December 6th, 2012 | 291 Entries

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291 Entries for “roof”

  1. You live under a roof.

    By Cmuncy URL on 12.07.2012

  2. We were on the roof when we first saw the flashing/ We had gone up there to watch the sunset but we saw was something that was going to channge our lives

    By Marion on 12.07.2012

  3. there was a house in my neighbourhood.What i remember about this house was its roof.When it snowed,the roof was covered with snow.I used to love that sight.Especially in christmas time,the owner of that house did his best to decorate the roof with santa and reindeers.

    By ecg on 12.07.2012

  4. There were cats on the roof. I guess they were running, chasing after each other, I don’t know. All I know is they made such noise that I couldn’t sleep all the night. Damn it!

    By Jaley on 12.07.2012

  5. One day when I was sitting in the garden I just looked up to the sky. And then guess what! There was a small lovely cat there,on the roof! It looked so miserable and lonely that I wanted to climb up to the roof and rescue that lonely miserable cat.

    By Aylin Dönmez on 12.07.2012

  6. A man was standing on the top of a roof. People thought he was goıng to jump down, so they ran to the police. They came and put up a ladder.

    By dorothy on 12.07.2012

  7. your eyes were like a brewing storm
    (they give girl names to hurricanes)
    it’s warm and cozy in here tonight
    (and i only want to be in the rain)

    By h. b. URL on 12.07.2012

  8. rain
    dripping on a thin plywood roof
    feels like no protection
    feels like nature
    feels close
    loud and embracing

    By Victor on 12.07.2012

  9. Up on the rooftop santa got shot, with a rifle, and then got bombed, by a nuke, in the winter. The end (:

    By Sarah URL on 12.07.2012

  10. On the roof
    In the tub
    On my bed
    But you are not here
    My eyes are dry
    My hands are hot
    Why should I move?
    When you are not here

    By Alana on 12.07.2012

  11. The roof of me head
    Caps in my stray thoughts
    My ideas are all bundles
    And twisted frayed knots
    I’m lucky I guess
    You can’t see what I’m thinking
    The only pressure valve it seems
    Is my mouth when I’m drinking

    By recogirl URL on 12.07.2012

  12. I climbed out the window on to the roof. I looked over the city and thought and thought and thought.

    By Trouty(: URL on 12.07.2012

  13. The roof was burning, it was turning black and some parts were turning to ashes. We were out of time…

    By Noah URL on 12.07.2012

  14. on christmas eve i waited up for santa i heard him on the roof with his reigh deer it was magical…

    By COUGARS #13 URL on 12.07.2012

  15. santan’s sled will land on my roof top christmas eve. and he will bring me and my family christmas presents

    By Kirstyn URL on 12.07.2012

  16. my brother jumped from the tree and broke through the roof of the house

    By Benjamin URL on 12.07.2012

  17. My uncle fell of the roof and broke three of his ribs.

    By jessicada URL on 12.07.2012

  18. up on the roof top click clack pack du du du dud du du du du ( i don’t know the words)

    By Makyla URL on 12.07.2012

  19. The roof was made of diamonds. It was shiny. The walls were made of money. The floor was sparkly. Lalalalalalalala.. RANDOMNESS!!!!!!! And its what you did jerk! mwahahaha.. jk jk jk! I’m really bord if you can NOT tell (;

    By Chloe URL on 12.07.2012

  20. i was staring at the roof last night cause i was bored and i didn’t want to go to sleep

    By Kaitlyn URL on 12.07.2012

  21. I was standing on the roof. it was a rainy day. i don’t know why i was on the roof but i was. it was fun but i was getting kinda sick. so i decided that i should probably get down. as i walked to the end of the roof i slipped and fell and died on impact to the ground. i don’t know how I’m writing this since i am dead…..

    By Danielle URL on 12.07.2012

  22. Santa was on the roof, it was a calm and peaceful Christmas Eve.

    By Sam URL on 12.07.2012

  23. The roof shook while the storm blew over the house. The children in the corner hugged each other in fear. We were all scared

    By Maddie URL on 12.07.2012

  24. I was standing on the roof, and since it’s December we get ice, as I walked past trying to fix the hole in the roof. No surprise I fell from the roof and into the hole that I was fixing. Ironic isn’t it? Someone told me ”Go break a leg” and it happened.

    By Rachel URL on 12.07.2012

  25. christmas is coming soon! and guess who is going to be on your roof? some fat guy who brakes into your house and leaves you presents that could posably blow up in your face when you open it. he also steels all of your cookies that you have worked so hard to make. so if you see him on your roof, close your chimney.

    By Maranda URL on 12.07.2012

  26. Over my head. New. Beautiful. Keeps me dry, and protects my family. It holds all of my precious memories and moments underneath of it – every important thing. Love.

    By Danielle URL on 12.07.2012

  27. I see the roof. It is on top of the house. I like to lay on the roof and look at the stars. The roof protects my house from the outside rain and storms. I feel so protected under the roof.

    By Lisa Thompson on 12.07.2012

  28. The roof covers the house in which you live to protect you and keep things out but also keep you in but we’re not entirely sure which of these is the primary use of the roof. It’s also for rain.

    By Prudence on 12.07.2012

  29. I looked at the roof and it was soaked so I called the plumber, but then he couldn’t come so I noticed the roof fell through and it started raining.

    By Skylar URL on 12.07.2012

  30. Bambalam up on the roof!
    Shotput thumps of moon flump the chest
    A night man like me gets no rest
    Hey diddle foot grip loose!
    hey fiddle finger tight goose

    By drifterdanno on 12.07.2012

  31. i was on the roof looking at the stars and thinking if we really are that important, i mean, we are just people… is there life in another planet? i wonder if i will ever know the answers to my questions

    By wiwi on 12.07.2012

  32. The roof is where I love to lay, watching the stars. it’s a new environment…one with adventure and facination. The feeling of being up high is fun. I love it.

    By Bri on 12.07.2012

  33. You are the roof over my head
    My shelter from my storm.
    Beneath you, I find
    The place of love and comfort.
    I gaze up toward your expanses in the
    Thought-filled moments before sleep takes over
    Thanking you
    For keeping me safe.

    By Kathryn URL on 12.07.2012

  34. My legs are wobbly, splaying as I mince down the edge, and look, peer, ever so slightly over the egde onto the parapet below. A trampoline sits, lies, innocently there, planted firmly as scaffolding for my legs to descend, trembling onto. I don’t jump.

    I fall, breathy wisps of silenced fear straning from my smushed together lips, and I can feel my stoic legs folding up and snapping before I reach the bottom and know the end.

    By Saudade URL on 12.07.2012

  35. One day there was a fire next to my house. My mom had woke me up, and I had about hit her, when my sister came picked me up, and ran me outside. Somebody used matches to light a fire. The next year the same thing happened. I was scared that time our roof had to get fixed. Now instead of a black roof we have a red roof. Isn’t it weird how things happen.

    By Sylvia on 12.07.2012

  36. She stared down from the rooftop, looking upon the two men who loved her. The battle was about to begin and she turned away, despair evident in her glittering eyes. One of them was going to die and she wasn’t sure who it should be.

    By Nikki on 12.07.2012

  37. She stood there at the edge of the roof, staring down upon the two men whom she loved. The battle was about to begin and one of them would have to die. Despair was evident behind glittering eyes. Because she was incapable of choosing, the war would choose for her.

    By Nikki URL on 12.07.2012

  38. i like to sit on my room and look up at the stars. just kidding, i’ve never done that but i feel like i should, be up their at night like in a movie but really, would it be comfortable? cold? roofs are above us for a reason. putting them below you is strange, i feel like its not natural even though you’d be closer to nature. so i’d rather stay inside and let the roof have it’s purpose.

    By emily on 12.07.2012

  39. the roof was bare. it held no furniture or plants. Made one wonder what sort of life the tenant lived. was it sad and lonely or just too fast paced to care about anything else?

    By Neil Verosh D'Souza on 12.07.2012

  40. i am in my house staring my dog is in the house barking bones woodstock charlie brown snoopy dog snoop dog rap phillip morris cigarettes coffee steve buscemi in the garden with a gun

    By nano on 12.07.2012