August 1st, 2011 | 430 Entries

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430 Entries for “root”

  1. I don’t know anything about my roots. Nothing about my past. Nothing. I have no idea who my ancestors are, where they came from, what kind of people they were. I’m scared to ask my parents, there must be a reason why they kept it from me when I used to ask. They always averted that conversation, suddenly wanting to talk about how the food was or what toys I had played with. I went along with it. I was too naive to understand and was too busy wanting to answer their question since they hardly ever asked them.

    By Rukia on 08.01.2011

  2. the roots of their feet
    were planted beneath
    the soft and brown damp dirt
    but still they stomped them
    the swaying of hems
    the soft and brown damp dirt

    By celeste URL on 08.01.2011

  3. I don’t know anything about my roots. Nothing about my past. Nothing. I have no idea who my ancestors are, where they came from, what kind of people they were. I’m scared to ask my parents, there must be a reason why they kept it from me when I used to ask. They always averted that conversation, suddenly wanting to talk about how the food was or what toys I had played with. I went along with it. I was too naive to understand and was too busy wanting to answer their question since they hardly ever asked those questions.

    By Nelly on 08.01.2011

  4. The root of all evil is corruption and greed.
    Corrupted politicians, people just trying to get ahead for themselves.
    Basically selfishness. I think if you don’t think about others it leads to evil things.
    Aaand. Yeah.
    I wish I had more to say about this word.

    By Sydney URL on 08.01.2011

  5. uprooting, a dark purpple root and remembering my roots, adn the root to everything is the truth and insanity is only not understanding your truth.Money is the root of all evil and evil is the rooted by fear. Fear is the root of all evil and all wrongdoing. The root inside me is impatient, kind, helpful confused and awkward. the root is also brooding, introspective and unable to relate to those around me. Cliques make me upset, i have any belonged to anybecause nobody could understand me enough to let me know and I coudln’t understand them enough to let them in either. I am rooted in my jewish history, in my family and in my education. I am making friends but very slowly. I am becoming the person I want to be but parts are talking time and I am impatient for it to happen quickly. Frustration frustration frustration. And yet, I strive for compassion and understanding even with my faults. I hope to be someone I woudl like to be around and have a family. but who knows. I ahve not had many boyfriends and such.

    By kim on 08.01.2011

  6. The root of the issue is that no one wants to take the responsibility of finding a room to stay in. No one wants to take the initiative. It is really annoying. I am going to have to bite the bullet and resolve the situation, with or without them. I would still rather be going some place else, and with someone else.

    By Fender2010 URL on 08.01.2011

  7. the root of a problem, the root a tree, the root of yourself. the beginning of something, the creation, the origin. it makes you who you are who you grow out to be.

    By . URL on 08.01.2011

  8. Entwined,
    Grabbing and clinging for live.
    Absorbing, sucking in the things around.
    It is the basis of life.

    By Taylor Crowley URL on 08.01.2011

  9. Follow your roots, find out your heritage. Who are you? What is your background? Where do you come from?

    Follow the roots of your favorite tree, where do they lead? How far do they go?

    Find yourself and explore.. Discover.. Create.


    By Veronica URL on 08.01.2011

  10. The root of the problem wasn’t that Edmond was never home in time for dinner, it was that when Julie woke up in the morning she would find Ed sitting on the edge of the bed staring at the wall as if he was trying to make it look like somewhere else. Some mornings she would touch his shoulder and he would be jolted back to his body and that smile would come to his face, the one that she he only wore when he didn’t want to you know that wasn’t interested in what you have to say. Other morning she would just sit up and see him, and roll over and wait for him to leave, as if he’d never been there.

    By Destin URL on 08.01.2011

  11. The root was what I needed to find. It’s extremely rare, and rightly so. This root could save the life of my dear friend, or so I’d been told, if only I could find it. Sweat beads on my forehead and rolls down to my chin as I dig deeper in to the ground at the base of that old tree, anticipation wrapping around my lungs causing my breath to become shallow and rapid. I see a small glimmer, then more, slowly unearthing the icy root. it’s silver color gleams in the moon light and I start to cry. After months of looking under every tree in this forest I’d found it. I’d found my friends salvation in the roots of heaven.

    By Fable on 08.01.2011

  12. The root is the major support of a plant. Everything depends on the root, from anchoring to obtaining nutrient. It is the most important part because without the root, the plant is nothing. Similarly, every action, every path on take, must have a strong foundation for the plan to become successful.

    By Lily URL on 08.01.2011

  13. The root of the problem is in my head. Sometimes it’s hard to keep it clear – not let it get foggy with doubt and questions. My head can be a source of discomfort.

    By More Everything URL on 08.01.2011

  14. From the depths there came this thing, a primal need. They felt its stretching in their limbs, reaching to the tips off their fingers and toes. Their whole bodies emulated energy. From the cores of their beings they felt it, and I felt it too.

    By Halibut on 08.01.2011

  15. Fuck roots. Who needs them? All they ever do is seem to do is get me in trouble. I try so hard to break away from this life, my hometown, this thing I call a family; but those damn roots keep pulling me back. Again and again. And even if they don’t pull me back, they sure trip me up enough to make where ever I end up going to living hell. God damn roots.

    By Emily on 08.01.2011

  16. The root of the issue today is always clouded by weeds, so actually getting to the root is more difficult than dealing the root issue.

    By Jason A. Thompson URL on 08.01.2011

  17. The root of the plant must have been wilting; dying. The leaves were losing their greenness. The step was falling down. The history was falling asleep. It’s over. Chaos.

    By FaridaEzzat on 08.01.2011

  18. the root of a tree has a lot of roots and the roots of hairs go back to their original color if the person dyes their hair. when i think of roots i think of family roots, like my ancestors and relatives. roots are cool because they’re long and cool

    By Rachel on 08.01.2011

  19. Root for your roots, even if it means going against what you truly believe in.

    By Marianne URL on 08.01.2011

  20. When she first began to draw trees, she focused on the branches and leaves, trying to decide how far they could reach out before they looked like they were going to topple over. But the more she drew them, the more she found herself extending the roots to go deeper braids sewn into the ground.

    By Mandy URL on 08.01.2011

  21. The root of my happiness can be found in the often overlooked wrinkles at the edges of her smile and the way her eyes look at me so intently when she knows I’m watching.

    By Chris Rogers URL on 08.01.2011

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    By dfs on 08.01.2011

  23. There is a band called “Rusted Root”. I am insanely obsessed with them. Their music is so moving. Literally. When you listen to it, you cannot help but move your entire body to the rhythm. My 4 month old son even likes them. It is pretty amazing :)

    By MonicaSue URL on 08.01.2011

  24. The tree’s roots spread throughout the soil, winding around the boulders that lie deep beneath loam and crushing them. The bodies that littered the ground around the tree nourished it, blood seeping down and into roots, bone powder utilized for calcium, donating structural integrity. The tree loomed.

    By Aryeh Harris-Shapiro URL on 08.01.2011

  25. You must always hold fast to your roots.
    Without it, your whole structure is unstable, incomplete, and incapable. The roots provide you with the strength that moves through your being and bring you to like.
    The roots are your identity.

    By Nishat on 08.01.2011

  26. The root of all evil is evil, I don’t care what you say. Money isn’t anything. It’s like saying the root of all violence is guns. It all depends on how you use either.

    By Raymond Masters URL on 08.01.2011

  27. It descended like a pillar of fire. One second and the flare reached out and wrapped its enormous flaming limbs around its single root. Like a passionate lover’s embrace, the creature entered the depths of the world to die.

    By linda on 08.01.2011

  28. there were roots running throughout the backyard from the oak tree. It had been chopped down the previous summer, but the roots spread from one corner of the yard to the other. When she saw it, she remembered tripping over the root while running into the house the day she was accepted at Chilton.

    By Becky on 08.01.2011

  29. deep down in the earth there was a wild knotty vine. it had grown for some time and pushed its way ever deeper until it found a crevass.

    By Jan on 08.01.2011

  30. It brought itself upon me, the looming, ever changing nature of its faceted skin hurt my eyes. I could not look away.

    The root of all my troubles, the instigator of all my trials, finally given a physical form. And, like a deer in headlights, here I was barren to the soul, unable to face my final truth.

    By linda URL on 08.01.2011

  31. Roots make good soup. Roots come from the dirt. Why in the world would i want to eat them? turnips carrots, are both roots malfoy so are potatoes. There are other but the list is long. I have seen you eat carrots. No, sweetheart, I eat ginger. Also a root.

    By Kat on 08.01.2011

  32. It creeps silently just under the surface. It breaks through in just tiny places. The strength is unreal, it uproots cement and breaks foundations. It changes lives.

    By Jan on 08.01.2011

  33. she didn’t know how it happened. She’d done her best to avoid permanence: she redecorated, she changed the position of her bed, she changed routes to work and routes back home. but somehow, here of all places, she’d grown roots. she wasn’t entirely comfortable with that.

    By susanna v URL on 08.01.2011

  34. The root is a very important part of the photosynthesis procces. The roots of a plant sick up the nutrients that are essential to the plant. Without the root the plant would not survive.

    By isabel on 08.01.2011

  35. I don’t think about my family tree very often, but over the past year, I have sort of felt a cultural identity crisis. I have an “un-American” name and I’m often considered hispanic. My Dad was born in Argentina…but does that make me hispanic?

    By Renato on 08.01.2011

  36. every time i leap into a new journey or off to some adventure i think sadly about the life I’m leaving behind, and it reminds me of that song by Rusted Root.

    By Becca URL on 08.01.2011

  37. In the mood for a root beer.

    By Lors URL on 08.01.2011

  38. I took the route home and back.
    The sun was bright and forgetful
    the air
    was equally so.

    By Katie C. URL on 08.01.2011

  39. The obvious way to end Global Warming cannot just be turn off the lights and don’t take long showers. It’s more than that. We should abandon society all together. We need to all live in mud huts and eat roots.

    By Jaime URL on 08.01.2011

  40. Roots are the lower portions of plants. Then can be classified as different types, such as taproots or fibrous roots, which can be used to differentiate between monocot and dicot plants. There are also some roots that grow above the ground such as adventitious roots. Roots carry water and nutrients from teh earth up to the shoot system of the plant.

    By Tony Chen on 08.01.2011