December 6th, 2012 | 291 Entries

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291 Entries for “roof”

  1. The rof on the house was on fire and it is believe to have started as a esult of an electrical fault. Fortunately no one was home at the time, and there were no lost of life. we were surprise to see how q

    By victor URL on 12.07.2012

  2. Standing high above the world, I watch the hurry-scurry of people below. They shout at me, or, just watch, with wide, gawking stares, waiting for a fool girl in a floral dress to leap. I bring my bare foot down against the concrete of the roof, to begin the strides that my entire life has been speeding towards, and wonder, if maybe I was history before I even began.

    By AmeVoleur on 12.07.2012

  3. The roof on the house was on fire and it is believe to have started as a result of an electrical fault. Fortunately no one was home at the time, and there were no lost of life. we were surprise to see how quickly the entire building was destroyed.

    By victor URL on 12.07.2012

  4. Roof is an essential part of an house. It protects us from the sunlight, rain, etc. it can be of various types, i.e., slope, flat,etc. Sometimes roofs have chimneys too.

    By Prajakta on 12.07.2012

  5. He slid down from the rooftop, swinging off a drain to the side. The night was quiet, it seems he wouldn’t have to be on the lookout for soldiers to snipe. He might be able to rest easy in the attic, recover. At least, the neighbourhood seemed blissfully quiet, but there was no telling when that would change for the rooftop man.

    By harley on 12.07.2012

  6. on top cover shelter home warmth some people don’t have one.. they can be different colors you have to paint them there is to O O’s that look like massive eyes i have

    By Marisol Pengelly on 12.07.2012

  7. The roof is tall and safe. It secures the house and is the house’s hat. The hat’s purpose is to make you beautiful and warm.

    By Timea on 12.07.2012

  8. She was 12 years old and had never seen the world from such a tall perspective before. Climbing onto the roof was forbidden, but like all young girls, she had a predilection for all things which could be described by that word. As she sat there watching over the world, she decided that one day she would become the President so as to always retain the feeling of power she felt that night.

    By Andie on 12.07.2012

  9. What roof? The roof of a house? The roof of people’s community? It could mean anything. It could mean that we schould be grateful that we have one, while there are other homeless and poor people in this world who can’t afford even that.

    By Fran Loncar on 12.07.2012

  10. Roof above my head. That’s really all I can ask for. I hear the rain pouring down and see the drip down into the pan at the foot of my bed. I’d throw another look on the fire if I wasn’t so damn lazy.

    By Cordes on 12.07.2012

  11. the roof lies over the top of our house or atleast it used too! now its gone all gone and I miss it! I want my roof back! somebody please give me back my roof!!! I miss it! I love it! Who

    By amanda on 12.07.2012

  12. I have a roof its on the top of my house. one day my cousin and my mum told me that there was a hippo on the top of my house and every time there was a thunder storm i thought it was the hippo on our roof. i used to think he would wear a pink dress and eat cake but i think thats because my mum bought me the book based on the hippo on the roof.

    By Olivia on 12.07.2012

  13. From here you Can see everything from a new perspective. Rise up and above the actions and see the pattern the actions are creating.

    By Laura on 12.07.2012

  14. it’s cold on the roof, but if i’m with you, it’d be just fine. let’s watch the moon and the stars as they give light to us from the heavens, the only witnesses to our love.

    By lilyberry on 12.07.2012

  15. I was sitting on the roof when I first noticed the tree house. It was about 7 meters up in the tree but brand new looking. I had been leaving here for 6 months now, I couldn’t understand how it wasn’t beat up.

    By Lauren on 12.07.2012

  16. It’s on fire. It keeps us out of the rain. Some would say it is a right, others would say it is a privilege.To have a roof is to have a home, a safe haven from weather, wolves, and woes. Without a roof, the sky is the limit.

    By Tyler Thornton on 12.07.2012

  17. limits of sight .

    By sara URL on 12.07.2012

  18. tearing our old roof off our house in anticipation of the new, metal standing seam replacement was one of the hardest physical things I’ve ever done. Suspended in a climbing harness, anchored to a rope running over the peak and tied to my strategically placed car on the other side, kidneys being crushed, wasps’ nest being disturbed, all in the blazing hot sun – brutal. But awesome. But still – brutal.

    By Ara on 12.07.2012

  19. house on the roof. Isnt that crazy? That’s where Oliver lived. Just above the red tile roof was a minaret made of coarse granite.

    By nidhi on 12.07.2012

  20. Ein Dach…darunter ist es sicher. Aber es leckt ab und zu. Tropfen und Kälte. Ich dachte ich wäre sicher. Doch nichts ist so, wie es scheint. Bunte Dächer – schwarze Dächer. Auch bei uns Menschen ändert der Schein.

    By Gosi82 on 12.07.2012

  21. I saw a tall man on my roof.

    By tylerw URL on 12.07.2012

  22. the top of a house; a dog sound

    By anton URL on 12.07.2012

  23. My father was on the roof to put some Christmas lights on the outline of the house.

    By Brayden on 12.07.2012

  24. Someone is standing on the roof!

    By imoto URL on 12.07.2012

  25. last night i went for a walk,while i was walking past the last house i saw what appeared to be a man on the roof.

    By alejandrace on 12.07.2012

  26. A roof is needed for all people. Or at least everyone need to have a shelter. I like the red roofs as we have in Holland. But when you have no roof color is not important.

    By Wim on 12.07.2012

  27. The roof of my house caved in.

    By Rayanne on 12.07.2012

  28. The roof,the roof, the roof is on fire.

    By Dianna0531 URL on 12.07.2012

  29. someone is standing on the roof.

    By rainbow URL on 12.07.2012

  30. I can get on my roof

    By Tanner Bowman on 12.07.2012

  31. I’ve always been thankful for the roof over my head. It might be small but it works. It is a nice color too… :)

    By S-man URL on 12.07.2012

  32. The roof is the top part of a house, but also a comforting word. And what I mean by that is that it protects us from all things in life.

    By Megan on 12.07.2012

  33. The man was still running with me on his shoulder when we got up unto the roof of the house he gently put me down then turned into a big monster that then began to fight off the faceless man the dark figure with ruby red eyes only.

    By fox URL on 12.07.2012

  34. The roof stops the sky
    The floor stops the earth
    I could soar so high
    or i could sink in the dirt.

    By Jamie URL on 12.07.2012

  35. expensive to replace, but totally necessary for any house. Come in many styles and can be quite beautiful and intricate. I am not impressed with the roof on my house as far as aesthetics go. At least it does the job!

    By C.Jaxx on 12.07.2012

  36. i was doing handstands on a roof

    By diamondsss URL on 12.07.2012

  37. rooftops that are snow-covered laced with twinkling lights all dressed up for Christmastime. I wish I were there with you, but all I can do is look through this less-than frosted window pane and continue to wish.

    By Karen on 12.07.2012

  38. I love having a roof over my head. Some place to fall asleep at night. Running water and a toilet. I don’t care about ‘home’, I care about being indoors while I sleep. I don’t wanna be a hobo!

    By dan URL on 12.07.2012

  39. On the roof of Bahçeşehir College apartments there was a burglar. When the burglar fell of I was drinkin tea. My best friend was checking worksheets. My cousin was washing the dishes.

    By Talar on 12.07.2012

  40. the weather is rainy and I’m very tired. there are lots of work to do.

    By arzu on 12.07.2012