down to the cellar.”
    The roots, to be fair, were far below, somethings nobody had dared to think about, let alone dig for.

    By Andrew on 08.01.2011

  12. The root of the tree winds it way around me, underground where i’ll be when you come looking for me, hurry i say before it’s too late, before i’ve shut the gate and begun my journey down south, come with me and find a new way to be. I’ll become the peaceful earth as I’m held in it’s arms, but before I do let’s play here a while on the surface of things, but don’t take too long dear in the valley of kings.

    By Bridiejo URL on 08.01.2011

  13. What exactly is at the root of our anxieties? Do we have a fear of some deep-seated connection between ourselves and the “others” who supposedly seek to topple our place in the world? Perhaps this stem – the base of our insecurity – lies instead in the thoughts we have of ourselves as unfit heirs to our parents’ legacy.

    By Andrew on 08.01.2011

  14. my root chalkra
    is the bottom
    that aligns the rest
    that we are afraid to speak of
    for we fear our sexuality
    but it is the root chalkra
    that completes the path

    By jillmjacobs URL on 08.01.2011

  15. Misses there. LINK an ex-paé
    trot le zuc, mandel.. encore d
    passaros; l crowj and misfi-eg

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 08.01.2011

  16. the root of all things is of course, evil. or was it money?
    either way, we all know it happens to be bad, not good. or why else would there be things like, drugs, sex, violence,. anger, and injustice? but, that’s not to say that there aren’t good things in this world.

    By Richard on 08.01.2011

  17. flower plant stem seed green grass evil start beginning birth alive blossom flourish thrive bloom money power destruction chaos turmoil end interesting love live life

    By John on 08.01.2011

  18. I stared at the seed in my hand. The roots to the tree I planted were no longer visible, lost to the underground. I couldn’t help but bury the secrets that could no longer be kept.

    By Isis on 08.01.2011

  19. Where have you been, where do you come from, where are you going.
    Who. Are. You.

    By Racine on 08.01.2011

  20. It’s the bottom of a tree. underground. spreads out. looks like branches upside down

    By krystyne on 08.01.2011

  21. Sinking beneath the brown earth.
    We hold each each. Winding and writhing.

    We twist and strangle and suffocate each other.
    This space isn’t big enough for the pair of us.

    But our presence, together
    Must help those above us grow.

    By Jem Page URL on 08.01.2011

  22. Root for your team in the eighth inning. The final minutes of the game are the most important for fan motivation!

    By Sarah on 08.01.2011

  23. Root makes me think of gardening. I would love to have my own place where I can have a little garden. Daisies are my favorite flowers, along with calla lilies. I tried to grow some sunflowers once, but its hard to remember when you’re so busy!

    By Shannon URL on 08.01.2011

  24. i am the root of the problem. today im packing my bags and getting out of here. ill no longer be the slut in the office that causes the memos. im getting rid of the baby and getting the fuck out of ohio. no longer a problem, leaving my roots.

    By Grace on 08.01.2011

  25. It’s the heart of the code, see. This is where it all comes from – the seed. This random number is fed to us by the quantum variance of whatever particles strike the receiver, and the computer uses that to put the whole program into motion. Thus, artificial life is born.

    By Josef A URL on 08.01.2011

  26. I stood rooted to the ground. I couldn’t move. Fear overwhelmed me and no thoughts came. I knew this was going to be the end–the the final chapter of my life was coming to a close. My captor slowly stepped forward, knowing that I wouldn’t run. He raised his gun so that I was looking straight down the barrel. I closed my eyes.

    By Samantha URL on 08.01.2011

  27. root is the root of all evil..or gluttony cause the root of all evil is what gets the best of us. my root is rootbeer. ill do anything for sum. sometimes i even mix it with lemonade for funnsies

    By Dustin on 08.01.2011

  28. of all evil
    the root
    i just cannot decide whether to define or elaborate.

    By ash on 08.01.2011

  29. The root was dug deep into the ground. Thick and sturdy, unlike the withered dying tree it belonged to. It was sad, that the strongest part of the tree was the part most unseen.

    By Lilith on 08.01.2011

  30. Oh shoot, there goes root. Funny cause that’s what I call my friend, she don’t really like it, but it is what it is. Hailed from Africa, came to American, bout to go to London, look at her now. The root has a lot of power, the root is where it started, the root is going to make it happen.

    By Justine on 08.01.2011

  31. And the root cause of the problem was to be determined at a later date.
    Which of course meant that the committee never actually reconvenied to decide.
    So I got off Scott-Free.
    Which is to say, I left Scott behind to take the blame, in case they ever really did look for who was responsible for setting the tarmac of the Lakeside Parking Lot on fire at three twenty-six in the morning on a Wednesday.

    By Thirteen URL on 08.01.2011

  32. The root of the problem, the root of all evil, well-rooted, root for your team, root beer, square root, deep roots, rooted to the spot–I got nothin’.

    By Kris URL on 08.01.2011

  33. All things start from some other thing. The trick to finding out who you are and what you’re supposed to do is to keep finding out where you came from, and where that thing/person/persons came from, until you find out where everything all began and what the purpose of their beginning was.

    By Migs URL on 08.01.2011

  34. Every plant has its roots.
    Everyone should have roots, they keep you stable. They keep you firm. You need to know where you come from and where you want to be, so someone just can’t pull you off your track like it’s nothing. I don’t know, i guess plants have it lucky that they’re so embedded into the ground.

    By Zefan on 08.01.2011

  35. always pull out weeds by the root! hahah my daily piece of advice:)
    where things begin
    the root of all evil
    part of a plant
    root beer!<3

    By bails URL on 08.01.2011

  36. The root of the problem lay in the lack of evidence. The place had been turned over and left for dead. No DNA, no clues, no whiff of anything to link it to Dacey.

    His trademark turd on the carpet was absent. The calling card had run out of steam.

    By david lloyd on 08.01.2011

  37. we are the root of all things. but what is the root of us? Where did we come from, where is the germinating seed of… us? We trace our roots through countries and ancestors, but are the their roots, and the roots of the earth. What can the earth be anchored to in order to explain all of existence? There are no roots.

    By Meagan Leon on 08.01.2011

  38. the bottom bit of a plant. brown, long, wet. deep into the earth.
    the root of it all…the root of all evil.
    square root.
    i hate math roots. but i love plant roots.

    By lucy on 08.01.2011

  39. The root of all things are love and hate, without those two core things life would not be as it is today. Roots are a powerful thing: they can make a break something. Without roots, a tree is nothing; it would just fall over without any support. The roots of humanity are the tensions between good and evil, love and hate, etc etc. So without those, we won’t know ourselves. Keep those things close, even if it hurts.

    By Zoë URL on 08.01.2011

  40. Roots. Like tree roots? Your roots? The things that connect you to every single part of your life. Where you went to school. Where you grew up. What family you were born into. Who your friends are. Where you got your first job. Every single thing connects you to something else. Your roots connect you to everything important that you have and everyone important that you know.

    By Shauney URL on 08.01.2011