July 31st, 2011 | 286 Entries

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286 Entries for “wings”

  1. “I want to fly so high in the sky and see what our love brings
    Let’s steal my roommate’s pillow feathers
    And make some homemade wings
    Gonna fly so high, on makeshift pillow wings
    Girl, can you believe we’re flyin’ on homemade pillow wings?”

    ~i told you i was freaky by Flight Of The Conchords~

    By jordan a. g. URL on 08.01.2011

  2. “I…I just…” she sighed, and near the end it turned into something like a shriek. I reached for her hand and held it tight. “I’ve just got one…but I’ll give it to you if it means you can get out of here.”

    I didn’t say anything, but I could see it now, over her, charcoal grey and a little tattered.

    By Annie P URL on 08.01.2011

  3. I really wish I had wings sometimes. It’s a silly wish, but I do wish it. It’s kind of a freedom that we miss out on since we’re not birds, but then again, birds don’t drive cars, birds don’t have houses, they just have wings… so can’t say I really wish I were a bird

    By Mary URL on 08.01.2011

  4. The wings on the dragonfly glowed iridescent as it sailed across the water. It seemed to be coming in for a landing, buzzing determinedly towards me. I was surprised when it lit upon my outstretched hand, and suddenly felt like good luck was heading my way.

    By Rushlight on 08.01.2011

  5. Our wings take flight.
    Towards the sky, past the horizon. They get lost to found what does not exist.
    Feathers left behind are the trail to our enemies.
    But they cannot reach us, we are so far above them.

    By Bri URL on 08.01.2011

  6. af

    By dan URL on 08.01.2011